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If you need money fast, you can apply for a loan now with the Cashfloat Team – your trusted direct lender – and get any amount up to £1,000 today! Our quick loans are designed to help you get funding fast in all sorts of emergencies. All you need to do is fill out our simple application form online, and you will get an instant decision!

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What is a quick loan?

A quick loan is a form of unsecured credit designed for people who need money fast. Speed is essential when you’re looking to borrow quick loans in the UK, so look for a reputable lender who won’t slow you down. You should be able to apply for quick loans online in a matter of minutes and receive the money that same day. As long as you can afford it, your quick loan lender should help you access the money you need fast, even if you have a bad credit score.

What our customers say

You probably hear lots of lenders claiming to provide ‘fast loans’ and ‘instant payout’, so we don’t want you to take our word for it. Instead, read what some of our customers have said about our loan service!

Verified Buyer –

Easy to apply and a quick decision and payout. I was kept well informed throughout the application process. Everything is laid out clearly and easy to understand

Verified Buyer –

Quick and simple application process. Funds in my bank account fast. Very clear about interest and amount to pay back each month. Paid loan back early and only paid interest on time I actually had the loan. Would use again.

Verified Buyer –

I think your company is amazing you are so quick and efficient and you are the most helpful company I have ever used, you take in consideration the individual not just their credit score. If only there were more companies like in this world alot of people would be so much better off. Thank you for your unbelievable help.

Karen E
Verified Buyer –

Excellent customer service, so so quick. Dont worry about putting down your employment details as it just for verifications. Such a fast service this is my second loan, my first i paid back early without any bother at all. Loan was today

Can I get a quick loan online from Cashfloat?

Of course! You can apply for a quick loan today with our straightforward online application form, this can be accessed through our website. We have designed our loans to help people during times of emergency. Our same day loans UK have already helped over 100,000 people pay for unexpected situations. Need money now to help you overcome a financial hurdle? Apply with Cashfloat, and if approved, get your quick loan the same day!

Am I eligible to apply for a quick loan UK?

To apply for a quick loan online with Cashfloat, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a UK citizen
  • Hold a UK bank account.
  • Have a steady source of income (salary, pension, benefits, etc.)

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How our quick loans work:

Need emergency money now? You can get an emergency loan UK from Cashfloat and receive the money just 1 hour after approval! Our online application form makes it quick and easy to get a loan. We’ll give you an instant decision within 90 seconds of clicking the submit button. How’s that for express service?

  • Fill out a 3-minute application form
  • Get an instant decision (within 90 seconds)
  • Get funded into your bank account within 1 hour
  • Make flexible monthly repayments to Cashfloat

What can I use my fast loan for?

Even if you stick to a monthly budget, unexpected expenses do come up. At times, you need a trustworthy lender that can give you a fast loan online. Cashfloat’s fast loans in the UK are available 24/7 to help you cover unexpected bills or emergency expenses, such as:

Is Cashfloat a safe quick loans direct lender?

Some FAQs about our Quick Loans

I need quick money, how much can I borrow?

With Cashfloat, you can get a quick loan online of any amount up to £1000. It is best to work out how much you will need before applying. You don’t want to be paying interest on unnecessary funds, nor do you want to have to be borrowing money twice. Remember, it is a serious responsibility to take a loan from a direct lender, and you need to ensure you can afford to make the monthly payments.

If I get a loan today, how long do I have to make the repayments?

If you get a loan today, your repayment terms will be anywhere between 3 months to 6 months from now (extending up to 7 months with Easy Start) depending on the amount that you would like to borrow. When you fill out your application, you can choose the loan duration that best fits your needs. Generally, you begin repaying your loan from the next payday. However, you can always repay your loan early at no extra charge and save on interest.

Do fast loans with no guarantor exist?

Absolutely. Cashfloat offer quick loans with no guarantor that you can get the same day. In fact, all our payday loans are fast and no guarantor. We know that finding a guarantor can take time – something which you probably don’t have when looking for a quick loan. Therefore we spare you the bother by offering fast loans with no guarantor.

Can I get an easy loan from Cashfloat?

Yes, all our loans are quick and easy. We have designed our simple loans to be fast and hassle-free with zero paperwork and documents. Our quick application process is streamlined, helping you get access to credit asap.

Can I get a quick loan with no credit check?

Quick loans with no credit check as well as guaranteed same day loans are not recommended in the UK. Most direct lenders that offer quick loans with no credit check, the same day are unlikely to be regulated by the FCA. At Cashfloat, we will always perform credit checks to make sure that providing you with a loan won’t harm you financially. Are you worried about your poor credit score? Our quick loans are designed for people with a less than perfect credit file too. So go ahead and apply!

Can I apply for a quick loan if I am on benefits?

Yes, we offer same day loans to people on benefits or are unemployed if you can afford to repay our loan. You must prove that you are receiving some income, and we will run some credit and affordability checks to ensure that it’s safe to lend to you before we can accept your loan application. We want to make sure you can afford to pay back the loan while continuing to live normally (buying food, paying bills, rent, etc.).

I need money fast, what do I need to know before I apply?

If you need money fast, you may end up making quick decisions that you might regret later. Taking out a loan and entering a loan agreement is a big commitment that should be considered properly beforehand. Even if you need money fast, you should compare lenders to get the best deal. Just applying with the first lender who approves your loan application quickly can leave you with a large debt of interest to repay. Always make sure that the lender you choose is trustworthy and best meets your needs.

Can I get a loan in minutes from Cashfloat?

Many people look for 15 minute or 10-minute direct payday loans because they need money fast. At Cashfloat, our loans are super quick. We can guarantee an instant loan decision just minutes after applying and funding within an hour of approval. However, we can’t guarantee loans in minutes. As a responsible and authorised lender, we carry out credit and affordability checks on all applicants. These checks do take a little time to perform, so 15-minute loans direct lenders may not be conducting sufficient credit and affordability checks and might not be your safest option.

Do Cashfloat’s quick loans have a low APR?

Borrowing short term credit is always more expensive than longer-term loans because of the risk involved. At Cashfloat, our instant loans have a lower apr than many UK lenders. If you are looking for quick, cheap loans or quick loans with low interest, and you have a good credit score, most lenders will offer you better rates on your loan. This is because you pose less of a risk about whether you will make the loan repayments.

I need a loan asap, can Cashfloat help?

Yes, you have come to the right place! If you need money asap to pay for a broken tooth, to repair your washing machine, or to get your electricity back on, you can apply for any amount up to £1,000, and if approved, get funded within the hour. If you need a loan straight away, our payday loan application form can be accessed 24/7. You can submit your application on a weekend or bank holiday, and we will process your application first thing the next working day. If for any reason we are unable to finance the loan ourselves, we can act as a credit broker and try to find another authorised and regulated lender for you. We are committed to helping you access the financing you need without delay.

Does Cashfloat offer fast payout loans?

Yes, we specialise in providing quick payout loans. We believe financing shouldn’t stop people from achieving in times of emergency. We don’t offer instant payout loans, but we always give you an instant decision, and if approved, we guarantee you your loan within 24 hours, but it usually just takes 1 hour from approval.

Can I get a quick loan with bad credit?

Yes! You can apply for a same day loan with bad credit from Cashfloat. Although we perform a credit check on all our applicants, we give more weight to your affordability. So, as long as you can afford repayments, you have a high chance of getting accepted for our fast loans with a bad credit rating or no credit history at all.

Representative example
Total amount of credit: £900
Duration of the agreement: 7 months
Repayment total: £1,565.99
Interest is Fixed at rate of 198.72% per year | Representative 529.09% APR
Installment 1
Installments 2 – 6
Installment 7