Pay Day

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Pay day is supposed to be an exciting day, but for some UK citizens, it has become a day to dread. The question is; Why? In this article, we will explore pay day in the UK and how to make the most of your wage.

Pay day UK

Payday is the specific date when you get paid your wages or salary. Pay day UK is usually associated with positive emotions as people look forward to receiving their pay day cash. But the reality for many of the 31.4 million workers in the UK is very different.

Pay day 2 pay day

Some people even live payday to payday. They receive their paycheck at the beginning of the month, and by the end of the month, it is entirely spent. While this might be ok on a day to day basis, it is not a viable way of sustaining your finances long term. The main disadvantage of living payday to payday is that there is nothing to fall back on when emergency expenses crop up. Living payday to payday is not a long term solution.

Life takes a thrill in throwing unexpected expenses at us. Having savings is the best way to pay for unexpected expenses. But those who live pay day to pay day don’t have savings, leaving them vulnerable in emergency situations. In these situations, Cashfloat is a responsible lender who can help you get to payday safe and sound. Still, we would rather you do not need to use our services in the first place.

Living payday to payday also means that you will never have enough money to make a large purchase such as a house or car. This can mean that you end up spending more in the long term. But unfortunately, it is often the case that those struggling to make ends meet often pay more. At Cashfloat, we conducted research in order to understand how who lower earners pay more, in order to help our customers better.

Equal pay day

Another reason why pay day is not so much fun for everyone is that some parts of society feel mistreated by the pay say UK system. For example, although the Equal Pay Act was supposedly passed in 1970, the gender pay gap is still vast in the UK. Equal Pay Day is the day dedicated to raising awareness of the gender pay gap.The exact day for equal pay day differs by year and by country.

Tesco pay day 

If you work for Tesco, wage day can get confusing. Workers get paid every four weeks on Friday. Since getting paid 4-weekly can get confusing as the date differs each month, you can keep a list of the dates that you will be paid throughout the year to keep track. For the exact dates, you need to ask your local HR manager.

NHS pay day

The official payday at the NHS is the 28th of each month. If this falls on a bank holiday or weekend, you should get paid the working day before that. For example, if the 28th falls on a Sunday, you should get paid the Friday before. The plight of NHS nurses has been in the media recently. Hundreds of nurses are relying on loans to help them through the month. While at difficult times they may wish for an instant payday, the reality is often grimmer than that.

Why does this happen and what options are there to bring the joy back into payday?

Making the most of your Wage after Pay day

Making the most of your hard-earned money takes careful planning. If you want to avoid living pay day to pay day, you will need to make some serious changes.

Firstly, start a budget. When you get your salary on wageday, sit down and write down exactly how you need to spend it. Try not to stray from your budget plan or things could get messy fast. You will notice that you will have less money towards the first paydays after starting your budget. After a few months of budgeting, you should have more money left over towards salary day.

Then comes the next part: save, save, save! If you save the rest of your money religiously, you won’t need to rely on loans when you’re thrust into a tight spot.

When is pay day?

If you near the end of the month and you are always asking yourself ‘when is pay day already?’ it may be a good idea to change your pay frequency. For example, if you get paid monthly, it may be better to ask your employer if you can go on the pay day payroll to get paid bi-weekly or even once a week.

By making your wage day more frequent, it may make it easier for you to manage your monthly spending habits.

For monthly wage days, there are different points in the month where you might receive your wages. The last working day of the month is a very common day for payday. It is also common to get paid on a specific day of the last week of the month, for example, the last Thursday of the month. Others also have a specific date for payday, for instance, the 25th of every month. Each company is free to set their own payday, but the usual practice is to keep the set payday consistent from month to month within each job.

Wageday – What if I don’t get paid?

If not getting paid is a common occurrence at your job, you should start thinking of changing jobs. Sporadic salary payments ae unhelpful for budgeting and staying out of debt.

If you are not paid as a one-off, approach the company’s HR or payroll manager to ask what the delay is. Hopefully, there is a logical and honest reason, and your wage will be with you shortly. Don’t ever work for no pay! No one deserves to be exploited like that!

If after everything, your pay day still seems too far, you have several online credit options in the UK:

Type of Loan Use Availability

Wage day loans

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Pay day loans

Payday loans are not a long term solution

Mainly online

Cash advance

A cash advance helps you get money quickly, but can be expensive

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Payday UK loans

Pay day UK loans can help you when you are strapped for cash

At a bank or  on a website offering online loans

Small loans

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Loans for Bad credit

Loans for bad credit are available if you need a loan to get you till payday

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We are an online lender committed to helping you. Pay day loans from Cashfloat are not a long-term solution. If you see yourself relying on lenders like us payday to pay day, please seek help with managing your debt. However, if your pay day is just too far away, you can get help from us in the short term to finish off the month. Our service is fast, reliable and we come highly recommended by our customers!

Written by: Sarah Connelly
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