Instant Payday Loans

Looking for instant payday loans? Apply now for payday loans with an instant decision and same day funding. Cashfloat is a moral direct lender, fully authorised by the FCA. You can apply for up to £1,100 today, even with bad credit.

Your Instant Payday Loans Information Card
  • You can get an instant payday loan of £200 to £1100
  • Feel free to apply, even with a bad credit score
  • You can repay your instant payday loans in up to 4 instalments
How Much can I Borrow?
  • 3 minutes to complete the online application form
  • 90 seconds instant lending decision
  • 1 hour from approval, the money should be directly in your bank account

* Average numbers

How Fast Can I have the Money?
  • We are an FCA authorised direct lender.
  • We welcome people with bad-credit
  • Unsecured loans, no guarantor needed
Why Cashfloat?
FAQs about Instant Payday Loans

Welcome to – a technology oriented lender. Our main goal is to get you the money you need quickly and with as little hassle as possible. As a leading UK lender, we have already helped thousands of UK customers with instant pay day loans needs.

How fast can I get payday loans with Cashfloat?

With Cashfloat, you will be introduced to a fast payday loan experience. When you apply for a payday loan with us, you will receive an instant decision within 90 seconds. As well as an instant decision and instant approvals online, we also have high acceptance rates. If approved, you will have your loan deposited quickly into your bank account. As long as you are approved within business hours, same day funding is always available!

What is Considered an Emergency Loan?

Ideally, you should research potential lenders before entering into any credit agreement. But sometimes life just surprises you with an unplanned expense! For example, if your car breaks down and you need it to get to work, you will have no choice but to repair it fast. These emergency expenses are impossible to predict!

In the frenzy of the moment, you might find it hard to make sure that the instant payday loan you are applying for is really the right thing for you. Instinctively, you might go online and google search terms like “instant payday loans” or “quick cash loans”. You may even be tempted to just apply for the first loan you see! However, it’s important to remember to make sure you carefully review the products from the lending company. Entering a loan agreement requires careful thought and consideration.

Are Instant Payday Loans – an Urban Myth?

There is really no such thing as an ‘instant payday loan’ or ‘instant cash’.  It’s common for people to search for ‘instant loans’ when they need cash fast, however, it’s important to note that responsible lenders authorised by the FCA will never offer you an entirely instant loan.

Let’s explain: According to FCA regulations, all loans require an application and approval process. So, lenders should:

  1. Review the borrower’s application
  2. Perform a credit check
  3. Carry out an affordability assessment
  4. Decide whether to approve/decline the application
  5. Fund the loan, once approved

‘Instant loans,’ therefore, would be quite risky. This is because the instant payday loan lender is possibly skipping one or more of these important steps in the decision-making process, thereby acting irresponsibly. Although no lender will literally pay you cash instantly, in some cases, quick loans online can be transferred to you within 10 minutes of approval! That’s almost instant.

As you can see, lenders offering you an ‘instant payday loan’ might sound enticing but be sure to check that they are legitimate and safe.

Why Trust Cashfloat’s Instant Loans Online?

Cashfloat are a moral direct lender, and we are fully authorised by the FCA. We aim to help our borrowers to be responsible with their finances, and provide lots of educational materials on our blog with tips and advice on how to get out of debt. You can repay our instant loans early, enabling you to save on the cost of your loan. At Cashfloat, we want what is best for you. Still not convinced? Read our reviews and see for yourself.

If you need to borrow in a very short time frame, small loan lenders are often a better solution than high street banks. This is because banks aren’t necessarily equipped for processing instant cash loans quickly. If you need an instant loan to take care of an immediate bill, applying for a short term loan from payday lenders online could be the answer. Quick loans are available from online lenders when you qualify for their lending criteria. If you need cash fast, you can find online direct lenders who provide 24 hour instant payday loans.

How Can I Get Instant Decision Payday Loans Online?

Cashfloat’s technology advantage will bring you fast results. When applying online for a loan with us, all you will need to tell us is:

  • How much you wish to borrow
  • How long for
  • Some basic personal details

There is no paperwork, no faxing, no fuss!

Once your application is submitted, you will receive an instant decision on your loan request. This will be either Approved, Declined or In Review. If the decision says, ‘In Review’, your application will then be looked at in real-time by our skilled team of underwriters, meaning you should get a quick result there and then. If you’re looking for loans online for bad credit, instant decision lenders like Cashfloat can help you get fast decisions.

You can apply today for payday loans with Cashfloat and get an instant decision. We don’t offer instant online loans, but we come pretty close!

Does Cashfloat Offer Instant Decision Loans for Bad Credit?

Our underwriters will often approve applications despite bad credit which means that our loans have high acceptance rates. We don’t judge our applicants solely on their credit score. Still, when applying for our bad credit loans with instant decision, it’s important to remember that we will carry out a credit check. Please keep this in mind when applying elsewhere for ‘instant cash loans no credit check’. If your application for an instant payday loan with bad credit is approved, we will fund your loan within 3 hours. With Cashfloat, you can apply for bad credit loans with instant decision and no fee is charged for applying!

Instant Cash

Receive Up To £1,00 – Apply Online 24/7

Cashfloat is a 100% online lender, so there’s no need to drive to a shop or wait in any long lines. While online cash loans are not instant loans, you can still apply from anywhere as long as you have Internet access. Cashfloat’s pay-day loans application is instantly accessible online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Applying for a cash advance loan with Cashfloat is quick, easy and straightforward.

FAQs about Instant Payday Loans Direct Lender

Do Instant Payday Loans with no Credit Check from Direct Lenders Exist in the UK?

Although online payday loans with instant approval from direct lenders with no credit check sound ideal, they should be avoided as they are not safe. Since the FCA took over regulation, they have clamped down on irresponsible lending, including instant loans with no credit check. As a result, instant payday loans no credit check do not exist in the UK as they are illegal. If you are looking for quick no credit check loans with an instant decision, it would be safer for you search for instant loans from a direct lender instead.

Where Will I Find Instant Loans for Bad Credit with No Guarantor?

If you are looking for an unsecured loan but you have bad credit, you may be concerned about applying with instant decision payday loans lenders in case they decline you. Of course, if you have a guarantor, you can find relatively cheap loans with instant decision as the lender will lower the cost of the loan due to the lower risk of lending to you. But, if you need instant payday loans for bad credit and without a guarantor, Cashfloat offers loans for bad credit no guarantor with no hidden fees and instant decision!

Will I find Instant Payday Loans in the UK for People on Benefits?

Instant payday loans for people on benefits are available from a handful of UK lenders. Most lenders prefer to only lend to people who are working full time as their income is sustainable and reliable. You can still apply for instant payday loans online if you are on benefits and see if you get approved. Some lenders may agree to approve instant loans for people on benefits if they provide proof of income. When applying for instant payday loans like Wonga, always keep in mind that you should only borrow what you can afford to repay.

Are Instant Text Loans a Safe way to Borrow?

Text loans are attractive because they imply that you’ll get payday loans with instant payout. However, remember that when you borrow instant cash payday loans, you must check that the lender – even a text loans lender – is FCA authorised. Applying for the first time loan via text is quite dodgy, especially if the website offers ‘instant text loans no credit check’. But if you’ve already had a loan with a lender and you just need to text to reloan, this is considerably safer. Still, we propose that you opt for payday loans with instant payout from a direct lender instead of a text loans lender.

Instant Loans UK

Do Cashfloat offer instant money loans in the UK?

At Cashfloat, we do not offer instant loans. Moreover, instant payday loans in the UK are almost impossible to find, as explained above. However, we do offer a straightforward application process. We also have various loan amounts and flexible repayment options you can choose from. Our money loans have an instant decision feature which means that you will know straight away where your application is holding. If the application is ‘In review’, we will run our standard checks which may take up to half an hour in most cases. If you apply for a Cashfloat instant loan, bad credit is not a problem.

Our loans are then typically funded between 10 minutes to 3 hours. While that doesn’t exactly qualify as an instant cash loan, we think that it’s convenient for our UK customers.

What Types of UK Loans Can I get from Cashfloat?

Cashfloat offers a wide range of loan products designed to fit your current situation:

  • If you’re on the hunt for quick cash loans to help you cover that unexpected expense, apply with us!
  • Even if you need loans for people with bad credit, you can apply – we approve loans, even with a bad credit history.
  • If you want to obtain payday loans in the UK, Cashfloat can help you get an instant offer up to £1100.

Cashfloat offers both payday loans and short term loans. These products are similar in many ways, although with a short term loan you can repay the money over a few months, making them a great alternative to payday loans. You can apply for both products with Cashfloat in a financial emergency and we offer offer an instant decision on your application.

As for personal loans, they are typically borrowed in larger sums. Naturally, as a result, it’s much harder to find instant personal loans online. If, however, you only need small personal loans, you can find unsecured personal loans for bad credit with an instant decision from Cashfloat.

Types of Instant loans Cashfloat’s Alternative
Cheap instant loans Cheap loans with one of the lowest UK APR rates – 997%
Instant personal loans Apply for £200 – £1,100 and get an instant decision
Instant payday loans Fast cash transfers
Instant short term loans Repay your loan over 1-4 months
Instant loans online 3 minute online application
Instant Loan No Credit Check Instant loans no credit check are not available legally in the UK

Can I repay my loan early with Cashfloat?

If you find that you’re able to repay your loan early, you can go online and make an instant loan repayment online without having to call up, email or contact us at all. This will help you save money on interest as you will only be charged for the days that you had the loan open for.

Payday loans with an instant decision online can be a useful financial tool when you find yourself with nowhere else to turn. With Cashfloat, your FCA direct lender, you can borrow up to £1,100 – even with bad credit. We provide an instant decion and we aim to send you the funds in up to an hour. Always remember that an instant pay day loan should never be used as a long term financial solution. In addition, late payments will incur fees, so only apply if you know that you can repay on time.

Written by: Sarah Connelly
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