Cooker Repairs That Can Save You Money

- by Becky Hall
How To Save Money On Fixing Home Appliances – Chapter Seven

Did your cooker just break down? Not sure what to do next? Explore easy DIY cooker repairs with Cashfloat, and find out when it’s more worthwhile to replace your cooker.

Learn everything you need to know about cooker repairs - Cashfloat Learn everything you need to know about cooker repairs - Cashfloat

Cooker repairs

All families need the basic facilities to cook, so it’s essential to have a reliable and fully working cooker. Of course, if your cooker breaks down then you can always fall back on the microwave, but if you want to enjoy healthy and nutritious meals, you will need to fix your broken cooker as soon as possible. There are many types of electric cookers. Some are free standing and include a hob, a grill and a large oven and can be moved easily from one location to another. Others come built into a fitted kitchen with a separate oven, an eye level grill and a hob.

The more sophisticated the cooker, the more that can go wrong. Having an engineer come out to fix the problem can be costly. So, before you call out a repairman or decide to buy a new appliance, take a look at some of the most common cooker repairs which you may be able to do easily yourself at no cost at all.

Do it yourself cooker repairs

Always be careful. Repairing ovens can be dangerous. We recommend that you only carry out basic repairs to ovens and don’t carry out any repairs which could cause you to come into contact with the electrics, oil or gas connections of an oven. Always leave your oven to cool down before attempting any repairs.

It’s not wise to attempt complicated DIY repairs to a broken cooker even though there are some tutorials on the Internet. Always remember that an electric shock can kill so if in doubt call out an expert to fix a faulty electric cooker. Gas and oil connections can also pose a hazard and you should not attempt to fix any oil or gas connections in an oven as well.

How much will it cost to repair an electric cooker?

This question is not a simple one as it will depend on what the fault is. If you have gone through the checklist of simple faults, and your broken cooker is still not working correctly, it’s time to ring an engineer. It is always worthwhile obtaining more than one quotation for appliance repairs. Some businesses will offer a fixed price and others will offer a quote depending on the make and age of the broken cooker and the specific repair job. A great way to find a reliable repairman is to use Which Trusted Traders.

The cost of supplying and fitting a new thermostat to a fan oven ranges from £89 to £104, and it takes approximately one hour. For a new element in a fan oven, you can expect to pay between £83 and £93. Check whether the quotation you receive includes labour costs and has a warranty.

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One other factor to consider when choosing an engineer is whether an independent technician will be able to make the repair needed. Some manufacturers only give out the necessary technical information to their specially chosen repair companies.

Finding cooker repairs near me

Using a local engineer is a good idea, because if you are not happy with the repair, the engineer will be able to return to your house easily. You can find someone local by searching on the internet. Just make sure they have a good rating and positive reviews. Alternatively you can look in local newspapers, where engineers often advertise. You can also ask around family and friends that live nearby. Perhaps they can recommend a reliable repairman that they have used in the past.

What is the life expectancy of cookers?

The life expectancy of a cooker depends on the type of fuel that powers it. Electric cookers generally last a shorter amount of time, approximately 13 years, as some of their heating parts are under a lot of stress and break down more rapidly. On the other hand, gas cookers are more durable as the ignition is simpler and easier on parts. Gas cookers often last around 15 Years.

In this table below we show you the chance of your cooker needing repair after…

Type 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years
Hob repairs 8%10%12%
Freestanding electric cooker repairs 25% 31%35%
Range master cooker repairs 29% 37% 42%
Built in ovens – gas cooker repairs 17%23% 26%

Is it worth fixing an old cooker?

Is it worth spending a relatively large sum of money on repairing an older cooking appliance or is it best to buy a new one? Modern appliances are more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient. Therefore, if the cooker is over ten years old it is usually best to go for a replacement.

You will save on energy bills and have a new appliance that is safer and less likely to break down in the future. Look at the pros and cons of a freestanding oven against a built in model. Also, make a decision about whether you need the expensive extras like self-cleaning and complex timers.

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You can purchase a new free standing electric cooker from as little as £209. If you want a ceramic hob, it costs a bit more, and if you need a dual fuel model i.e. gas hob and electric oven, it will also cost more.

Shop around for a cooker

Even if you have a broken cooker and you feel desperate, you shouldn’t just buy the first appliance that you see. There is a huge choice of cookers even for those families who are on a budget. If you use your cooker a lot, then you may want a double oven. Or, a cheaper combined oven and grill may suit your needs.

Choose a reputable supplier and ensure that the new cooker has a good guarantee period. Buying local may be easier than going to a large outlet out of town and a local supplier will be on hand should something go wrong in the immediate future.

Did you know? A gas cooker has a longer life expectancy than an electric cooker. Cashfloat

Energy efficient cookers

All electrical appliances are ranked according to their energy efficiency. Even though you may feel the expense when you buy a new energy efficient cooker, it will operate more efficiently than your old appliance.

It is easy to find a cooker buying guide online, and this will show you how much a new cooker costs to run per year. Energy efficiency ratings start at ‘G’ which is the least efficient and go up to ‘A’ which is the most efficient.

Choosing the best possible energy efficient cooker will help to cut electricity bills. Newer energy efficient appliances can make a huge difference to your monthly expenses, and sometimes even save you from taking a UK short-term loan. Plus, you also do your bit for the planet and help to reduce your carbon footprint.

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