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What are the best loans in the UK? Can I get an instant payday loan today? Want to know more? Here are some FAQs about Cashfloat and our loans. If you have any other questions, please ask! If you’re happy with what you read, apply now. We are a direct lender, and we provide instant payday loans.

Our Office

Wondering who we are? Cashfloat is an online pay day loan and short term loan company offering short term credit to UK citizens. We are a payday loans direct lender and pride ourselves on our genuinely friendly customer service. Find out more about how our office works by clicking on one of the buttons below, or visiting our About Us page.

What is your company’s name?

An excellent question! Here’s the story: the company is registered as Western Circle Ltd., but everyone calls us by our trade name, Cashfloat. In general, when we’re contacting you directly we’ll say we’re Cashfloat, but because we take customer confidentiality seriously, if we’re trying to get hold of you on a home or work number, we’ll call ourselves Western Circle (so you don’t need to worry about nosy relatives or colleagues!)

Where are you located, and what are your opening times?

Our head office is based in a London suburb, Brent Cross. That’s 2a Highfield Avenue, NW11 9ET to be exact. Our offices are open from 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Monday to Friday, during which our professional customer support team are available to help you with applications, repayments, and general queries. You can call or email us as you prefer. We respond to our emails within 24 hours of receipt during the week. Our offices are closed on weekends and public holidays, a list of which can be found here. (https://www.gov.uk/bank-holidays)

Are you a fully authorised firm?

Well, we’re glad you asked. As of the 13th May 2016, we are fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means that the Financial Conduct Authority, otherwise known as the FCA, have given us full permission to supply consumer credit and trust us to be doing this super-responsibly. At Cashfloat, responsible lending is the foundation of our business – and not because we are trying to please our regulators, but because we truly care.

When would you process applications submitted after your office hours?

If you submit an online loan application after 5:30 pm, before 9:00 am or at weekends, our underwriting team will process it just after 9:00 am of the next working day. If you have a query but cannot contact us within our office hours, feel free to drop us an email at info@cashfloat.co.uk, and we will respond within 24 hours (weekends and public holidays excluded). If you think this is tedious and unprofessional, you are very wrong! We like to make sure that every borrower benefits from the human touch so we can guarantee that you are getting the highest quality loan, suited to your specific needs.

Applying for a Loan

Want to know more about the online loan application process? We’ve kept the loan application form super simple and straightforward, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. We aim for both quality and speed – we’ll do our best not to leave you hanging.

What if I need help?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, our friendly customer support team will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible. You can call us on 0203 757 1933 during office hours or email us at info@cashfloat.co.uk and we will respond within 24 hours (weekends and public holidays excluded). You can also try our newly introduced Live Chat where you can get answers to your questions quickly.

How much does it cost to apply with Cashfloat?

Nothing! We don’t believe you should be charged just for applying for a short term loan. If you are approved, all interest and charges are included in your loan agreement – don’t worry about hidden costs. There aren’t any. We truly believe that taking care of our customers includes ensuring cost transparency, so you will know exactly how much your short term loan will cost.

What criteria do I have to fit to take out a loan with Cashfloat?

We want to make sure you’ll be able to repay your direct loan, so we have a few basic criteria. You have to…

  • Be a UK citizen
  • Have a UK bank account
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be in full-time employment

How much should I borrow?

First-time customers at Cashfloat can borrow anywhere between £200 and £500. If you’ve borrowed with us before, you can borrow up to £1100 (997% APR). So how much should you ask for? You might be tempted to ask for more, just in case – but it’s not worth it. The more you borrow, the more you’ll have to pay in interest.

You also might think that by asking for less you’ll be more likely to be approved, but that’s not true. If you ask for less than you really need, you’re likely going to have to take out another loan with another company, and end up spending much more on interest and charges than had you simply applied for that extra £100 in the first place. Remember, it’s this type of approach that has led many people into an endless spiral of debt. So borrow responsibly: work out how much you need and borrow exactly that amount, no more and no less.

How long should I set my loan for?

If you’re taking out a smaller amount and you’re sure you’ll be able to pay it all back at your next payday, then a payday loan is the best option for you. You’ll pay less interest than if you would have the money for longer, and you won’t have it hanging over your head for long – one repayment and you’re done with the debt.

However, we realise that every situation is different, which is why we also offer short term loans. You can spread your loan over a few months which will minimise each payment – but keep in mind that the longer you spread it out the more interest you’ll have to pay. So fiddle around with your options to find what works best for you. Remember to make sure you’ll be able to afford the monthly repayments!

Is Cashfloat’s system a fully automated lending system?

What, and leave such an important decision to a solely robotic machine? Why would we want to do that? Obviously, our well-tuned decision engine gives us the full picture of a customer’s financial standing before we decide about lending to them. However, unlike other gigantic lending companies, the final decision is left to humans to make. This means that every loan is considered from both a mathematical and a logical point of view. Our business model is not purely based on statistics, but on the individual’s specific situation and our intention to help as many people who are under temporary financial stress as possible.

How will you decide whether to approve my application?

Trust and technology. Firstly, we act transparently with you and hope that you will mirror that and be honest with us too. We therefore trust that what you say regarding your income and expenditures is accurate. If we notice that you’ve used lower figures than normal for your expenditures, or left it blank, our system will use other values which will not necessarily be to your advantage.

Secondly, because technology allows, we match what you tell us with what our Credit Reference Agency tells us. If there is a mismatch, we will contact you for verification, just to make sure we are all on the same page.

Again, it is our intention to provide our clients with a quick and easy loan that they can afford. Therefore, we cannot approve every loan application, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Can I get a loan without a credit check?

Technically, you can google ‘no credit check payday loans UK’ and you will be presented with a list of lenders. These lenders perform credit checks for legal reasons, but may ignore the results because they might not actually care whether you can repay the loan or not. They may have a whole bunch of hidden costs and charges for defaulting on a loan which they’re more than happy to collect. It is exactly this type of lender that has given the payday loan market such a bad name. It is exactly because of this reason that, here at Cashfloat, we make sure to do credit checks on every customer. As a responsible lender who really cares, we want to make sure to only lend to customers who can repay.

We care that you aren’t borrowing way over what you’ll be able to afford, which would send you into an endless spiral of debt. We care that you’ll be able to comfortable make the monthly commitments without having to starve. So yes, as part of our dedication to our customers, we make sure to do a credit check on every customer. We currently work with Call Credit, who supplies us with information regarding your affordability and credit history. Without this information, we would not be able to lend to you. Does this mean that if you’ve ever missed a bill, or your credit rating is not so good at the moment, we won’t lend to you? Not necessarily – check out the next FAQ!

My credit file is not perfect; can I still get a loan?

Quite probably, yes. We know that everyone misses a bill here and there – in fact, nowadays so many people pay for goods and services with credit, and missing just one repayment leaves its mark on your credit file. It’s actually quite rare to find someone with a perfect credit history. So even if your credit file is not sparkling clean, as long as we can tell that you are in control of your finances and your finances are not controlling you, we will be willing to trust you with our money.

What exactly are we looking for? Some of the important factors we’ll look at are whether you have any recent defaults, whether you have ever had a CCJ and how much money, if any, is outstanding to all your creditors. And because we care, we have also developed an innovative affordability matrix to help us to assess if the loan we offer is the right loan for you.

Check out our dedicated webpage for more information: https://www.cashfloat.co.uk/payday-loans/bad-credit-payday-loans/

Will I be contacted by your support team?

Yes – we do need to confirm your mobile number. You’ll receive a code via SMS that you’ll have to type in on our website. We cannot transfer your money until we have confirmed your mobile, home or work numbers.

How long will it take to check my application?

On average, it takes between 1-3 hours, depending on the amount of applications we have. We appreciate that you’re taking out a short term loan because you need the money fast, which is why our trained team of loan underwriters work at top speed to provide you with your money ASAP.

How do I know if my application has been approved?

Within an average of 1-3 hours of submitting your application, you will receive an email informing you if you’ve been funded or declined. If we require further information or clarification, we will call or email you.

How soon can I receive my money?

Once you’ve been approved, you should be funded within the hour. That makes our average under 4 hours, from application to your bank account. Pretty fast, no?

About Our Loans

We can’t stress enough how important it is to understand how a loan works before you apply. At Cashfloat, every customer has a personal loan calculator with all the details they need to know about their loan. Look at the answers below for more information about Cashfloat’s loans.

What is the maximum a customer can borrow?

If you’re new to Cashfloat, you can borrow up to £500. If you’ve borrowed with us before, you’ll be allowed up to £1,100. But remember – don’t borrow more just because you can as you’ll be paying more interest. Work out exactly how much you need and borrow just that. As responsible lenders, we will check that you can afford the repayments – we don’t want you falling into that deep hole labelled ‘Debt’!

What are your interest rates?

Well, that depends on the loan amount and how long you want it for – but with the new FCA cap on payday loans, your loan interest will NEVER be more than 24%.

Why is APR for payday loans so high?

Annual Percentage Rate, as its name suggests, is calculated annually. A payday loan is only over a few weeks, though, so if you take the amount of interest charged and multiply it to get to a full year the APR ends up in the thousands.

Cashfloat’s APR is lower than other payday loan companies for a few reasons. Firstly, we now offer short term loans in addition to payday loans, where the loan period is spread out over a few months and not limited to maximum one month. Additionally, we strictly respect that FCA has recently capped interest rates at just £24 per £100.

One more factor in our lower APR is that we only charge simple interest on our loans, not compound interest. This means that you only pay interest on the money you borrow and not on the interest as well. As a result, you pay less, and our APR is lower – great for everyone!

How can I make a payment?

To make things easier, Cashfloat offers various methods of repaying your loan. The easiest and most common way is via debit card. Alternatively you can make a payment online or at any Barclay’s branch into the following account:

Barclays Account
Sort code: 20-79-06
Account details: 43469689
Please state your name and loan reference as the reference when making a direct payment.

What if I didn’t borrow enough, can Cashfloat top up my loan?

Unfortunately, we do not approve a second amount on balances currently outstanding with Western Circle. Once you have cleared the current loan, you can reapply for further credit via our website : www.cashfloat.co.uk.

What if I want to repay my loan earlier than agreed?

Lucky you! Rich old uncle died? Finally sold that old car? Friend paid you back a forgotten debt? However they happen, windfalls are great, and if you want to be smart and use it to pay back your loan earlier – we applaud that decision! Although other lenders may make you pay the full whack, at Cashfloat, you only pay interest for how long you actually had the loan – which can save you a lot of money! We just like to take care of our customers. You’re welcome.

What happens if I cannot make a payment as agreed?

Don’t panic! As a friendly and responsible lender we understand that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. When we gave you the loan, we did it based on our comprehensive affordability assessment and trust. We believe that you took it out with a genuine intention to pay it back and things can go wrong.

The main thing to remember is that if you won’t be able to make a repayment as planned, LET US KNOW. If you call us, our friendly and sympathetic call team will offer you several low or no cost options including a penalty-free grace period, breathing space, an agreed repayment plan or rollover options.

If you don’t let us know, however, and you miss a repayment, a £15 charge will automatically be applied to your loan the day after defaulting, and there will then be a daily default interest of 0.74%. Don’t worry about just forgetting to pay, though – we will call you on the day your loan was due if we haven’t yet received payment. Just a friendly reminder to pay before you start incurring charges, because we care.

If you default under your loan agreement and refuse to pay, we have the right to commence legal proceedings, and you will be required to pay the costs we incur during those proceedings. Legal proceedings will take the form of a County Court Claim and an attachment of earnings. As a responsible lender who follows all the rules, we are obliged to report to the CRA about any loan that failed a repayment.

I don’t think the outstanding amount is correct and want to dispute this.

No problem! We care about our customers. If you feel there’s something wrong with the amount you’re being asked to pay, please call us. Our friendly, professional customer services team are more than happy to work with you to resolve the matter.

Cashfloat’s Methods

As with any transaction online, when you apply for same day loans online you want to be sure you can trust the lender. Here are the answers to some things you may be wondering about, about Cashfloat.

Do you sell declined applications to lead providers?

Never without your consent! If you have given your consent in your application for us to pass on your details to alternative lenders, we may pass your details to our third party introducer who may be able to facilitate other loan options for you. In this regard Cashfloat is acting as a credit broker, in accordance with our authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority to undertake credit brokerage.
Cashfloat currently works with Quint who are a third party introducer and when we pass on your details to them we may receive a commission for this. Cashfloat does not pass your details directly to other lenders. The introducer who receives your details may work with a panel of lenders and you may receive multiple contacts by SMS, email or by other method. Multiple credit searches may also be carried out.

Why is Cashfloat not advertising on TV or in newspapers?

Let’s be honest. All those funny cartoon characters on TV trying to convince people to take a loan are not helpful, are they? Our focus is on quality and effective communication. We do not use childish characters to paint the business as a nicer picture than it really is.

We actually love the way we look. We invest a lot of effort to ensure that our clients understand exactly who we are, and what product they are getting. We simply do not need additional artificial kickers. Every month, more and more people come to our website, experiencing a completely new level of direct lending.

I have heard a lot of horror stories about Wonga and other lenders – can I trust Cashfloat?

Yes, we think you can. We can’t certify for any other lender, but we know that our aim is to help you in whatever way we can. Strapped for cash? We’re here to help, not take advantage. Apply with us and you’ll get our honest opinion, help and advice whenever you need it. We strive to constantly improve our financial conduct, treating every customer fairly. We care about our customers, not just about money. Not sure about something? As a transparent and approachable company, we will certainly look to rectify any misunderstanding.

Remember, Cashfloat is a registered company under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If they trust us to follow all the rules and be honest and fair with our customers, we think you can too. (Please note: we are registered under the company’s official name, Western Circle Ltd.)

How does Cashfloat compare to Sunny Loans?

Sunny is one of the leading lenders in the UK. They provide instalment loans capped at the FCA interest rate. Comparing Cashfloat to Sunny is like comparing a big franchise network of fast-food restaurants to a family owned boutique one. We simply try harder to make you happy with our loans. We issue fewer loans than Sunny, but we walk the extra mile to help our clients. We fund loans every hour, and we never charge extra money for quick processing. Many times, our loans are defined in a more affordable way. At Cashfloat, there are no situations when you borrow less money and pay more in total.

How does Cashfloat compare to Wonga loans?

Cashfloat.co.uk is a fresh alternative to Wonga loans. Our concept is based on transparency, trust and integrity from inception. Our loans can be repaid in several instalments and can sometimes end up to be more affordable than Wonga. We urge our clients to compare and only come back to us to obtain online loans if they believe it is the right one for them. We try harder to help.

I want to make a complaint.

Cashfloat cares about every customer, so we take all complaints seriously. If you feel that you need to tell us about something you are not happy with, please email complaint.handling@cashfloat.co.uk and we will endeavour to resolve your issue promptly. For more information, please visit ‘complaints-procedure’.

All About Payday Loans

It’s always worth your while to look into a product before you buy it, and payday loans UK are no different. Here are the answers to some common questions we receive about the world of online short term credit.

Are payday loans really safe?

Yup! With the new FCA regulations put in place, people who are considering payday loans no longer have to worry about crazy-high interest rates and fees that weren’t clearly explained before – suddenly all payday lenders have to abide by the fairly strict rules, putting the customer’s financial safety first. Of course, some lenders such as Cashfloat were already doing this, but these laws have opened up the entire industry of payday loans as a new, safe choice, giving people much more financial freedom. Of course, you still have to be sensible and only borrow what you’re sure you can pay back.

Who uses payday loans?

The Office of Fair Trade conducted a research into the typical payday loan borrower and found that they were “more likely to be a young male, earning more than £1,000 monthly, and in rented accommodation. Many are unmarried with no children”.

This research revealed that, contrary to the ideas thrown around by people looking for a scandal, borrowers are not normally unemployed and racking up mountains of debt. Most people who take out payday loans know exactly what they’re doing and have very good reasons for it. We understand that even people who are on top of their finances sometimes have an unexpected expense – which is what we’re here for. To help you.

Why are so many people using online short term loans nowadays?

Excellent question! In fact, it’s so good that we’re going to give you not just one, but TEN answers:

  1. Quick Cash – the application is fast, and you will usually get your money within a few hours.
  2. Anonymous – you won’t meet someone you know, no need to admit you’re low on cash to anyone.
  3. Quick Decision – most lenders have just a few criteria such as age and a UK bank account which means you can apply to plenty of lenders.
  4. HUGE choice – you can – and should – shop around online to find the loan best suited to your needs.
  5. Affordability – all responsible lenders will run affordability checks so you can be sure you are taking out a loan you can afford.
  6. Short Term – you won’t have this loan hanging over your head for the next 25 years!
  7. Anytime – websites are open 24/7, so you don’t have to wait for office hours to send off your application.
  8. Any Place – no need to head to the shops, you can apply from your mobile wherever you are.
  9. Multiple Purposes – you can use the money for whatever you want, online loans are unrestricted.
  10. Information Security – online lenders take your security very seriously, check for the padlock symbol at the top of the screen and you can be sure your details are safe.

Won’t it be better for me to take out a bank loan?

It might be… but quite possibly not. For a start, bank loans start at around £1,000 which is unhelpful if you only need £200. Another factor that is making short term loans more and more popular is that banks tend to charge big amounts for small mistakes – if you go a few pounds into overdraft, you could be forced to pay a set £45 fee! Often, customers make small accounting errors that land them in a huge financial mess.

While payday loans are highly regulated and the customers are protected, the banking industry has been free to charge exorbitant fees unparalleled by anything else in the loaning industry. More and more people are finding out that for a small, unexpected expense, it’s far better to go for a small, easily-payable online loan than to get in trouble with the bank.

I heard something about a new legislation…

In the past, a few payday loan companies out there were taking advantage of their customers with hidden costs, exorbitant interest rates and woe betide anyone who defaulted. This caused many people to fall into an endless spiral of debt. The situation suddenly started getting a lot of negative attention, and the government decided that it was time to limit how much money these lenders could extract from their customers. In January 2015, a whole bunch of new rules were put in place including a daily interest cap of 0.8%, a maximum default charge of £15 and a cap on the total amount of interest and charges at 100%, meaning that you will never have to pay back more than double the amount that you borrowed. Read more about these laws and how Cashfloat respects them here:


When these laws came out, many predicted that the payday loan market would crash, and indeed, several companies just folded up, unable to contemplate such low rates. However, statistics may now prove that the market is actually doing better than ever. Customers feel safer and more protected, and payday loans are becoming more and more popular as a safe, alternative option.

Different Types of Loans

Here at Cashfloat, we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all type of loan. We’ve done our best to tailor each loan to fit the applicant’s circumstances, offering affordable loans for bad credit as well as a range of repayment options. Ultimate flexibility.

Are short term loans a cheap alternative loan?

No, most definitely not. Short term loans may be convenient, but they are an expensive form of borrowing. They are useful for short periods when unexpected expenses crop up, but they should not under any circumstances be considered as a long term financial alternative to other products on the market.

If you find yourself taking out short term loans to cover your regular expenses at the end of each month, we recommend you look into your financial situation carefully. Check out the ‘Financial Help’ section of the FAQs, or discover hundreds of tips in our blog.

What’s the difference between a direct lender and a broker?

A direct lender is the one who lends you the money. You deal with one company only, you apply, are approved by them, get your money from them and pay them back. Nice and simple. On the other hand, when you apply to a broker, they sell on your application to payday lenders for a fee, often sending it off to more than one lender to get back a quick positive response. Just beware – some brokers charge up to £70 for their services, often taking the money directly from your account. When you’re desperate for some quick cash, this doesn’t seem fair.

Cashfloat are proud to be direct lenders as well as responsible brokers. If we can provide you with a loan, we happily will. If not, we will do our very best to find you a suitable lender, but only with your FULL consent. Your details are safe with us. Since you trust us with your details, we make sure to keep them as safe as possible.

Does Cashfloat provide loans-direct?

Cashfloat’s advanced technology enables an era where online loans can be processed and funded fast. Some people call these “loans-direct”, but we prefer to keep calling them “responsible loans”. We fund approved payday and short term loans every rounded hour during office hours with no extra fees.

Does Cashfloat offer wage day advance loans?

We do, only we call them payday loans. The term ‘wage day’ refers to the day you get your salary and in many ways is a synonym for a payday. At Cashfloat, you can pay back a loan early without any penalties. In many instances, it is cheaper to take a loan for a longer time and pay as early as you can afford.

How does Cashfloat compare with other direct lenders in the UK?

If you’re looking for a payday loan from a direct lender in the UK, you’ll have quite a selection to pick from. What should you look out for? How can you settle on the best payday loan for you?

A Cashfloat loan or a Wonga loan?

Wonga is one of the most famous names in the UK payday loans market. Just like Cashfloat, Wonga is a direct lender. However, is it the lender for you?

You probably remember some of the scandals about Wonga that rocked the news not too long ago. Being such a large company, Wonga had its work cut out for itself when the Financial Conduct Authority’s new regulations came into effect in 2015, and they had to adapt their entire business model to fit in with the new standards.

Cashfloat, however, began trading as a moral lender from the start. Our business model naturally matches the official regulations, because both were created with the consumer in mind. You can read this article to see some of the differences between Cashfloat and Wonga, with tips about what features to consider.

So, will you go for Cashfloat or Wonga? Up to you. Just make sure to look into it properly first.

A Cashfloat loan or a Quickquid loan?

Quickquid is the UK branch of Enova International, Inc. Enova operates in several different countries and states, so it has had to adapt its business model to fit in with various different regulations around the world.

Not all payday loans work the same way. It is important to make sure you understand the way you will have to repay a loan, and decide which repayment method is best for you. With each repayment of a Cashfloat loan, you are paying off some of the capital too, enabling you to close the loan at any time for a lower amount.

Quickquid and Cashfloat are two very different payday lenders, and it is important to make an informed decision about which one to choose. Read more about choosing a Cashfloat or Quickquid loan here.

A Cashfloat loan or a Payday UK loan?

Payday UK, Payday Express, and The Money Shop are all trading names of Instant Cash Loans, a subsidiary of Dollar UK. The name may sound familiar to you; Dollar UK was in the news not long ago. In November 2016, they agreed to pay out £15.4 million in redress, for unfair practices.

If you’re trying to decide which company to apply with, it is important to understand just what each lender has to offer. It’s worth your while to check how much you’ll repay and when, as well as what will happen if you can’t repay, or want to repay early. At Cashfloat, we’re on your side. If you can’t meet a repayment, we’ll happily re-arrange your plan to suit your needs, so call us before the payment is due. And if you can repay early – that’s great! Pay as much as you like, whenever you like – and save money.

So Cashfloat or Payday UK? Look into it, and reach a decision you’re happy with.

A Cashfloat loan or a Piggy Bank loan?

It’s always fun to break open that piggy bank and discover the treasures hidden inside. But what happens when there’s not enough money? If you’ve decided that a payday loan is right for you, make sure to go with a reputable lender.

Both Piggy Bank and Cashfloat are direct lenders. It’s up to you to decide which one is for you. Do your research; compare the loan terms and check out online reviews. Remember, you want a lender you can trust.

At Cashfloat, we care about you. We want to help you, so we offer super-fast loans with same day payout, at no extra charge. Our unique client login area makes it easy to repay however much you want as early as you want, so you can choose how much money to save. Our friendly customer service team is waiting to help you in any way.

Want to know more? Read our article on Piggy Banks for further insights (and a fun story!).

Financial Help

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have your finances under control? Cashfloat are eager to make that dream reality, whether by providing affordable and quick short term loan alternatives or through a wonderful collection of articles and guides covering a broad range of topics.

Where can I get help regarding my finances?

Money Advice Service. Money Advice Hotline: Available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. For English, call: 0300 500 5000. For Welsh, call: 0300 500 5555. https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Step Change Debt Charity. Helpline: Available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Phone Number: 0800 138 1111. https://www.stepchange.org

The National Debtline (part of Money Advice Trust). Helpline: Available Monday-Friday 9:00 am-9:00 pm, Saturday 9:30 am-1:00 pm, closed Sunday. For England/Wales/Scotland Call: 0808 808 4000. https://www.nationaldebtline.co.uk

I want to get in control of my finances.

Luckily for you, Cashfloat has produced hundreds of articles with exactly that goal in mind – to help you get in control! Check out our blog, we have articles on every topic!

Can I refer friends and colleague that need help to Cashfloat?

The more the merrier. But remember: Just because you were approved, it does not mean your friends will be. They may have completely different financial circumstances to you, although you may not know it. But again, your friends are our friends, and you can be sure that they will receive the best service possible. We dedicate ourselves to helping everyone who turns to us as much as we can.

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