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Guide to Tumble Dryer Repairs

- by Becky Hall
How Much Does It Cost To Fix Home Appliances? – Chapter 7

On the face of it, a tumble dryer would appear to be a simple appliance. You put your wet clothes into a drum which turns round and heats the clothes to dry them. However, just a few months ago there was a huge tumble dryer recall. The dryers were deemed to be too dangerous to use as they were catching fire.

At one point firefighters were going out to three fires a day caused by faulty tumble dryers. There was an alert sent out throughout the UK warning families not to use specific brand machines. Whirlpool was one company that recalled defective tumble dryers. They were not only causing thousands of pounds worth of damage but were putting lives at risk too.

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What Tumble Dryers are Being Recalled?

The dryers that are prone to fires include Hotpoint, Creda and Indesit tumble dryers made between April 2004 and September 2015. If you have one of these models, list your appliance on to find out if yours is a dangerous model.

Which Tumble Dryers are Dangerous?

Unfortunately, there are no warning signs to watch out for in a faulty tumble dryer. You can switch on your machine, go away and then later be confronted with a tumble dryer fire of devastating consequences. So, make sure to check with register my appliance to see if you have a faulty model. If your dryer is one of those that were part of the tumble dryer recall, so, switch off your dryer and do not use until you get it repaired.

Do It Yourself Tumble Dryer Repairs

Some tumble dryer repairs are very easy to resolve yourself. Save yourself the cost and headache of calling out an appliance repairman. Fill in the quiz below to find out what is wrong with your dryer.

Still not sure what is wrong with your machine? Check one of these options for more detail on tumble dryer repairs.

Tumble Dryer Won’t Switch On

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