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Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

Borrow £500 for 4 Months, Four Monthly Repayments of £215.81 Total repayment £863.24 Interest Rate PA (fixed) 270.10% Representative APR 997%

Payday loans direct lenders

Cashfloat is redefining the online loans industry in the UK with fundamentally good morals and advanced artificial intelligence technology designed to help and protect people when taking payday loans, short term loans or unsecured loans online. Our bad credit loans come with an instant decision, same day funding and quick cash in the bank.


Direct lender loans

We are friendly, and FCA authorised payday loans direct lender. Our loan application is straightforward and safe. We fund thousands of bad credit payday loans with top customer rating.


Dynamic Loans

Unlike most payday loans direct lenders in the UK, With Cashfloat's dynamic loans, you can pay as much as you want, as early as you can - with no extra fees! That is a significant saving.


UK Based

Cashfloat was founded and operates in the UK. We help UK citizens to obtain affordable and reliable short term loans online. We are always here for you. Your calls are always welcome 020-37571933


Unsecured Loans

All our online loans are unsecured loans. No guarantor is needed. Not many high acceptance payday loans direct lenders can offer instalment loans for people with bad credit. We do!.


No credit check loans

Loans for people with bad credit are available online on our secure website. 'No credit check loans' are not a legal option in the UK. We are accepting a lot of people with poor credit. apply now.


Instant Payday Loans

All our online loans comes with an instant decision same day funding and five starts service. Providing loans for people with bad credit is our business. We want to help.

Loans for poor credit are not always the cheapest credit available for you. The best loan online is a loan you don't need. Taking any form of unsecured credit for a short or long term is a serious decision. Always work with FCA authorised direct lenders only.

The Best Payday loan experience

At Cashfloat, we try harder to bring you the best payday loan experience in the UK! We have fine-tuned our approval process, customised the customer login and taken all the necessary steps to provide you with an affordable, safe and reliable payday loan. When obtaining a loan with us, we go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the best payday loan for your needs.

Trust goes both ways. We thank you for trusting us and choosing Cashfloat! We also trust you to pay back your loan as agreed. Still, we understand that circumstances may arise that prevent you from repaying your loan as per the contract. If you do run into issues with your repayment plan, we want you to know that we will do everything we can to help you. If you have any questions about your application, repayments or online login, we are always just a phone call away!

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Short term loan or Unarranged Overdrafts

Unarranged overdrafts can sometimes prove to be more expensive than an online short-term loan. When you are strapped for cash, it can be challenging to find a flexible alternative. That's why Cashfloat has created a brand new dynamic short term loan that allows you to repay bite-size amounts and save on interest!

The advanced the technology of our dynamic loan calculator brings you a whole new set of benefits:

  1. Gives you full control over your loan
  2. Allows you to repay your loan early
  3. Helps you save on daily interest with no extra fees
  4. Allows you to handle your repayments easily
  5. Straightforward design, easy to understand
  6. Online saving calculator tells you how much you save when paying early!

You shouldn’t have to pay to manage your finances effectively, so at Cashfloat, it comes free with every payday loan we fund.

Cashfloat's mission: Making Payday loans safe, fair, affordable and available to citizens of the UK in times of need.

Genuine Customer Reviews

How is Cashfloat different?

Cashfloat’s aim is to revolutionise the payday loan industry from the driver’s seat. Our business model is based on a strategic fusion of advanced technology and fundamentally good morals. With integrity and honesty at the core of our business, we feel that our model is living proof that payday loan companies can be profitable and moral at the same time.

Our operation was designed with the FCA principles integrated from the very beginning. However, although we are fully authorised by the FCA, their principles are not our glass ceiling, they are our starting point. We are constantly trying to improve our products and services further to help our customers beyond what is required.

So, why are we different? We are different because we care. We are a direct payday loans lender that doesn't need a facelift; we have been honest from inception. We invest a lot in education to help our customers save money and manage their finances so that they can avoid expensive credit, such as our instant payday loans. If, however, you have exhausted all other options and end up needing a payday loan, we are here to help in any way we can. We have never taken advantage of people in an unregulated market.

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    Representative example
    £500 for 4 Months
    Interest rate
    270.10% pa (fixed)
    Four repayments of
    997% APR
    Total repayment
    Same day funding
    Warning: late repayment can cause you serious money problems. for help, go to -
    Warning: late repayment can cause you serious money problems. for help, go to -
    Cashfloat's mission: Making Payday loans safe, fair, affordable and available to citizens of the UK in times of need.

    Small loans, Big solutions

    Cashfloat is a new loan company operating in the UK. We are an FCA-authorised direct lender. Some of our loans are available for people with bad credit. We assess our online loan applications with a focus on affordability and not only on credit score. All our loans are no guarantor loans and require no security or collateral. We believe that credit is a business of mutual trust. Out representative APR is 997%. The table below depict some features of common loans in the UK:

    Loans Bad credit No Guarantor Loans direct
    Payday loans UK Payday Loans for bad credit can be obtained online from a direct lender like Payday loans with no guarantor are very common in the UK. Payday loans in the UK can be obtained directly from lenders. No broker is required.
    Short term loans People with poor credit can apply for short term loans. Short term loan no guarantor is a solid option for people that can afford it. Cashfloat is a short term loan direct lender.
    Loans online Loans online for bad credit tend to focus more on affordability. Online loans with no guarantor are not always the cheapest option. In the UK many people refer to online loans as quick loans. Here at Cashfloat we always try to fund as fast as possible. Loans online in the UK can be obtained directly from lenders.
    Cash advance You can apply for a cash advance or wage day advance loans with bad credit score. No Guarantor cash advance or wage day advance loans are available in the UK. Some direct lenders offer cash advance loans online.
    Personal loans Personal loans are usually for people with better credit as the amounts are larger than the average payday loan. Personal loans with no guarantor are less common but still available. More conservative lenders offer personal loans directly.
    Small loans Some lenders will accept applications for small loans with very bad credit history. Yes, small loans can be obtained online without a guarantor. Small loans direct lenders exist, even for people with bad credit history
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