Faster, safer and by far more accessible. With the brand new Cashfloat Payday Loans 2.0, you can get up to £1,100 today. Yes, even with bad credit. Don’t waste your time on bank overdrafts, credit cards or credit lines. We’re a direct lender and we’ve already helped over 50,000 people in the UK.

What are Payday Loans?

If you find yourself needing money, but your salary day still seems far away, you can apply for payday loans online. These are small loans with high interest rates that can be funded into your bank account just a few hours after you apply. Cashfloat is a premium payday loans direct lender and our loans come with all the best features:

  • 3 minute application
  • Instant decision
  • Same day funding
  • High approval rate

Have an unexpected bill? Emergency expense cropped up? Our product could be the perfect alternative! And don’t worry, all our same day loans are unsecured, so we’ll never ask you for a guarantor.

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Payday Loans for Bad Credit

A low credit score doesn’t mean you can’t get a good loan from a direct lender online. The key is to apply for a loan you can afford to repay on time. Do not be tempted to put your personal details on websites offering loans with no credit check or guaranteed approval.

Can I apply with Cashfloat if I have bad credit?

Yes, you can. Cashfloat is a bad credit direct lender that is fully authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Although some lenders will not approve people with poor credit unless they have a guarantor, our brand new technology makes instant loans accessible online for more people in the UK, no matter what their credit score!

Can I get a loan with no credit check?

Lots of people ask us about getting no credit check loans with guaranteed approval. While this may sound tempting, payday loans in the UK with no credit check are not a valid option. Please keep in mind that any FCA authorised lender in the UK must perform a basic credit check. Don’t let bad credit score keep you away from reputable lenders.

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Cashfloat is a Payday Loans Direct Lender

Cashfloat is a fully authorised direct lender operating in the UK. Many people prefer to obtain a payday advance from direct lenders only – and for good reason too. It mostly comes down to the safety of your personal information and the fact that you want to know exactly with whom you are obtaining credit.

What is a direct lender?

A direct lender processes your application and gives you money directly. In contrast, when you submit your application form to a broker, they sell it to direct lenders. They may even charge a fee for this. The company that bought your application will then decide whether or not to lend to you. Our opinion: Borrow payday loans only from a direct lender. Not a broker.

Does Cashfloat offer guaranteed loans?

‘Guaranteed payday loan’ is a term that usually implies that you would need a guarantor to secure your payday UK loan. Cashfloat is an unsecured loan direct lender. We have high acceptance rates and we get you an instant decision without a guarantor. As an FCA authorised lender, we cannot guarantee to approve your loan.

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Instant Decision Loans

The term ‘instant payday loans’ refers to the speed of decision and money payout. All our online loans can easily be classified as instant loans. When applying, you’ll get a decision within 90 seconds, and we’ll always do our best to make sure that you’re funded on the same day that you’re approved.

How long does the process take?

First of all, the process will always be faster if you use direct lenders instead of brokers. Moreover, the combination of instant decision and instant payout means that the whole borrowing online process can take less than an hour. Still, it is important to remember that as fast as these loans may be, instant UK payday loans are not always cheap loans.

Is borrowing online safe?

With the high level of technology nowadays, it’s easy to think that some quick loan lenders might be cutting corners and perhaps providing pay day loans with no credit check. You’ll be happy to know that the reason Cashfloat offers such quick loans is because we have streamlined the process with enhanced technology improvements. As per the FCA, we perform a credit and affordability check on every incoming application. The only difference is, we do it fast!

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Why Choose Cashfloat?

Forget what you know about payday lending in the UK and step forward to Cashfloat payday loans, a whole new FCA authorised short term credit facility that gives you full control of your loan! With Cashfloat, you can:

  • Apply for a loan amount up to £1,100
  • Get approved for a loan, even with bad credit
  • Pay early before payday and save money
  • Login at any time to manage your loan

That’s not all. We’ve also integrated your new GDPR data access rights so that you can enjoy even more transparency in your borrowing experience. We hope you will trust us with your next loan.

Written by: Kelly R
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