Blown Fuse Solutions for Old and New Fuse Boxes

- by Isla Williams
How To Save Money On Fixing Home Appliances – Chapter Ten

Has your fuse box just blown again? Learn some simple DIY blown fuse solutions with Cashfloat to get your electricity back on and find out how to prevent it from happening again.

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Blown Fuse Solutions for Old and New Fuse Boxes - Cashfloat Blown Fuse Solutions for Old and New Fuse Boxes - Cashfloat

If the electricity supply to your home fails, it can be disruptive and annoying, and you’ll want blown fuse solutions asap. Unless you have been notified that there is going to be a power cut, don’t assume that everyone is in the same boat. A quick look outside will tell you whether this is a widespread problem or one that is just affecting your home. Sometimes the loss of electricity is a simple problem and may not be a full-scale emergency. This article takes a look at the many reasons why the power to your home may have failed, and how to tackle the problems.

It’s always annoying when the lights suddenly go out. Fumbling around in the dark with a torch trying to discover what the problem is can be complicated. So, we’ve decided to help! All you need to do is answer these simple questions, and we’ll figure out the problem for you and find you blown fuse solutions. We’ll then give you a quick and easy way to fix it – and you don’t need to be a qualified electrician to do this!

Circuit Breaker Busting

Before you call out the electrician, there are many blown fuse solutions that can get your electricity back on. Read the list below to get your electricity working again.

Solution 1: Have you paid your electricity bills?

As simple as it may sound, unless you have paid your electricity bill you could have had the supply cut off. An energy provider should have notified you about the imminent disconnection. If you pay by direct debit make sure that there were sufficient funds in your bank for the latest payment. And, check back in your records for the receipt of the last bill.

Pre-payment meters in the home

If you pay for your electricity supply using a prepayment meter, make sure that you have credit. Topping up a meter using a prepayment card should start the supply back on. If this does not work the meter could be faulty. In this case, contact your energy supplier immediately.

fuse box solutions image 1 fuse box solutions image 1 - cashfloat

Settling up with the provider

If you have experienced difficulties with paying your electricity bill, most providers will come to some agreement. They may allow you to repay the outstanding amount in instalments. Contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for help with this kind of problem. In some situations, an emergency loan might help get your electricity back up and working.

Solution 2: Check the fuse box

If the power supply failed as you switched on a light or connected a home appliance, it is possible that a fuse has tripped out in the fuse box. This problem can also occur when there is a fluctuation in the power supply i.e. a power surge. Modern electricity circuits are built to trip out the power to prevent damage to appliances and danger to life.

Check the fuse box to see if all the switches are pointing upwards. If one is down, simply put it back to the correct position. But, if this does not work, you may need to reset the main switch. If you can’t push it back up, there is a problem with the switch. Unplug the appliance that caused the trip out and try again. If it still does not work, contact your energy supplier.

one of the fuses pointing down? simply push it upwards - Cashfloat one of the fuses pointing down? simply push it upwards - Cashfloat

Never try to interfere with fuse boxes as this could endanger your life, or at the very least damage the whole power supply. Contact an electrician as soon as possible to fix your fuse box. While your home has no electricity supply take extra care. Use torches and not candles to reduce the risk of fire. Make sure that all appliances that were on when the power failed are now turned off.

What should you do if you are not sure about how to make the repair?

Before any attempt to isolate the problem, you must be aware that electricity is dangerous and if in doubt, it is better to call a qualified electrician to repair the problem.

Old Fashioned Fuse Boxes

Most new homes have modern fuse boxes with fuses that can be repaired by just flicking up a switch. Older homes may still have an old-fashioned fuse box. If a fuse is blown, it can be repaired.

The cause of blown fuses can be something as simple as using an extension lead with multiple adaptors. Unless it is necessary, avoid using extension points with multiple sockets. These can quickly overheat and be dangerous as well as being the cause of a blown fuse.

repairing a blown fuse? beware of electricity fires - Cashfloat repairing a blown fuse? beware of electricity fires - Cashfloat

Changing the blown fuse in an old fusebox

  • Step 1: Turn off your appliances

    First turn off all appliances in the home including any central heating boiler that works with electricity for the pump. Once everything is turned off, you can begin the process of finding the blown fuse solutions.

  • Step 2: Find the broken fuse

    The next step is to turn off the electricity to the fuse box using the mains switch. You will need a flashlight to see. Then open or take off the cover of the box. Take out each fuse in turn to see which one has blown. This will be apparent by the break in the fuse wire that runs across the fuse.

  • Step 3: Buy a replacement fuse

    Once you have found the blown fuse solutions, you can replace the wire. To do this, you will first need to establish the correct amp rating of the wire. Use the table below to decide which fuse you need.

    Size of Fuse WireNumber of AmpsUsage
    Small fuse wire5 or 6 ampsUsed for lighting
    Medium fuse wire15 ampUsed for immersion heaters
    Large fuse wire30 ampUsed for larger appliances like cookers
  • Step 4: Replace the fuse wire

    Once you have bought the correct fuse wire, it’s a simple task to unscrew the terminals and remove the broken fuse wire. The replacement piece of fuse wire should be long enough to go across the two terminals and wrap around them. After that tighten the screw terminals back into place and replace the fuse. Close the fuse box cover and switch the mains back on.

Fuse Boxes With Cartridges

Fuse boxes which use cartridges is even simpler to repair. Switch off the box at the main switch and then test the cartridges using a special tester to identify the problematic fuse. Then just buy a replacement cartridge of the correct amp rating and put it into place. Turn the mains switch back on.

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Modern circuit breaker fuse boxes

All new homes are now fitted with modern circuit breaker fuse boxes. It will be clear which fuse has tripped because the switch will be down, not up. Turn off appliances connected to the circuit and then put the switch into the up position. Never plug in a damaged electrical appliance as this will trip the fuse. You can prevent further problems by not using multiple sockets on extensions.

Causes of fuse box failures

Any fuse that keeps blowing or tripping out is a proof that there is something wrong. This may be a faulty appliance or a problem with the home wiring. There are a limited number of reasons why this could happen. It is a simple task to work out what is going wrong. However, before any attempt to isolate the problem, you must be aware that electricity is dangerous. If in doubt it is better to call a qualified electrician.

Using multiple sockets on extension cords is one of the main causes of blown fuse boxes.  Cashfloat

Modern fuse boxes are designed so that any upsurge or reduction of current will cause the power supply to be cut off. This is a safety feature that can prevent an appliance from exploding, becoming ‘live’ and from catching fire

A faulty appliance or faulty circuit

If the problem of a tripping out fuse box is recent, then you may have purchased a faulty appliance. Also, using the correctly rated light bulbs for table lamps and wall lights is essential. Bulbs that are too powerful can cause the fuse to trip out.

Identifying the source of the problem

If the same fuse goes every time, you can eliminate other circuits and identify in which room the problem lies. Do not touch any electrical appliance unless it is not plugged in. Turn off all circuits if you are unsure which fitting is faulty.

If you are unable to identify the circuit, the next step is to eliminate each one at a time. Switch everything off and plug each one back in one at a time.

Calling In A Professional

These are just a few of the common problems that can cause a fuse box to malfunction. However, the main point to remember is that electricity is very dangerous. Do not try to mess about with the fuse box yourself. A qualified engineer will be able to easily locate the problem and advise you about the way forward.

Qualified electricians charge either by the hour, by half a day or by the day. Prices range from £45 per hour in London to £20 per hour in other areas. This equates to £350 per day or £140 per day.

If you need to call out an electrician, but your budget is tight, you can apply for an affordable loan with Cashfloat.

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Most problems are caused by simple faults. If the wiring in your home is very old, you may need to replace it. We all take electricity for granted, and when something goes wrong it is disruptive. However, an expert will be able to help you solve all your fuse box problems and get your home electricity supply back to normal.

Conclusion – Blown Fuse Solutions

Knowing how the wiring of your house works can really help you to save money on your blown fuse repairs. It can also save you lots of hassle calling out someone to do the job. You should try to avoid taking a loan to make repairs in your house when they can be done yourself. If you are not sure how to fix something yourself, you can always google blown fuse solutions. There are lots of information on the web available to help you with DIY repairs. If you do go the DIY route make sure what you are doing is completely safe.

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