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How to Apply for Payday Loans with Hearing Difficulties

- by Becky Hall

An estimated 10 million Britons suffering from a hearing and speech impediment. Here, we will show you how to apply for payday loans with hearing difficulties.

Cashfloat - apply for Payday Loans with Hearing Difficulties

At Cashfloat, we aim to provide all of our consumers with a simple and straightforward experience with applying for payday loans UK. We, and most payday loan companies don’t currently offer facilites for customers with hearing impedements. However, it is important that everyone is given an equal opportunity to obtain short term credit. This guide will tell you what alternative methods you can use to get your short term loan.

In this article we shall take a look at:
  • Services to facilitate phone communications for the hearing-impaired
  • Ways to apply for Payday Loans with Hearing Difficulties
  • The importance of meeting the needs of customers with hearing disabilities
  • Actions to improve their payday lending experience
Cashfloat - apply for Payday Loans with Hearing Difficulties

At times we complain about the detrimental effects of technological advances on our everyday lives. However, we often overlook how much these same advances have had an enormous positive impact on the lives of people with disabilities. Just 30 years ago, no one could have imagined that people with hearing or speech impairments would be able to use the telephone autonomously.

Before we consider how well customers with hearing disabilities are served by same day funding payday loan providers, let’s see what’s available to help their phone communications.

Services to Facilitate Phone Communications for the Hearing-Impaired

Can you Apply for Payday Loans with Hearing Difficulties?

The majority of payday customers apply online. This would be ideal for a borrower with hearing impairments too. However, sometimes as part of their more rigorous affordability checks, payday lenders may need to contact borrowers to clarify personal details about their household expenses. What happens then?

Cashfloat - apply for Payday Loans with Hearing Difficulties

In light of the technological aids available, some unsecured payday loan providers refuse to engage with text relay services. Some might claim that it would be a breach of the Data Protection Act to use a third party in a confidential conversation regarding personal finance. However this is a misinterpretation of the law since the hearing-impaired customer has given their consent to use a relay operator to facilitate the call. Other firms might put down the phone because of the time lags between their question and the reply.

The Importance of Meeting the Needs of Customers with Hearing Disabilities

A refusal to take the call from services used by a customer with a hearing disability is a breach of the Equality Act. Any company (public or private) could be prosecuted for discrimination.

Not only would an allegation of discrimination damage their firm’s reputation but it doesn’t make good business sense. With an estimated 10 million Britons with some form of hearing or speech impairment, they’re potentially turning away customers and losing money.

How to Improve the Payday Loan Experience

There are a number of simple and inexpensive ways to provide opportunities to apply for Payday Loans with Hearing Difficulties.

Cashfloat - apply for Payday Loans with Hearing Difficulties

The first is that employees working in customer services should be trained about relay services used by customers with hearing difficulties. A training video of no longer than 30 minutes would be sufficient so they’d know what to expect. To make things even better, during the application process these borrowers should be able to notify the payday lender of their disability. This way, customer services representatives would be prepared for the possible time delays of such calls. Alternatively, it would be possible to use text or email in their communications with customers.

A Sign Video Service for users of British Sign Language can be set up in only 3 days. It requires no additional equipment or specialised training for staff. All it requires is a link on the company’s website which the hearing-impaired customer would click on to be connected to a BSL interpreter. Most of the major UK banks now offer this service as well as many service providers. It has made a huge difference to the lives of people with hearing disabilities.

Apply for Payday Loans with Hearing Difficulties – Conclusion

There are many technological means on hand to meet the communication needs of those with hearing difficulties. There is no reason why it should be difficult to apply for Payday Loans with Hearing Difficulties. The solutions don’t even require the outlay of much money. Companies only need to make a few simple changes to the application process and staff training. By doing so, they can help those with hearing disabilities to act independently and manage their own finances without relying on family members or friends.

Cashfloat - apply for Payday Loans with Hearing Difficulties
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