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Welcome to Western Circle Ltd, trading as Cashfloat.co.uk, an honest and responsible direct lender you can trust! We offer loans of up to £1100 with an instant decision and same day payout – even for bad credit. As an authorised FCA lender, Cashfloat is committed to lending responsibly and efficiently. Read on to learn all about us.

Your Cashfloat Loans Information Card
  • You can get a Cashfloat loans from £200 to £1100
  • Feel free to apply, even with a bad credit score
  • You can repay your Cashfloat loans in up to 4 instalments
How Much Can I Borrow?
  • 3 minutes to complete the online application form
  • 90 seconds instant lending decision
  • 1 hour from approval, the money should be in your bank account

* Average numbers

How Fast Can I Have the Money?
  • We are an FCA authorised payday loans direct lender.
  • We welcome people with bad-credit
  • Unsecured loans, no guarantor needed
Why Cashfloat?
FAQs about Cashfloat

We are a moral direct lender who also acts as a responsible broker upon customer request. Cashfloat is fully authorised to lend by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our firm registration number is 714479, and our authorisation can be found on the Financial Service Register on the FCA’s website.

What do we stand for?

Our mission is simply to help as many people as we can. Cashfloat is redefining the UK lending industry. By using fundamentally good morals and advanced artificial intelligence technology, we help and protect people when taking payday loans online. Whether you need a small loan or just some tips on managing your finances, we are here to help with a smile!

Our MissionOur ToolsOur Belief
We’re on a mission to revolutionise the payday loan market, making payday loans safe, fair, affordable and available to the citizens of the UK in their times of need. The tools we use are fundamentally good morals and advanced artificial intelligence technology, designed to help and protect people when taking payday loans online. We believe the success of our business lies in our ability to offer customers the right product for their current financial situation. It’s all about helping people.

Community Support

As well as helping UK consumers obtain fast and flexible online credit, we are constantly looking for ways to help British communities in any way we can. By offering community support, we hope to better understand the needs of our customers so that we can service them better. We are not just another lender. We are a lender that really and truly cares!

How Do We Compare to Other Lenders?

At Cashfloat, responsible lending is the foundation of our business. Not because we are trying to please our regulators, but because we believe that is the only way to do business. We want our loans to help you! And we want you to understand how we are different from other lenders acting in the UK. People frequently asks if Cashfloat provides loans like wonga, loans like Quickquid, loans like Piggy Bank or loans like payday UK. The simple answer is YES. But we try to be much better, every day and for every customer.

You can compare us to other lenders, and then come back when you are sure that we are the best! Here are some features that we feel are worth comparing:

How does Cashfloat Maximise the Loan Experience?

Here at Cashfloat, we want to make your experience with us as positive as possible. We’re constantly brainstorming for ideas to improve your loan experience – if you have any more ideas, please let us know!

All fees and charges are completely transparent; the amount you see when you apply is the amount you’ll have to pay, no more – although it may be less if you use our early repayments facility! Just log in to your personal area on the website where you can see just how much you’ll save through repaying any amount early.

We’ve worked on making the application form super-easy and user-friendly. What’s more, if you’ve had a loan with us before, all your details are saved on the system, so you don’t need to type them all in again. We’ll also send the money to your account on the same day you are approved, with no extra fee. You’re applying because you need the money fast – so you’ll get it fast.

If you’re struggling to repay, don’t worry. It happens to all of us. Just give us a call before your payment is due in, and we’ll arrange something for you, whether you just need another couple of days, or want to make a new payment plan altogether.

What are Cashfloat’s contact details?

Do you have a question? A suggestion? Maybe even some constructive criticism! We’re all ears. You can contact Cashfloat in one of the following ways:

  • By phone: Just call 0203 757 1933
  • By email: Drop us a note at client-service@cashfloat.co.uk
  • By post: We love mail! Our address is: 2a Highfield Avenue, London NW11 9ET
  • Through our Live Chat

If you want to follow us on social media, we post loads of fun content all the time on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube accounts.

Is the name of the company Western Circle or Cashfloat?

Western Circle Ltd is the legal name of our company. Western Circle has trade names (which just means a name that we are allowed to use to trade our products). Cashfloat is one of Western Circle’s trade names. So, for example, you might see Western Circle instead of Cashfloat when we deposit money into your bank or debit payments from your card. Whether we send you letters directly or through the legal system, it’s likely to be under the name Western Circle trading as Cashfloat rather than just Cashfloat.

Are you a direct lender or a broker?

Cashfloat is a proud direct lender. This means that we deal with applications from start to finish – ie; from application to funding. However, if we can’t approve your loan request, we still want to help you! That’s why we will propose to try and find you another fully authorised direct lender who can approve your loan request. At this point, we transform into a broker and send your application to potential lenders – with your consent only, of course.

What should I do if I have a problem with my loan?

First of all, we are a UK lender. This means that, unlike some other payday lenders, we are locally based here in the UK. As such, we are likely to be awake when you are! If you have a problem, give us a ring. If you need help out of hours, feel free to email us and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. If you just want to edit loan details, view your contract, make payments towards your loan or apply for a new loan, you can do all of this and more through your very own Cashfloat login.

Our Short Term Loans

Our short term loans and payday loans are designed to tide you over until you are financially stable again. They are not designed to solve a long-term problem. The application takes no more than a few minutes to complete – so go ahead, and we’ll see if we can lend a helping hand. We always try to fund your loan on the very same day with no extra fee. Our loans range from between £200 to £1,100. First-time customers will only be eligible to apply for a maximum loan of £500.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Committed to Responsible Lending

We’re fully committed to responsible lending, which is why we will only lend if we are 100% sure it will help you, and we’re happy to rearrange if you’re having trouble paying it off. We don’t want to play games with your money. Unlike many other lenders in the UK, our corporate goals are not defined by the number of loans we manage to fund, but by the number of people we help.

Treating Customers Fairly

At Cashfloat, we recognise that an essential part of our business is you, the customer. Treating customers fairly is therefore our highest priority, and we are constantly looking at how we can make life easier for our customers. We aim to be as understanding and accommodating as possible – short term financial bumps happen to everyone, and we are here to help.

Transparent T&Cs

Beyond just satisfying regulatory compliance requirements, we believe in practicality and simplification. As much as possible, we refrain from using overly complex writing. Instead, we express our innovative approach through simple words that our customers, staff, and regulators can easily understand. We try to make the terms and conditions as clear as possible – we want to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting into when you sign up for a loan.

An Innovative Lender

Here at Cashfloat, we love technology and we appreciate people! We have developed extremely unique and advanced underwriting systems. In addition, we invented a unique affordability matrix to ensure our products really help our customers, and we work with the most advanced fraud prevention components available. Still, we always keep the personal touch and encourage open communication with our customers.

As always, if you have any questions or queries with regards to our loans you can visit our FAQ Page, or contact us using the contact details below.

Our Cashfloat Promise

After having read all about us and what we offer, we hope you will turn to Cashfloat if you need a payday loan. Don’t forget we provide loans up to £1100 with an instant decision and same day payout. At Cashfloat, we believe in honest and transparent lending. We are an FCA authorised direct lender that cares. Apply now – even with bad credit – for a quick and easy borrowing experience.

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