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Over 40% of online loan applications are declined because the applicant cannot afford the repayments. Have you passed the lenders’ affordability test? If yes, simply click on the apply button above to complete and submit your application.

How to Use our Loan Affordability Calculator

We know that applying for credit is always stressful. Getting declined for a loan is even more so, and more stress is the last thing anyone needs. To help you, we’ll explain how payday loan direct lenders in the UK calculate affordability and give you some tips for working out whether you can afford a loan.

How do lenders calculate affordability?

Lenders work out your disposable income by subtracting your expenses from your income. If this figure is higher than the monthly repayment, then they will happily consider you for a payday loan. All direct lenders will display the repayment plan and the amount you will have to repay each month at the top of the application form, so make sure that you have adequate disposable income to comfortably afford any new loan repayment.

When filling out your income
Take into account, side jobs, overtime, government benefits and other financial support that you get every month.
When filling out your expenses
Make sure only to include net costs. So if your work contributes to your travel expenses, don’t include this in your travel costs. If your partner contributes to the utility bills, food etc, only include your share of the costs. If you are receiving a rent rebate from the government, make sure to exclude this from the total rent costs.

Important: Every time you submit an online loan application, it can impact your credit file, so take full advantage of our zero-impact affordability calculator to assess your affordability before applying for a loan. If you pass the assessment, you can instantly apply for a loan online. You won’t have to fill out your affordability details again.