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You can get a short term loan online from Cashfloat with just a click of a button. Cashfloat’s loans are fast, simple and easy to apply for and are designed to help people with bad credit, too. It just takes 3 minutes to fill out our application form, and you will get an instant decision. Looking for a short term loan in the UK? You have come to the right place! Apply now for up to £1,000 and get your money within 1 hour, if approved. Beat that!


Short Term Loans for Bad Credit

At Cashfloat we believe that everyone should be able to access the money they need, even with poor credit.

Many lenders are wary of providing short term loans for bad credit in the UK, because of the risk it can entail. However, at Cashfloat we set ourselves apart from other UK lenders. Our short term loans for poor credit are designed to help people who are struggling with their low credit score. Some people apply with a credit score of 450, 400 or even less. At Cashfloat, we weigh affordability over credit score. As long as we see that you can afford the loan repayments and that borrowing credit won’t damage your finances, we will happily accept your loan application.

Looking for the best short term loan for bad credit? Apply here and get the service that you deserve.


Why Choose Cashfloat as your Short Term Loan Direct Lender


What Does it mean to be an FCA Regulated Lender?

The Financial Conduct Authority has changed the short term lending market significantly in recent years by setting strict guidelines for all financial industries in the UK. These new rules have made short term credit cheaper, safer and more transparent. An FCA authorised direct lender must strictly adhere to the following rules:

  • Charge a maximum interest rate of 0.8%.
  • Charge a maximum late fee of £15.
  • Ensure that customers will never have to repay more than double the figure they borrowed.


Our customers say that Cashfloat provides the best short-term loans in the UK. We just say thank you! Thank you for trusting us with your short-term credit needs. Thank you for the heartwarming reviews and thank you for pushing us to be the best direct lender in the UK.

Henon Thierry
Trustpilot – September 2019

CASHFLOAT is definitely one of the best and most genuine payday loaner out there!! First of all, their website is well designed and you do have a LOG IN space so easy to check anytime you want how much is your remaining balance and you can make any early settlements whenever you are able to and saying interests as well!! Their customer service is one of the best out there…Superfast reply to email…I do recommend this company for short term loan…Thank you cashfloat!!

Reviews.co.uk – Novemeber 2019

Really good service and of great help. Would recommend for anyone with a short term cashflow issue

Mark R
Reviews.co.uk – November 2018

Cash float has helped me get the important things I need using their short term loans, with a very clear and efficient service that only provide within your means. Staff are always clear, precise and very understanding and the service has been first class. There are not many services I would recommend but this is certainly one. Thanks Cashfloat Team

Jeannette C
Reviews.co.uk – February 2019

Easy to get short term loan, to help pay debts off. Would recommend Cashfloat.

How Quick can I get my Short Term Loan?


Submit our online application form in just 2-3 minutes.


Get an instant decision within 90 seconds.


Get your money within 1 hour of approval.


Make flexible monthly repayments to Cashfloat.

Can I get a Cheap Short Term Loan from Cashfloat?

What can I use Short Term Finance for:

How to Find the Best Short Term Loan

You can use our calculator below to help you make your short term loan comparison with other lending companies. Comparing your options carefully before applying for a short term loan will ensure that you get the best deal possible.

How much do you need?
Other amount
Ready for a Cashfloat Short Term Loan?
Repayment total

Repay over: 3 months, 2 monthly repayments of: £246.66, last month repayment of: £246.67

Cashfloat is Among the World’s 50 Most Trustworthy Companies

Cashfloat.co.uk is proud to be one of the “50 most trustworthy companies in the world” according to the Silicon Valley Review Magazine (2018). We’ve already assisted over 100,000 people in the UK get the money they need online. Ready to apply? Just click the button below to get started!


What is a short term loan?

Short term loans are unsecured loans that can be borrowed online in one lump sum but repaid in monthly instalments. They’re called ‘short-term’ because they only span over a short period (up to 12 months) compared to bank loans. At Cashfloat, we offer short term loans up to 6 months (7 with Easy Start).

How much money can I borrow with a short term payday loan?

With Cashfloat’s short term payday loans, you can get between £300 and £1,000 online. We fund approved applications every hour. This means that if you get approved, you can get your money funded into your bank account within 1 hour.

Can I get a short term loan alternative from Cashfloat?

Short term loans can be expensive because they are taken out for a short time period. Are you looking for a cheaper alternative? You can apply for our small personal loans and get up to £2500 today. These loans have much lower interest rates making them far more affordable if you need to finance a big expense. You also have a longer time to repay the loan, helping you get back on your feet and recover from an emergency expense that has hit you financially.

Does Cashfloat offer 3 month loan and 6 month loan options?

Absolutely. Our short term loan terms are anywhere between 3 months to 6 months, extending up to 7 months with our new Easy Start feature. When you make your application, you can select the loan duration to be 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 6 months (or 7 months with Easy start), depending on the loan amount you require. You can always pay back your loan early and save on interest. We do not charge any fees for repaying your loan early.

Am I eligible to apply for a short term loan?

As a responsible lender, applicants must meet the following short term loan eligibility criteria before applying:

  • Be a UK citizen
  • Hold a UK bank account
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a steady source of income (salary, pension, benefits, etc.)

Does Cashfloat offer short term finance 24/7?

Cashfloat’s online application form is accessible 24/7 and 365 days a year. If you submit your application on a weekend or bank holiday, your application will be processed the next working day. We are committed to helping you access the financing you need without delay.

Can I get a short term loan with no credit check?

You may be searching for a short term loan in the UK with no credit check or a guaranteed short term loan because you are worried about your credit score. However, these products are not recommended in the UK. But don’t worry! Our high acceptance short term loans are a safe alternative for people with poor credit, and the instalment based repayment plan makes our loans more affordable. At the same time, borrowers must remember that interest is calculated on a daily basis, so the total cost of borrowing may be higher the longer you keep the money.

Can I get a short term loan on benefits?

If you are on benefits, you can apply for a loan with us. As long as you have a steady source of income –benefits included– and you can afford loan repayments, we will happily approve your application. We give an instant decision, so you will know if you are approved straight away.

If I am not happy with my short term loan, can I make a complaint?

If you have any questions or concerns about your loan from Cashfloat, please contact our customer support team who will be happy to help you. You can submit a complaint using our live chat, by calling us or by sending an email to complaint.handling@cashfloat.co.uk. Most claim management companies charge steep rates for something you can easily do yourself, so we don’t recommend using them. Dealing directly with your loan provider is usually the best way to go.

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