Looking to Submit a Complaint?

Three things to know before making a complaint to Cashfloat

If you’re visiting this page, then you might be dissatisfied with some aspects of our service or loan products. Otherwise, you might be having repayment issues. That’s okay. We try to help even when our customers are unhappy.

Here are the three most important things you need to know before submitting a complaint:

  1. You will receive prompt acknowledgment of your complaint to Cashfloat by email
    If you complain directly to Cashfloat, upon receipt of your complaint, you’ll get an email acknowledging that we’ve received it. We will then do our best to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. Depending on the nature of the complaint, it can take anywhere from two days to eight weeks to get a final response.
  2. You will get a final response letter within eight weeks
    We will issue a final response letter within eight weeks of receiving your complaint. Should you wish to refer the complaint to the Ombudsman, this must be done within six months of the date of our final response letter.
  3. Be advised
    We welcome all complaints to allow us to continually improve our services, products and customer experience. You are welcome to contact a member of our team directly if you wish to raise a complaint.

Ways to submit a complaint


020 3757 1933
M-F: 9:00am – 5:30pm

The Financial Ombudsman Service

Should you wish to refer your complaint to the ombudsman, this must be done within 6 months of the date of our final response letter.

Avoid claims management companies

Cashfloat and other direct payday loan lenders sometimes have to deal with complaints through organisations called claims management companies. These companies target unhappy payday loan customers and offer to issue a complaint on behalf of a loan recipient in exchange for a fee. We would like to advise our customers that there is no reason to pay to make a complaint. It is completely free for you to complain directly to Cashfloat, and we will deal with your complaint responsibly and effectively. We strive to continually offer a high level of customer service and will do everything we can to ensure your complaint is dealt with to your satisfaction.