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Cashfloat’s payday loan process is 100% online

You can get up to £1,000 today directly from your mobile phone, computer or tablet. It takes around 3 minutes to complete the application and you will get an instant decision. Cashfloat is a payday loan direct lender that concentrates on helping people with bad credit to get the money they need. We’ve already helped over 100,000 people in the UK.

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Cashfloat is a Payday Loans Direct Lender

Cashfloat is a fully authorised direct lender operating in the UK.

Many people prefer to obtain a payday advance from direct lenders only – and for good reason too. It mostly comes down to the safety of your personal information and the fact that you want to know exactly with whom you are obtaining credit.

Applying for a payday loan with no brokers, will ensure your personal information only stays with us. However, on the application form you can select an option that you are happy for us to act as a broker in the event that we are not able to offer you a direct lender, no broker loan.


Looking for Trusted Payday Loans?

  • Apply 24/7
  • 3-minute online application form
  • Instant decision
  • Same day funding
  • High approval rate for people with poor credit
  • Flexible repayments
  • No guarantor needed

Easy-Start gives you up to 50% off your payday loan APR

Break your payday loan into smaller repayments with Easy-Start

You can now use the new Easy-Start feature on all payday loans from Cashfloat! Easy-Start lets you make a small token payment towards your loan on your first payday, giving you more time to get your finances in order before a big payment is due. On top of a reduced first payment, we’ve also added an extra interest-free month to all Easy-Start loans to give you more time to repay your loan.

So why not take it easy that first month? To apply for an Easy-Start loan from Cashfloat, just click the ‘Easy Start’ button when filling out your loan application to see how your loan instalments instantly become more manageable.

Have questions? Check out our Easy-Start FAQs here.

How our loans work
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Choose how much you would like to borrow and apply online.


Get a lending decision within 90 seconds.


Once approved, money will be with you the same day.


Make flexible monthly repayments online.

What Does it Mean to be an FCA Authorised Direct Lender?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) sets guidelines for all financial industries in the UK to ensure that consumers have a fair and safe experience. An FCA authorised direct lender must follow their rules for short-term lending, namely:

  • Charging a maximum interest rate of 0.8% per day
  • Charging a one-time late fee of maximum £15
  • Ensuring that customers will never have to repay more than double the sum they borrowed

Why Choose Cashfloat?

Forget what you know about payday lending in the UK and step forward to Cashfloat payday loans, a whole new short term credit facility that gives you full control of your loan! With Cashfloat, you can:

  • Apply for loan amounts up to £1,000
  • Get approved for a loan, even with bad credit
  • Pay early before payday and save money
  • Login at any time to manage your loan
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Payday Loans for Bad Credit

At Cashfloat, we believe that everyone should be able to access affordable credit for emergencies.

A credit score is just a number, and we maintain that it’s not the only indicator of creditworthiness. That’s why we’ll assess your ability to afford a payday loan in the overall scheme of your budget. We believe that people with poor credit can get a good loan from a direct lender online — the key is to apply for a loan you can realistically afford to pay on time. You can use our free online affordability calculator to work out how much you can afford to borrow! Apply for a safe, affordable loan from Cashfloat, a trusted direct lender online. You can also learn more about our bad credit loans here.

Instant Payday Loans for Emergencies

Our payday loans are designed specifically to cover emergencies and should never be used to try solve a long-term money problem!

Fast decision

We understand that in some situations, time is of the essence and you need a quick response. Our emergency loans are available via mobile phone, web browser and over the phone. We have even assigned a direct phone number and support representative to help people in the heat of the moment.

People that care

Our team of underwriters and credit experts are waiting to help you. We are a direct lender so once you get through the expedited approval process, we will fund your loan directly. Check our reviews – we’ve already helped over 100,000 people in the UK.


What are payday loans?

Pay day loans are small, unsecured loans that are lent at a high rate of interest over a short period of time, with both the principal and interest repaid on a single repayment date, usually the borrower’s salary day. The average payday loan in the UK is £270 for 30 days. Payday loans are designed for emergency use only, and should never be used to try and solve a long term money problem.

What is a payday loan direct lender?

A direct lender processes your application and gives you money directly. In contrast, when you submit your application form to a broker, they sell it to direct lenders. They may even charge a fee for this. The company that bought your application will then decide whether or not to lend to you. Our opinion: Borrow money online from a direct lender only. Not a broker.

Can I get a payday loan with no credit check?

Lots of people ask us about getting no credit check loans with guaranteed approval. While this may sound tempting, payday loans in the UK with no credit check are not a valid option. Please keep in mind that any FCA authorised lender in the UK will perform a basic credit check. Don’t let a bad credit score keep you away from reputable lenders.

Can I apply for a payday UK loan if I have bad credit?

Yes, you can. Cashfloat is a bad credit direct lender that is fully authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Although some lenders will not approve people with poor credit unless they have a guarantor, our brand new technology makes instant loans accessible online for more people in the UK, no matter what their credit score! Apply today for your bad credit payday loan!

Can I get a payday loan alternative with Cashfloat?

Yes, if you are looking for a bigger loan with cheaper interest rates, we have the perfect alternative. You can apply for our small personal loans and get up to £2,500 today. These cheaper rates on our small personal loans make them far more affordable and can help you finance larger expenses without getting stuck into a continuous cycle of debt.

Does Cashfloat provide unsecured loans?

Yes, all our loans are unsecured. This means that when you apply for a loan with us, we will never ask you for a guarantor or to secure an asset against the loan. The good news is that we also offer unsecured loans for bad credit, so if you were worried about getting accepted for an unsecured loan in the UK because of your poor credit score, you have come to the right place. Click here to apply for up to £1000 from an unsecured loan direct lender who cares about getting you the money you need when you need it.

Can I get a cheap payday loan if I have bad credit?

With our new easy start option, we provide lower APR payday loans for people with bad credit. This makes the payday loan cheaper and more affordable. Other lenders might offer more expensive loans to people with poor credit to lower the risk that they might not repay. But at Cashfloat, if we see you can afford the loan repayments, we will be happy to provide you with a cheaper payday loan no matter your credit score.

Does Cashfloat offer guaranteed payday loans from a direct lender?

‘Guaranteed payday loan’ is a term that usually implies that you would need a guarantor to secure your payday UK loan. Cashfloat is an unsecured payday loan direct lender. We have high acceptance rates and we get you an instant decision loan without a guarantor. As an FCA authorised lender, we cannot guarantee to approve your payday loan.

How do I get the best payday loan rates?

If you want to get the best payday loan rates in the UK, a good credit score will be a big help because it indicates financial responsibility, which lenders are looking for. At Cashfloat, we don’t just look at your credit score, we take your broader financial picture into account and focus on affordability over your credit rating to offer you the best payday loan deals.

Are you looking for the best payday loan company in the UK? You have come to the right place. We provide the same loan rates to all our customers regardless of the credit score, and with our Easy Start option, you get an extra month to repay your loan entirely interest-free and cuts your personal APR in half! Complete your application now to experience the difference!

How do payday loans online work in the UK?

The application process for payday loans UK direct will depend on the lender you choose. This is how the loan application process works here at Cashfloat – and it only takes a couple of minutes.

– Tell us a few simple details about where you live, your work, and your living expenses.
– Enter your bank details so we can run several credit and affordability checks.
– You will get an instant decision regarding your loan status.
– If approved, you will be funded the money within an hour.

Can I get payday loans with 100% acceptance?

Cashfloat offers high acceptance payday loans from a direct lender, for customers with all types of credit. However, since every applicant’s circumstances are different, our loans may not be the right fit for everyone. We are committed to lending responsibly, so we can’t guarantee 100% acceptance – but if you need a payday loan today, fill out our easy application form, and you’ll get an instant decision from our underwriting team.

How can I verify my loan eligibility?

In order to apply for a Cashfloat loan, you need to:

– Be a UK resident
– Be over 18 years old
– Have a UK bank account
– Have a steady source of income (employment, benefits, pension, etc.)

As a responsible lender, we want to ensure you can afford the loan before funding it, which is why we’ll base your payday loan eligibility on an affordability assessment. As long as you meet the basic requirements above and our affordability criteria, you don’t need a loan eligibility checker to see if you qualify for a Cashfloat payday loan.

Can I get a fast payday loan?

With Cashfloat, once you complete our 3 minute application form you can get an instant decision and same day funding if approved. Although many people who apply for instant payday loans assume that they will receive their money straight away, all responsible lenders will need to perform some checks. As a trustworthy lender, we will always carry out the necessary credit and affordability checks before we approve a loan request.

What will happen if I can’t repay my loan on time?

At Cashfloat, we understand that life is messy and unpredictable. If you can’t make a repayment, it’s tempting to hide from your creditors. If it does happen that you are unable to pay your loan back, don’t worry! Just give us a call and one of our friendly representatives will help you set up a manageable repayment plan!
Treating customers fairly is one of our biggest priorities and we will make every effort to ensure you are happy with your new arrangement. Remember, even if you miss a payment we will never charge you more than originally agreed in your contract.

What can I do if lenders keep declining my loan application?

When you need that payday loan urgently, it’s frustrating to have your loan declined again and again. Often, it can be simple to fix the problem of why your loan was declined. For example, your loan application may be declined because of errors in your credit report, or it may be there is some information missing on the application form. Whatever the reason is for your loan decline, it is usually easy to fix.

What is APR?

Because every person has different financial circumstances and credit scores, lenders cannot offer the same rate to every customer. That’s why you’ll find most lenders have a representative APR on their website. This figure is the APR they offer 51% of their customers – and it gives you a good idea of their rates in general.

Cashfloat’s APR is one of the Lowest on the Market

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