Looking to borrow money online? You’ve come to the right place for personal loans! Cashfloat, a trusted direct lender is here to help. We offer instant decision loans with same day payout, if approved. You can apply now with Cashfloat and receive up to £1500!

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● You can get a personal loan from £400 to £1500
● Feel free to apply, even with a bad credit score
● You can repay with up to 6 instalments

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3 minutes to complete the online application form
90 seconds instant lending decision
1 hour from approval, the money should be in your bank account
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How Fast Can I have the Money?

● We are a direct lender.
● We welcome people with bad-credit
● Unsecured loans, no guarantor needed

Why Cashfloat?

Can I borrow money with bad credit?
Where can I find the best personal loans?
What are unsecured personal loans?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a small personal loan, you’ve come to the right place. In any case, before you click the apply button, stop and think: Am I getting the best option available, or is there something cheaper? Here, we at Cashfloat will give you all the information you need to find yourself the best loan ever!

Personal Loan for Bad Credit

Do you have bad credit and need to borrow money? Cashfloat is a direct lender in the UK offering loans for bad credit. Although we do carry out a thorough credit check, we still may lend to people even if they have a poor credit report. Don’t let your bad credit get you down. Apply online with direct lender Cashfloat and experience the difference.

How can I improve my chances of being approved for a loan with bad credit?

The best way to improve your chances of being approved is to begin by getting to know your credit rating, as having a good credit score is often the most important factor in getting your application approved. You can get your credit score from a credit reference agency. Paying back creditors on time and using a credit card responsibly will improve your credit score. For more information about improving your credit score, visit our blog on improving your credit rating.

Can I apply without a credit check?

All FCA authorised and regulated lenders are recommended to carry out a credit check on all applicants. Credit checks are carried out to protect the customer from agreeing to repayments they can not afford. Since Cashfloat is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we do not offer no credit check loans in line with our responsible lending policy. At Cashfloat, our technology assesses your affordability to repay the monthly payments over your credit score.

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Best Borrowing Option

Before applying, you have the job of finding the best personal loan lender that will work for you. Cashfloat provides loans over a short period of time for a very competitive APR. Whereas most small loan APR rates are well into the thousands, our representative APR is just 997 percent! Of course, if you can get 0 interest personal loans from friends or family or dole out from your savings, it will save you money. As always, investigate ALL your options to find yourself the best option.

Who will offer me the best personal loan rates, a direct lender or broker?

It is in your best interest that you get a personal loan with low interest rates. Dealing with a direct lender will generally be cheaper for you as it will not involve any broker fees. Another plus of dealing with a direct lender is that they will give you the money directly and if there are any issues you will deal with them. Cashfloat is a direct lender who charge no extra fees for the application.

Does applying for credit in the UK affect your credit score?

When you apply for any loan, whether it’s an online application or instore, it is marked on your credit file. This should not have a negative impact on your credit as long as you don’t apply several times in a short period of time. However, if you miss a payment or default on your agreement, this will go straight onto your credit report and can make it harder to obtain loans in the UK in the future.

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Unsecured Credit

An unsecured personal loan is a loan that is not backed by any collateral. By taking this type of loan, the borrower promises to repay it without offering an asset such a car or by getting a guarantor. Cashfloat offer unsecured personal loans with an instant decision. Apply now, and we will do our best to fund you the same day.

Are unsecured loans with no guarantor more expensive than secured loans?

Usually, an unsecured personal loan with no guarantor will work out to be more expensive than if it would be secured. This is because when a lender gives an unsecured loan they are relying totally on the customer to pay back, and the lender is more at risk. When a lender gives a secured loan, they are less at risk because if the customer defaults, either the guarantor will pay back or the lender may be able to sell the customer’s car (or other item) to get the money back.

Is an unsecured personal loan in the UK the same as an unsecured short term loan?

Since a personal loan is simply borrowing money for personal use, short term loans can fall under this category. A form of a personal loan that is becoming more and more popular is where they are repaid in monthly payments. This is because the repayments are far easier to manage over a few months than in a lump sum. Cashfloat’s dynamic personal loans can be repaid in a lump sum or in instalments – whatever is more comfortable for you.

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Repayment Calculator

In order to help you figure out how much you will need to repay, companies offer a personal loan calculator on their website. This will show you exactly how much you will need to pay and when. If a company does not make the terms of the loan clear, you should try find a lender that openly states the loan details before you are approved.

Cashfloat’s loan calculator

When applying for a personal loan with Cashfloat, a repayment calculator is built into the process so that you know exactly how much you will pay and when and with which APR. Ultimately, when it comes to your money, we want you to be in full control.

Why should I trust Cashfloat?

Did you know? Cashfloat has been able to help over 50,000 people in the UK! We are a trusted direct lender, authorised and regulated. Our application process is designed to keep your information safe and we will not pass it on to any third party without your permission. Once you have completed the online application process, you will receive an instant decision with same day funding if approved. Still unsure? Check out our great reviews on reviews.co.uk!