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Car sharing is fun
Driving adds a bunch of expenses to your
budget. Is it really necessary? Look into car
, where you share a car with other
people heading in the same direction. And
if it's possible, seriously look into getting a
Find cheaper providers
Yes, you've been with this company for years... but you could be
saving a fortune somewhere else! It's definitely worth looking into
different providers for everything from your household bills to your
insurances and mortage. You'll be surprised at what a difference
this will make to your bank account!
Put those lights out!
Yes, turning off the lights when you're not using a room really
does make a difference. Whilst we're on the topic, changing
lightbulbs to newer, energy efficient ones can save around £4 per
lightbulb per year! Look into ways to save on water and heating
to really make a difference to your bills.
Pay bills on time
Paying your bills on time will actually
save you money. For a start, you won't
be paying those high interest rates credit
companies like to charge. And as a bonus,
your credit score will improve, making it
easier for you to take out mortgages and
loans with lower rates.
Borrow, don't buy books and films
Borrowing books and DVDs from your local library
instead of buying them will save you a surprising
amount of cash
. Another option is to check out the
charity shops, they often have cheap books that
look new.
Shop till you drop - or not
Only shop for clothes if you need them... and ignore anything else
you see. If you need a coat, don't look at the shoes. For extra
protection, decide in advance how much you want to spend - and
don't bring more. Leave that credit card at home.
Free Family Fun
A day out does not need to cost a fortune
for it to be fun. Trips to the beach,
museums and woods generate fond
memories that last a lifetime, and keep
your wallet
feeling healthy! Remember,
haveing a fun time is all about who you're
with, not what you do.
Packed lunches
Taking a homemade lunch to work or
school instead of buying it can save as
much as £25 a week per member of the
family! And it will be healthier, too...
Go healthy!
A healthier lifestyle is both great for your
body and your wallet! Cancel that gym
membership and go jogging in the great
outdoors, give up expensive habits like
smoking and drinking - your body and
bank account will thank you for it.
Greener houses
Some simple home improvements can
cut your fuel bills drastically. Getting rid
of draughts, installing insulation, getting
a new, more efficient boiler - these may
seem like expenses, but they're actually
investments. Lack the upfront cash? Check
out the Green Deal.
What's for supper? Plan meals
If you know what's for supper every night before your weekly shop, you can write
a shopping list and only buy what you need, saving you from unnecessary waste or
last minute grocery store dashes. NEVER go shopping when you're hungry!
Pick your own
This is one of those clever tricks that
kill two birds with one stone. Picking
combines a fun outing with
stocking up on fresh - and cheap - fruit
and veggies. What more could a person
Cheaper Holidays
Holiday = Expenses. Right? Wrong. Look for
deals, cheaper locations, off-peak times and
self-catering options to save big time. For UK
holidays, why not rent a caravan or cottage for
an original - and cheaper - holiday? You might
end up having more fun than you would have
in a regular hotel!
Water, water everywhere
Why buy bottled water when tap water is so freely available? If you
don't like the taste, just add some squash. Cutting down on fizzy drinks
will also save you money - and contribute towards a healthier lifestyle.
Get 20% off
Every time you are going to buy
something - check for coupons
first. You'd be astonished at how
much a quick google search can
save you! Look out for coupons in
newspapers and magazines and
save them - the pounds add up.
Keep up with the Joneses.need or want?
Don't. Really. Before you buy something, decide if you really need
it. What do you prefer, a happy and relaxed lifestyle or one of empty
wallets, stress and that crystal vase you saw at the neighbours?
Budgeting sensibly for the things you need will really make a
Pay Council Tax - only if needed
Do you need to pay council tax? Everyone who lives in a residential property has to
pay Council tax unless they fall within the area of exemptions. If a house is occupied
by full time students then no Council tax becomes due. If the property only has
occupiers under 18 they also fall within the bounds of the exemptions. Anyone in
the armed forces who lives in armed forces accommodation is also exempt.