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Cashfloat Christmas Survey

- by Becky Hall

How is Christmas affecting you and thousands of Britons?

Christmas is great, but it can be financially demanding. With that in mind we decided to commission a survey to see just how Christmas affects you all, both emotionally and economically. Take the survey now to see how YOU feel about Christmas!

Cashfloat Survey Results

We split the responses up between parents and non-parents and the results were startling. While parents tend to be more worried at the thought of Christmas, they were also half as likely to feel depressed about the Christmas season as those without kids.

Cashfloat's Christmas survey results

Part of this stress may be due to the increased cost of Christmas for parents who, as you can see, tend to spend more than people without children.

Cashfloat's Christmas survey results

One of the biggest causes of this may be the Christmas adverts we’re bombarded with every Christmas. Only 16% of people we asked, thought that children didn’t have unrealistic expectations of Christmas due to these adverts.

Cashfloat's Christmas survey results

While it may be better to give than to receive, some of our contestants found giving presents extra stressful as they felt like they were being judged by the presents they were giving.

Cashfloat's Christmas survey results

If you’re still struggling not to go into debt over Christmas, don’t worry as you’re not alone. Almost half of responders (42%) were in the same boat last year.

Cashfloat's Christmas survey results

If you’re worried about how much Christmas is going to cost you, why not read through our guide to keeping costs down over Christmas or try out some of these simple DIY projects that can give you a unique, and cheap, Christmas?

We also asked parents for some tips for keeping costs down. Richard Conway suggested keeping your costs down by “planning well with what I’m getting and getting it all through most of the year. this way the cost is spend nicely with less stress.”

Cashfloat's Christmas survey results

Sonia Patterson is also very proactive when it comes to finding deals. Sonia asks her children well in advance what they would like from Santa, putting their requests into my wish lists on sites like Amazon, etc. and buying when they go down in price.

Cashfloat's Christmas survey results

So, while you may be doomed to finding presents in the Christmas rush this year, you can follow their advice and start your Christmas 2018 planning in the January Sales!

Do you have any advice you’d like to share this Christmas? Why not talk about it in the comments section or on our Facebook page?

Becky Hall
Born a writer, Becky Hall figured she would use her talents productively. So, she became a content writer for Cashfloat, and she loves it. A Business and Accounting graduate, Becky scored high, graduating with a first, but also acquired a professional bookkeeping certificate in addition to her main studies. She always dreamed of becoming an accountant, something she still may achieve, but in the meantime, she is helping to break open a new industry of honest and ethical lending. Becky spends her spare time at the piano, with classical music her favourite choice, but will play jazz to keep her baby happy. Nowadays, though, she doesn’t always have much time; Cashfloat has a revolution to make.
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