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Air Conditioning Faults and Costs

- by Becky Hall

Air conditioning faults are annoying to deal with. However, if you deal with them correctly, you will avoid having to deal with them again and again. Learn how to do it right, with Cashfloat.

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Thanks to the beautiful British weather, we don’t often need aircon. But if you do have a unit, the last thing you need on a scorching summer day is for it to be broken.

Learn how to look after your aircon so that it works for you when you need it. Also learn what you can fix yourself if your air con has broken and how much it will cost to install or replace your units.

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Types of Air Conditioning Units

It is true to say that not many people in the UK consider installing an air conditioning unit. But, these appliances can be very handy to control the temperature and humidity in the home. Also, they are quite cheap to run. Furthermore, they can provide background heating at times when you do not want to run the central heating but need something more than a single fire. However, depending on the model, they can be costly to run. Hence, you need to make sure that you keep an eye on your bills so that you don’t end up needing an online payday loan to pay off your bills.

There are several types of air conditioning units.

Single Unit

The easiest to install and the cheapest to buy is a single unit. Therefore, it is likely that your regular paycheck will cover the price of a single unit and you won’t need to take out a cash advance. You can choose between a fixed unit or one that is portable that you can move to another room. The vent is an air hose which you run outside through a window. But, this has some disadvantages as it can mean leaving your home less secure.

Split Unit

A split air conditioning unit is a better choice since it is permanent. The unit consists of two parts; an indoor unit and an outdoor condenser. Most of the models have extra features such as a timer, a night mode and a remote control. Therefore, these air conditioners usually work better. Futhermore, they have a longer lifespan than the single or portable models. However, they cost more to install.

Maintaining an air conditioner unit is not hard. If it is portable, you need to drain away the water that collects in the container in the bottom of the unit. You also need to clean out dust filters to ensure the machine runs at the best possible performance.

Servicing And Maintaining Air Conditioning Units

Once you have an air conditioning unit, it is essential to perform regular checks to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Most domestic air conditioners only need a service once a year. It is unlikely that you will use it as much as commercial units.

air conditioning faults- cashfloat

Keeping the filters clean will help to ensure the best performance and help avoid air conditioning faults. Also, blocked filters can lead to water leaks which in turn may damage the fan.

Common Air Conditioning Faults

Fitting Or Replacing An Air Conditioning Unit

If you need to replace your air conditioning unit, there is a wide choice. There is alot of new technology out there and therefore, the latest inverter units cost less to run. However, they are more expensive to buy and you might need a personal loan to help you pay for it.

For a unit in one room, you can expect to pay from around £800 for the most economical running model. It is far better to choose a properly fitted air conditioning unit instead of a portable one which may be cheaper but is not as efficient. Furthermore, running costs are about 3.6 pence per hour for cooling and a little higher for heating.

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It is hard to estimate the cost of repairs for an air conditioning unit. Most companies are specialists and will need to know details of the problem before they will give an estimated price. It is best to get estimates from several different places. Some businesses are nationwide while other are local but all of them usually ask you to request a quotation either by phone or on a website.

Choose a business that employs engineers with the correct qualifications and consequently, one that provides a warranty for the completed work.

Unlike other home appliances, only fully qualified engineers should fix air conditioning units. This is because these are highly sensitive units that will give many years of service if you maintain your air conditioner properly and regularly.

air conditioning faults- cashfloat

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