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How Brexit Affects Your Life – Cashfloat

- by Becky Hall
How Brexit affects your life.

How Will The Brexit Referendum Affect You?

After the shocking Brexit results, many people are wondering how we arrived at a point where the UK is going to leave the European Union. The ramifications of the historic June 23rd vote are set to reverberate for many years to come. There is no doubt that what will follow is going to have a long term, severe impact on the lives of ordinary people in the UK. Cashfloat, your direct payday loan lender investigates how Brexit affects Britons and Europeans alike.

This series of articles will look at the Brexit odds and how Brexit affects our daily life. We will attempt to isolate facts from opinions, untruths and myths. Many analysts have tried to forecast what will happen when Article 50 is triggered, but no one can be certain, since no other country has chosen to leave the EU.

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Guide to Brexit – Table Of Contents

Ch. 1 – Brexit & Scotland- Democracy Or Devolution? Ch. 17 – Your Health Care After Brexit
Ch. 2 – Brexit & Northern Ireland- Baffling Borders Ch. 18 – Brexit, Students And Higher Education
Ch. 3 – Brexit & Wales- Devolution Resurrected? Ch. 19 – Living And Working In The EU After Brexit
Ch. 4 – UK Border Controls After Brexit Ch. 20 – Brexit And The UK Financial Services Sector
Ch. 5 – Travelling Abroad After Brexit Ch. 21 – The Brexit Impact On Pensions
Ch. 6 – Effects On Transport In The UK Ch. 22 – Brexit Effect On Investments & Savings
Ch. 7 – British Trade after Brexit Ch. 23 – Living In A European Country
Ch. 8 – Did Brexit Divide UK Society? Ch. 24 – The Brexit Debate About Immigration
Ch. 9 – Will UK Citizens Be Poorer Post-Brexit? Ch. 25 – Some Facts And Myths About Brexit
Ch. 10 – Brexit And Housing Costs In The UK Ch. 26 – Ten Ways That Brexit Could Impact Your Life
Ch. 11 – The Cost Of Energy In A Post Brexit World Ch. 27 – Brexit Choices Explained
Ch. 12 – Brexit- Higher Taxes & Less Services? Ch. 28 – The Legalities Of Brexit
Ch. 13 – Brexit – An Increase In Prices? Ch. 29 – The UK’s International Relations Post-Brexit
Ch. 14 – Brexit, Jobs And The Economy Ch. 30 – Being Part Of The EU- Pros & Cons
Ch. 15 – Brexit & UK Employment Rights Ch. 31 – A Different UK In The 21st Century
Ch. 16 – Brexit Impact On The Armed Forces And Defence

Brexit Affects All Of Us

The consequences of leaving the EU are going to impact all areas of our lives. Imagine an NHS without enough doctors or nurses because free movement of people is going to be banned. Many financial organisations may choose to move their headquarters to an EU country where they can enjoy passporting rights. Any student who was planning to study in an EU university will now not be able to do so with ease. These are just a few ways that we feel how Brexit affects our daily lives.

Some of the bigger ways in which we will feel the Brexit effects, will be in the financial realm, for example savings and investments. Additionally, since the result of the referendum the pound has plummeted in value and this makes foreign travel to the EU more expensive. The cost of housing, taxes, wages plus employment rights will all be impacted by Brexit. All of these issues are going to affect ordinary families in the UK. We will explore all of these matters in the series of articles which follow.

How Did We Get To This Point?

It is worth considering how the people of the UK reached this point. In order to do so it might be valuable to look at a short history of the EU and how the UK fits into the story.

Brexit affects uk - cashfloat

Following the devastating two world wars, there was a movement towards a unified Europe so that conflict of this kind would never happen again. In 1946 Winston Churchill wanted a United States of Europe to be established. In 1951 the Treaty of Paris was signed which saw an agreement to form the European Steel And Coal Community, the initial forerunner of the body that eventually became the EU.

2016 And Going Forward

The articles in this series will look at the whole aspect of what the European Union has achieved, how we arrived at the point where the UK voted to leave and most importantly how Brexit affects all of us.

Of course, this is an ongoing debate. Not even the most intelligent experts can predict what will happen to the UK economy and forecast the exact impact on our daily lives. Each article will focus on a different aspect of Brexit and the possible consequences. There are many myths, rumours and even downright lies that have been printed regarding membership of the EU and what will happen after Brexit. The intention behind the articles is to stick to known facts and not suppositions or to engage in fear mongering.

The articles will look at all aspects of how Brexit affects the nation’s borders, daily life, travel, education, housing, finances, business, short term loans and many other related topics. The fall out from the Brexit vote is destined to be with us for many years. Only time will tell whether the UK will choose to go down the path of pure isolationism or manage to create a comfortable and friendly relationship with our closest allies on the continent of Europe.

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Want to know more? Each chapter in the guide is presented in the table of contents above. Become a Brexit expert today.

Brexit affects uk - cashfloat

Becky Hall
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