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Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk
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Does Cashfloat Offer £1000 loans for bad credit with no guarantor?

Yes! All of Cashfloat’s loans are unsecured, so you can get a £1000 loan with no guarantor even if you have poor credit. Many lenders will ask for a guarantor if you are applying for a £1000 loan with bad credit to lower the risk of lending to you. At Cashfloat, however, we believe in our customers’ creditworthiness, so we’ll never ask you for a guarantor to secure your bad credit loans.

Can I get a £1000 loan with poor credit?

Yes! Cashfloat has a high acceptance rate even for ££000 loans with poor credit. Our underwriting process emphasizes affordability over your credit rating. So if you show us you can afford a loan in your budget, you have a great chance of approval. This is true even if you have a bad credit score. In order to qualify for a 1000 pound loan with bad credit from Cashfloat, you need to be:

  • 18+ years old
  • A UK resident
  • Steady source of income
  • A UK bank account holder

If you meet these basic criteria and you feel that borrowing a £1000 loan bad credit is the right option for you, then fill out our application to get the emergency funds you need today!

Why borrow a 1000 pound loan from a direct lender?

Applications with direct lenders are generally processed quicker than with brokers, which means you’ll probably receive your loan faster. Additionally, when applying with a direct lender you can control who has access to your personal information, whereas a broker often has to send your application to several different lenders. Also, direct lenders such as Cashfloat offer transparent terms and no hidden fees, while a broker will often tack on service fees.

Can I borrow £1000 with no credit check?

Not with Cashfloat or any other responsible lender. As a FCA authorised lender, we take responsibility for your financial situation, and need to confirm that you can afford loan repayments before approving a loan. Taking out a loan you cannot afford will leave your financial situation badly damaged.

58% of people who borrow £1000 loans are Male
60% of people who borrow £1000 loans are Single
Average age for people who borrow a £1000 loan is 35 years old
Most common job fields for people who borrow £1000 loans are Sales, Customer Service and Warehouse
Top 3 cities where people borrow £1000 loans: London, Birmingham and Manchester
People who borrow £1000 loans earn an average of £2,230 a month

Can I get a £1000 loan at low interest rates with Cashfloat?

Short term loans are always charged at high interest rates. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, have a look at our small personal loans, available in amounts between £1000 and £2500 for 6-9 months at lower interest rates.

Over how many months can I borrow a 1000 pound loan?

With Cashfloat, you can borrow £1000 over 4, 5 or 6 months. As with any loan, each monthly repayment includes some interest on the amount borrowed. A big benefit of borrowing from Cashfloat is that you can repay early for no extra fee, and save on all that interest.

What can you use your £1000 loan for?

How to use your money is, of course, always your decision. However, as a trustworthy and responsible lender, Cashfloat recommends you use your £1000 loan for necessary expenses. This includes things like car repairs, medical bills, or home repairs. It’s important to keep in mind that a 1000 pound loan is an expensive form of credit and requires careful budgeting to stay on top of repayments and out of debt.

How much interest is charged on a £1000 payday loan?

The amount of interest charged depends on the length of time you are borrowing for. For example, a £1000 loan over 4 months, costs £552.50 in total interest, while a £1000 loan over 5 months, costs £622.45 in total interest. For more information on rates and terms click here.