D.I.Y. Lawn Mower Repairs for all Lawnmower Types

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Is your lawnmower broken down? Learn how to do simple lawn mower repairs with Cashfloat to get your lawnmower working again. These simple DIY repairs can save you money on the repair costs and even replacing the mower. Find out more here…

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DIY lawn mower repairs - Cashfloat DIY lawn mower repairs - Cashfloat

There are two types of lawnmowers – petrol and electric. In this guide you can find troubleshooting tips for both types. Of course, if you keep up a good maintenance routine for your mower it is less likely to break down. But, even so, faults do occur. When they do, you can diagnose and fix some common faults before resorting to ringing the repair shop. This can help keep your costs down and might even prevent you having to take short term loans to pay your repair bills!

Lawn Mower Repairs and Troubleshooting

A lawnmower which is powered by a petrol motor may need an expert to make it work again. But, there are a few checks you can make before deciding whether it needs a mechanic to fix it. Similarly, with an electric lawn mower. You can check and fix some common problems at home. Cashfloat, a payday loans UK lender provides all the information you need about DIY lawn mower repairs.

Always be careful. Lawn mowers can be dangerous. Always switch off your lawn mower and unplug it, if it is an electrically powered one before carrying out any repairs. Remember that the blades will continue to turn even after it is switched off. Make sure you leave it long enough for the blades to stop turning before you try any repairs. Be careful of the blades and other sharp objects when you are handling a lawn mower.

Fixing a Petrol Lawnmower

 lawn mower repairs - Cashfloat

Routine Maintenance for Petrol Mowers

 Lawn mower repairs - Cashfloat

To prevent yourself from needing lawn mower repairs, there are some routine maintenance checks that you can perform. These are simple to do and can save you money.

Note: You should never turn a mower onto its side as this allows fuel to flow into the air filter. This will prevent you from being able to start your machine and you may have to replace the filter. Consult your manual for the best way to access the underside of your machine.

Troubleshooting for Electric Lawnmowers

electric lawnmower troubleshooting - Cashfloat

Electric lawn mowers repairs are less complex than petrol models. The machines range from simple rotary devices to more complicated models which hover. However, they can all break down. These are some of the simple checks to make if the mower will not work.

Intermittent Problems With Lawn Mowers

Nothing is more irritating than an unreliable appliance. So when a lawn mower only works sometimes, it can be very frustrating. There are some reasons why this may occur. It does not necessarily mean that you need to pay for lawn mower repairs.

Petrol Lawn Mowers

Petrol mowers may be unreliable simply because any of the routine maintenance measures have not been carried out. So, check for a clogged carburettor or fuel filter, a faulty spark plug or a blocked air filter.

Another simple cause might be a poorly fitting petrol cap or one that has the vent blocked. If the mower works well, but only if the cap is loose, the vent needs cleaning or the petrol cap needs replacing.

Electric Lawn Mowers

If the engine on the electric lawn mower is cutting out intermittently, it is probably because grass or garden debris is stopping the blades from turning. Clean the blades and the problem should go away. Remember to disconnect your mower from the power supply and leave it for long enough for the blades to stop turning before you try to clean the blades.

One important thing to check is the cable, which may have become damaged. This is a serious risk and can be a life threatening. Any damaged cable should be replaced and cannot be repaired.

An electric lawnmower that gets too hot will also stop working. All electric lawn mowers have a safety cut. Check that the blades are running free and then let the machine cool off before turning the machine back on.

Other Problems With Lawn Mowers

One common problem that can occur with any lawn mower is uneven cutting. If this is happening, turn off your lawn mower, disconnect it from the power supply, leave it for some time and then check the blades for sharpness. The blades may be blunt or twisted. Either of these problems will cause uneven cutting.

Sharpening blades and replacing damaged or twisted blades is probably best left to the experts.

Finding Lawn Mower Repairs Near Me

When looking for a repairman you want to find someone local, cheap and reliable. Cashfloat, a leading lender in the UK provides some top tips to help you find a suitable repairman today:

Ask family and friends: The first place to start looking is amongst friends and family. Needing to repair household appliances is fairly common, and you are most likely to have a family member or friend who is able to recommend a professional repairman.

Need some help to repair or replace - apply now with Cashfloat Need some help to repair or replace - apply now with Cashfloat

Local press: Reputable repair companies are often advertised in the local press. Choosing a local repairman is the best option because if you are not happy with the repair, then it will be easy for them to return.

Online search: Conduct a localised Google search for lawn mower repair services or independent engineers. You can also use trusted websites that list local appliance repairs. You are almost guaranteed to find a repairman in this way.

Buying a New Lawnmower

When the lawn mower eventually gives up the ghost and needs replacing there are some factors to take into consideration.

Petrol lawn mowers are more expensive to buy and to maintain. They might be beyond your budget meaning that you will have to take a personal loan to help foot the bill. So, unless you have a huge garden you may want to invest in a small, inexpensive electric model. There are three types to choose from, and prices range from around £35 for a basic model to £200 for a more robust model. Most are around £80. While petrol lawn mowers are more expensive, if you have a large garden you will probably need one to cope with all the cutting you will do.

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