Do you need a business loan to keep your company thriving?

Cashfloat, the payday lender you know and trust in personal finance, has teamed up with leading UK small business loans providers to give you the best online borrowing experience for your business! As with all of our unsecured short term loans, you can expect a fast, simple, and hassle-free process no matter your industry, business or credit score.

£1,000 to £200,000
Loan terms up to 12 months
Rates starting from 2% a month
Same-day decision
No penalty for early repayment
No setup fees or hidden fees
Bad credit accepted

Don’t let money problems stop the growth of your business!

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Who can apply for a business loan with Cashfloat?

Cashfloat can offer business loan quotes to most SMEs (small and medium sized businesses). As long as you are a sole trader, LTD, LLP or PLC company, you can apply on our website, provided you fit the criteria laid out above.

Business loans in the UK can be used for all sorts of purposes across a wide range of industries:

Is your restaurant a popular eating spot? You might need to hire more staff. Just starting out? You’re going to need to outfit that gourmet kitchen. Business funding for restaurants can help you grow your restaurant to five-star status.
Professional Services
Are your services in high demand? You may be looking for additional working capital to expand or to employ more staff as your business booms. Small business funding can help your company become a top-notch service provider.
Is your construction company the leading enterprise in the area? You may need to hire more staff to keep up with the demand. Just starting? You’ll need capital to get projects off the ground. Business funding for construction companies can give your company the strong foundation it needs.
Are you a successful wholesaler looking to expand your warehouses? Do you need additional trucks to transport your goods? Business funding can bring the success of your enterprise to the next level.
Do you need to pay for travel expenses to meet a client? Need extra cash to launch a new marketing campaign or purchase new software? A business loan could be just what your small business needs to really take off.
Auto and Transportation
Need to invest in a new truck for your business? Want to hire some more drivers for your company? A business loan can be just what you need to scale up your business and bring in more money each month.

Whatever industry you operate in and whatever loan amount you need, you can apply through our single, straightforward online application form.

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Why choose Cashfloat?

How to Get a Business loan

Cashfloat is working with the top business loan providers in the UK to offer business loans from £1,000 up to £200,000, with loan durations of up to 12 months. We’ve created a unique online, hassle-free process to fit the busy lives of business owners like you. We don’t require detailed business plans or an in-person meeting. Our process is quick, straightforward and fully transparent – all without compromising on security or the quality of our service.


Apply online
We’ve designed the form to be short and straightforward


Same day decision
Approval rates are high, as decisions are based on business performance, not credit score


Get funded
Once approved, you will get same day funding


Repay in easy instalments
Make monthly repayments on the pre-arranged dates

Am I Eligible to Apply?

Cashfloat has teamed up with the best business funders in the UK to provide your company with a complete business funding solution! All you need to do is fill out our short online application form and you’ll receive a decision from one of our trusted partners within 1 business day.

Before applying with Cashfloat, save time by checking if you and your business are eligible! Here are our business loan requirements:

The loan applicant must:
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Be a company director
  • Live in the UK
  • Have an Equifax score of 350+
The business must:
  • Be UK based
  • Be An LTD, LLP or PLC company
  • Have been trading for at least a year
  • Have an annual turnover of at least £50k

How quick are your business loans?

We specialise in fast credit – which is why leading business funders have chosen to work with us to help provide fast business loans in the UK. Applying with us takes about 5 minutes, and you will receive a decision within one business day. If approved, you can get funded in just 24 hours! You can speed up the process by having the following documents ready before applying:

  • All your business information, including your company registration number
  • Last three months of your business bank statements
  • The most recent set of management accounts.
  • Last VAT return

Who needs banks? If you and your business fit the above criteria and have all the information on hand, you can qualify for for a same day business loan. Beat that!

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Unsecured Business loans

Our business loans are all unsecured, with no personal guarantee needed. Most lenders offering unsecured business loans do require a personal guarantee from the company director. At Cashfloat, we know that when you apply for your unsecured business loan, you want it fast, and you do not have the time to look for a guarantor. This is why we do not require any form of guarantee to secure your loan. If you are still unsure about what type of business loan will suit you and your business needs better, then this table should help you with the pros and cons:

Unsecured Business loans pros: Unsecured Business loans cons:
  • Quick and easy
  • No risk of losing any assets or collateral
  • Fully online process
  • More expensive than secured loans
  • Personal guarantee usually required for LTD companies
Secured Business loans pros: Secured Business loans cons:
  • Cheaper than unsecured business loans
  • You can borrow up to £1 million
  • Bad credit accepted if you can provide collateral to the value of the loan
  • Risk of the lender seizing assets in case of non-payment
  • An in-person meeting is usually required
  • Only offered by a few companies
  • Lots of paperwork involved
  • Longer processing time

Business Loan FAQs

What is a business loan?

A small business loan in the UK is a type of business funding that enables smaller sized businesses to borrow money to fund their business operations. Business loans in the UK can be used as working capital for easing cash flow problems, financing a small business purchase, to pay off debt or as a business expansion loan.

Can I get a business loan with bad credit?

Yes. Like we specialise in direct lender payday loans for bad credit, we also offer business loans for bad credit. At Cashfloat, we want to give all businesses a fair chance at succeeding. So whether you need a bad credit business startup loan or just a regular bad credit business loan, we are here for you.

What are business loan rates?

Business loan rates in the UK will vary with every lender and based on the business products they offer. Your business sector and credit history can also significantly impact the business loan interest rates that lenders offer you. Interest rates can be either fixed (stable over the loan term) or variable (fluctuate during the loan term).

Cashfloat can help you access low interest business loans, starting at just 2% a month! We’ll lay out all the repayment terms and charges when you apply, so you’ll know exactly how much the loan will cost before signing any contract.

Should I use a business loan calculator?

A business loan calculator in the UK could provide you with more clarity on what borrowing looks like. It can give you a better idea of how much you could borrow, the interest rates charged and the total you will have to repay. You can rest assured that we have partnered up with premium business providers in the UK to get you the best deals and rates.

Can I get a business loan with no credit check?

People often look for “no credit check business loans” or “bad credit business loans with guaranteed approval” to avoid the hassle of getting rejected by lenders. However, these loans are not recommended. The reason for this is that lenders offering no credit check loans may not be FCA authorised and will not necessarily protect their customers from unsafe borrowing.

If you’re worried about getting declined due to bad credit, how about focusing on improving your business credit score instead. This is an excellent solution for helping your business in the long term. Click here to read more about how to fix your business credit score.

Are business loans for women available?

Cashfloat believes in equal opportunity for all customers and does not ask for or consider your gender when processing loan applications. As long as you fit the criteria, you can apply for a small business loan with us. Want to know more? You can read more about small business help specifically for women here.

Can you get a small business loan without collateral?

Yes. Applying with Cashfloat for a business loan requires no collateral whatsoever!

If you are looking to take out a very large business loan or your credit is very poor, the lender may require you to secure the loan with collateral. Although secured loans for businesses have lower interest rates, they are much riskier to borrow as you can lose your assets if you default.

Do business loans use personal credit?

Most business loan providers will consider your personal credit rating as well as your business’ performance before approving you for a loan to make sure you can be trusted to pay the loan back.

Can you use a personal loan for business?

Yes! The advantages of using a personal loan for business is that your business’ performance is not checked – which can be useful if you’re starting a new company or you don’t want to send sensitive business information to lenders. However, if you default on the loan, it will be your own personal responsibility to repay the loan, regardless of whether the business is still operating or not.

How long does it take to get fast working capital loans?

Fast working capital loans can often reach your business bank account within a day of being approved. Our loans are way quicker than most business loan companies and big banks.

Every business needs funding to grow, and we’re here to help that happen. At Cashfloat, we want to give every small business the opportunity to succeed, which is why we’re partnered with the leading business lenders to offer small business loans right here on our website! As a business owner, your time is precious– and we won’t waste any of it. Our application takes just 5 minutes to complete, and you’ll get a decision within one working day.

Simple. Fast. Reliable.
That’s what you get when you work with Cashfloat.

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