Continuous Payment Authority

Continuous Payment Authority


Who are we?

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As a responsible lender, Cashfloat’s payment system is constantly reviewed and updated. Our main mode of transacting payments is via Continuous Payment Authority. The reason for this is because CPA is efficient, and does not rely on the memory of the client. This enables us to ensure that as long as everything is set up correctly, your payments should never default, thereby avoiding you incurring extra charges on your account.

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Our CPA Policy

CPA is a regular automatic payment that you can set up using your debit card.

A CPA authorises us to withdraw sums from your nominated bank account using debit card details, subject to specifically agreed terms which are fully disclosed and agreed upon at the loan application process. It is different to a direct debit, standing order or similar payment mechanism. Once agreed, a CPA allows us to take a series of agreed payments using your debit card or credit card without having to seek express authorisation for every payment.

In short, it means that you can pre-approve all payments so that you don’t have to remember about and approve each one individually. This makes taking out short term loans so much easier.

As a responsible lender, we use Continuous Payment Authority in a manner which is reasonable, proportionate and not excessive. We always strive to exercise appropriate forbearance if we become aware that you are, or may be experiencing financial difficulties. We only use it to collect money owed to us as agreed in the loan agreement.


How much money will be debited?

The only amount that can be attempted is the agreed repayment amount or an alternative amount agreed with the customer. The customer is able to reinstate the CPA attempts or change the requested amount by contacting us at any time. If you are unsure exactly how our short term loans work, please check out our detailed guide.

The FCA have strict guidelines on how CPA is used. A maximum of two CPA attempts per agreed repayment can be made to a customer account under the terms of the loan agreement. If the first repayment transaction fails, then we will make a further attempt on the same day to make sure we have not missed your salary deposit.

In the event that the total agreed repayment amount could not be debited under both agreed attempts for repayment, no further attempts to debit payment under CPA will be made. Remember though, it is still your responsibility to repay your loan! You can reinstate your CPA or request for payment to be debited over the phone, by SMS, by email or by renewing your card details online.

In accordance with the Good Practice Customer Charter which we have adopted, and to which our trade association (CCTA) is a signatory, we will notify you before any payment(s) are due, reminding you that we will be seeking payment under the CPA. We will also notify you of any failed attempts to elicit payment under the CPA.

You must notify us immediately in the event that your bank account and/or debit card details have changed.
(For example, you have closed your bank account or you have lost or cancelled your debit card)


How can I Cancel the CPA?

You can cancel your CPA with the bank, card provider and/or with us.

If you have already instructed your bank or card issuer to stop any payments and to cancel your CPA, we ask to be notified immediately to avoid us attempting payments.

You may cancel your CPA by contacting us directly:

Please note: Payments taken prior to cancellation being received will only be considered for a full or partial refund at our discretion.

You must be aware that if you cancel the CPA, you will still be responsible for paying any money that you owe under the agreement (including any interest and charges that may accrue). You should also ensure that you agree on alternative means of repayment with us to avoid your payments defaulting.

This policy was written to help our website visitors understand our business and code of practice. We simplify the language to make it easier for everybody to know who we are, what we provide and how we do it. If you wish to get more details about CPA, or anything else, please check out our FAQ page or just contact us directly. We have developed some of the most advanced procedures in the industry to ensure we serve our clients with dignity, integrity and truthfulness.

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