The History of British Newspapers – Infographic

The Journey of the British Newspaper

Payday loans are a common topic in the media nowadays. Did newspapers always print this sort of news? How did the newspaper industry begin? Its story is a fascinating one, spanning centuries. Civil war and the resulting changes to the censorship laws, outlandish taxes and their subsequent demise, and of course, vast technological advances, all contributed to the style of newspapers we have today.

In this infographic, we take you through the story of the British newspaper, from its humble beginnings to the online media of today. Discover fascinating facts and intriguing ideas in this clear, graphical format.

Whether you’re reading about payday loans or celebrities, you should now have a deeper appreciation of what British news went through to bring you your news stories today. For more information about the industry’s history, or for a thorough analysis of the leading newspapers of today, feel free to explore our full-length guide on the History of British Newspapers.

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Written by: Natalie Stone
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