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Over 40% of online loan applications are declined because the applicant
cannot afford the repayments

Can you pass lenders’ affordability tests?

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* You can apply for a loan with a monthly repayment of up to per month. With Cashfloat, you have a very high chance of being approved.
* You can afford a loan with a maximum monthly repayment of up to per month, but it may be tight. You have a good chance of being approved for a Cashfloat loan.
* Your expenses seem a little high. Check that you typed in the figures correctly and try again before applying for a loan. For tips and advice on getting your finances back under control, read our budgeting guide here.

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Over 40% of online loan applications are declined at the lenders’ affordability assessments. That’s right; it’s often not your credit score or even your bad credit history that gets you a decline after all! We always try to assess if you can conveniently afford the loan. But did you know that every time you submit an online loan application, it can have an impact on your credit file?

Precisely for this reason, we are happy to introduce the zero-impact affordability calculator. Now, for the first time, you can assess your affordability before even applying for a loan. Once you are happy with the results, you can instantly apply for a loan online with a much higher acceptance rate. You won’t have to fill out your affordability details again; the application will be quick and simple.

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