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Looking online for loans direct? We’re here for you. Apply now with Cashfloat, a responsible direct lender, fully authorised by the FCA.

What are Loans Direct?

So you need a loan, and you need it fast! But can you clearly tell what the right loan product is for you? Well, in this article we will try to help you understand the main differences between the loan options you are likely to find online. Direct lenders and lead providers use different names to describe the very same products. For example, loans direct is not a specific product. It is simply a term to describe a payday loans or a short term loan from a direct lender. The first step you want to take is a step towards complete transparency about the product you need.

What exactly do you need?

When searching for online loans, you should always ask yourself what the critical factor that you need in the loan is. Is it timing – getting the loan as fast as possible? Or is it saving – getting the cheapest loan available for you? Maybe it’s having peace of mind – getting the loan from a responsible lender, a lender you can trust to treat you well, even if things do not go as smoothly as planned.

Fast loans

If your answer was timing and you need the loan as fast as possible, it would make sense to apply with a direct lender only – companies like Cashfloat that fund on an hourly basis without any extra charges. If you choose to apply with a broker (lead provider), it would probably take longer to get through the approval process. Brokers need to sell your application to the relevant direct lender, who will then need to contact you to start their underwriting checks.

Cheap loans

In case you are looking for the cheapest loan alternative available for you, be sure to understand the total cost of borrowing. The FCA price cap caps the interest rate at 0.8% per day. Most lenders now issue their loans at this rate. You just need to check if the lender charges extras for things like same day funding, arrears interest, etc. A good way to compare is to look at the total cost of the loan you want with different lenders, or to compare the APR. Confused by APR? Read our APR Guide for a detailed explanation.

Loans from a responsible lender

Responsible lenders will make it easy for you to understand the total cost of borrowing. If you don’t understand it from their website instantly, do yourself a favour and apply elsewhere.

Responsible direct lenders

Obviously, you can have it all! This option is called an affordable loan from a responsible direct lender. But who are these lenders, and how can you tell when you’ve found one? The answer is not so simple; there are many pale imitations in the UK marketplace. Many direct lenders claim to be something they are not, and even worse, many brokers try to appear as direct lenders. Still, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure you are working with an adequate lender.

Safe Loans from a Direct Lender

The first effective step you can take is to check if the firm is authorised by the FCA. Firms that have an interim FCA permission can be trusted and firms that have a FULL FCA permission are the best types of company to deal with. Western Circle trading as Cashfloat holds a full FCA permission that allows us to provided consumer credit under FCA rules and regulations. This can be confirmed further on the FCA website.

Once you’ve comfirmed that the firm is authorised, there are three steps you should take:

  1. CLEAR INFORMATION – The first thing you want to do is look at the lender’s website. Ensure that the website clearly states if they’re a direct lender or a broker. If you find this information only in the small print, stay well away from this loan provider. As well, check if you can find the company’s policies on the website, such as a fair advertisement policy, responsible lending policy, adequate explanation and complaint procedure etc. The best lenders will not hide this information from you. Check that you understand the total cost of borrowing, and that they have a valid address and phone number in the UK. You can even give them a call, just to see if someone actually answers the phone.

  2. PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE – Secondly, trust your instincts. Does the website look professional, clean and organized? Or does it look like the lender is trying to divert the visitor’s attention from the things they really need to know. Remember, it’s not just about taking the loan out; it’s also about paying it back. There may be unvirtuous reasons for a lender to hide information or distract the focus of the visitor. Do not be deceived by funny looking websites. Focus on what you are trying to achieve. If you do suspect an illegal moneylender, you can report it to the government.

  3. CHECK THEIR RECORD – Last but not least, always check if the lender has good record of treating customers fairly. You can see some cases on the FCA website or in your local newspapers. At Cashfloat, we try to do things right from day one. Many established lenders in the UK have been forced to pay clients millions of pounds back. Google for reviews, and always ensure you will be getting a straight and transparent service.

No Guarantor Loans Direct

Taking a loan without using a guarantor can mean that you get your loan faster and more direct. Guarantors add an extra step in the process of getting payday loans UK, meaning that it might take longer for you to get the money to your bank account. That’s what makes no guarantor loans a fast and more direct option. Keep in mind though, that no guarantor loans are a type of unsecured lending. This means that the lender is taking more of a risk in lending money to you. Usually, they will compensate for this greater risk by charging more in interest fees. So, if you need the money really fast, no guarantor loans direct are a good short term loan solution. But, if you can spare the extra time involved in using a guarantor, you might get better interest rates than a standard payday loan.

First direct loans

Some people who want loans direct are searching for “first direct loans”. However, this is unlikely to produce the desired results, as at time of writing this, first direct is a bank and does not offer payday loans. If you are looking for fast online loans from a direct lender, Cashfloat is happy to try and help!

Getting safe loans direct

Names like loans direct, quick loans and little loans are not an actual loan product. In fact, there are only two types of products available online. These products are payday loans (loans with one instalment) or short term loans (loans with several instalments). These products are offered mostly by direct lenders only! The term ‘loans direct’ simply refers to getting a loan from a direct lender. So when you look for loans direct, you should ensure you are applying at a responsible, direct lender’s website.

If you find any of these terms a tad confusing, we will be happy to explain and help you on the journey towards obtaining the right loan for you. Unfortunately, we cannot approve loans for everyone; nevertheless, even if our Cashfloat loans are not suitable for you, we will still try to help you understand how to find the one that is!

Conclusion: Loans Direct

Cashfloat, no guarantor short term loans provider, offers loans online. When you need to take out a payday loan, it is usually because you need the money speedily, and so you will save time by being able to apply from any location. You don’t have to travel physically, or wait in an office in order to apply.

As you may be applying for an online loan, be sure that your instant decision payday loan will be from an reliable lender. Make sure that you have clear information, that the website looks professional, check the lenders records to avoid being scammed.

Written by: Kelly R
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