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PRESSAT – Cashfloat Pledges Community Support to Grenfell Tower Victims

- by Kelly R
Cashfloat helps grenfell tower victims

Cashfloat takes action to help the unfortunate Grenfell Tower victims, who lost everything in a fire yesterday morning.

June 15, 11:50 AM British Summer Time

LONDON–(PRESSAT)– Western Circle Limited, an online payday lender trading as joins the community in helping the Grenfell Tower victims after a fire devoured their block of London flats. 120 flats were completely destroyed yesterday, together with everything that was inside.

“People lost their lives in this fire. The lucky ones ‘only’ lost everything they owned. It’s an unbelievable tragedy, and we all have a social responsibility to do what we can to help out. At Cashfloat, we’re constantly trying to help people improve their financial situations. Donating money towards these people is the least we could do,”

says Jeremy Lloyd, CEO of Cashfloat.

Cashfloat donated £3,500 through the Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund, and urge others to join in.

Being a payday lender offers Cashfloat a unique insight and understanding into the financial situation of the families such as those who lived inside Grenfell Tower. These are people who are ‘just about managing,’ and the slightest additional expense can be enough to push them over the edge of financial stability. This disaster, where over one hundred families lost everything they own, is just incomprehensible.

“These families have to start from scratch. They are suddenly left with no home, no clothes, no personal possessions – nothing. I shudder to think about what these people must be going through,”

says Mr Lloyd.

“This tragedy has brought London together, everyone’s helping in whatever way they can. May God bless the people who have lost everything, and especially those who have lost loved ones.”

Kelly R
Kelly Richards is the founder of the Cashfloat blog and has been working tirelessly to produce interesting and informative articles for UK consumers since the blog’s creation. Kelly’s passion is travelling. She loves her job because she can do it from anywhere in the world! Whether inspiration hits her while sitting on the balcony of a French B&B, or whether she is struck with an idea in a roadside cafe in Moscow, she will always make sure that the idea comes to fruition. Kelly’s insights come from her knowledge gained while completing her degree in Economics and Finance as well as from the people she meets around the world. Her motto is: Everyone you meet has something valuable to teach you, so meet as many people as you can!
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