Guide to Fridge Freezer Repairs

- by Becky Hall

Does your fridge or freezer need repairing? Is it failing on you once again? Cashfloat brings you advice on fridge freezer repairs plus how to save money on it.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Home Appliances? – Chapter Eight

Every year householders in the UK pay large amounts of money on fridge freezer repairs. Sometimes, it can be well worth paying out for a new fridge freezer especially if you are buying one that is more efficient or a better size for the family. We understand this could be a big expense so if you need help, we’re here for you. Apply today and recieve an instant decision!

Doing without a fridge freezer is not an option that most families can afford to choose. Therefore, when the fridge freezer starts playing up it can be a major problem especially when both adults in the home are going out to work. On occasions, families will choose to buy a new appliance simply because they are unable to arrange an appointment for a repair company to come and take a look at the problem. Other people are under the illusion that a repair might cost as much as a new appliance and opt for the simpler action of replacement.

Fridge Freezer Repairs - cashfloat

Fridge Freezer Repairs

If you are wondering how you are going to pay for fridge freezer repairs, you are not alone. One of the most common reasons for taking out a fast loans now is emergency appliance repairs. But, a little thinking can save you from relying on credit and might even help you avoid fridge freezer repairs altogether. It is well worthwhile looking at ways to effect a simple repair before adding the cost of a new fridge freezer to your already overloaded credit card or taking out a short term loan.

Things To Consider When Having Problems With A Fridge Freezer

If you need fridge or freezer repairs, it is worth considering these factors before you call out a repairman.

Age of Your Fridge/Freezer

The most important aspect being the age of the appliance. Technology moves very quickly and any fridge freezer over 10 years old will almost certainly be very costly to repair. Spares for old models may be difficult to locate. The energy running costs of old models also make them inefficient and possibly damaging to the environment.

Cost of Fridge Freezer Repairs

If your appliance is not one of the well-known brands or the company that made it has gone out of business This could also cause problems as will any appliance that is built-in. The labour costs for fixing a built-in appliance may outweigh the costs of buying a new one.

Energy Efficiency

Finally, modern fridge freezers have got a whole lot more efficient. Your outdated machine may be adding considerable costs to the home energy bill. The latest models run on far lower costs. Most are now designed so that they perform the defrosting job automatically. If your appliance has an ice maker, this will also make it more expensive to repair.

DIY Fridge Freezer Repairs

Detecting And Identifying Faults With A Fridge Freezer

There are some pointers that could indicate a problem or one that is going to arise soon. Buzzing and humming is quite normal but if the sound increases or changes drastically it can be useful to look at what could be going wrong.

Similarly, if the freezer leaks onto your kitchen floor there could be a problem with the defroster. Listed below are some common problems that occur with fridge freezers that may help you to identify what is wrong and how to fix it.

Should I Repair or Replace my Fridge or Freezer?

So you have checked the obvious simple faults listed above which can cause problems with a fridge freezer and it is still not working. You might need to weigh up whether or not it is cost effective to repair the appliance or to buy a new one. It is usually not worth repairing old appliances or very cheap appliances.

Also, it is a good exercise to add up how much the appliance has cost you over the years that you have had it. If you have already spent a fortune on fridge freezer repairs, it is probably not worth pouring more money into the machine. It may be more worth it in the long run to take out a payday express loan to buy you new appliance if you don’t have money saved up.

fridge freezer repairs - cashfloat

You might think that since you have already spent so much money on this appliance, it is worth spending more to keep it up and running. That’s an entirely logical thought process, but it’s the ultimate way of throwing good money after bad money. Any money spent on repairs has now been spent and is gone, so don’t spend more money trying to recover money that is already spent.

Any fridge freezer that is over ten years old is unlikely to be worth repairing. A new one will be more energy efficient and cost much less to run.

The high cost of replacing a side by side expensive large fridge freezer may make repairs cost effective especially if the machine is not too old.

A freezer over 10 years old is usually not worth repairing. - Cashfloat

How much does Fridge or Freezer Repair Cost?

The best way to find out how much your appliance repair will cost is to get some quotations. For a rough guide we have included a table to give you some guidelines to help you when calling up repair companies.

RepairAverage CostTime
Fit and supply thermostat£67-£961/2-1 hour
Fit and supply door seal or gasket£66-£1001/2-1 hour
Replace defroster mechanism or motor£80-£1501 hour
Repair ice maker£180-£2801/2-1 hour
Replace compressor£325-£4451 hour

Decided to Repair? Getting Quotations for your Fridge Freezer Repairs

It is always worthwhile getting more than one quotation for repair work. Even if you usually call the same company for repairs, when a costly item like a fridge freezer is involved, it can pay you to shop around and compare quotes.

Always compare like for like as a cheaper quote may not include any warranty on the deal.

Decided to Replace? Buying A Replacement Fridge Freezer

One thing to consider when buying appliances for the kitchen is the energy efficiency of the machine. Modern machines cost so much less to run, and you can save lots of money by investing in the latest technology. Ask your chosen company to take away the old machine and to dispose of it correctly.

Something else to consider is whether you really need a side by side refrigerator with ice maker as these are more prone to breaking down than the simpler bottom top fridge freezer configuration.

Get the most energy efficient appliance you can afford - Cashfloat

Look for the most energy efficient appliance that you can afford. There are many websites which show comparison tables and these will help you to make the right decision if you decide to go ahead and replace your essential fridge freezer. If you do need help paying for a new freezer, click here to borrow 500 pounds from Cashfloat.

FAQs about caring for your fridge or freezer

Here are answers to FAQs you may have about caring for your fridge or freezer.

How should I defrost my freezer?

Here are steps to follow to defrost your freezer efficiently and correctly:

• Ensure the freezer is empty of any food items.
• Unplug the freezer and let the ice melt away. You may need to place some towels around the freezer to help absorb the dripping water.
• To speed up the ice melting, you can use a blow dryer or put a bowl of hot steaming water in the freezer.

How should I clean my fridge or freezer?

• Defrost your freezer and remove any food from your fridge.
• Remove any draws or shelves and soak them in warm soapy water.
• Wipe the interior of the fridge or freezer with a warm soapy cloth.
• For stubborn stains, use a mixture of baking soda and water to loosen the stain.
• Do not use any harsh cleaner, such as disinfectants or bleach, as the chemicals may come in contact with food. Sticking with dishwashing liquid or natural cleaners work very well.

What is the ideal temperature for a fridge?

The prefered temperature for a fridge is somewhere between 1.7° to 3.3° celsius (35° and 38° Fahrenheit). A refrigerator which is too cold may freeze items, and higher than 3.3° celsius (38° Fahrenheit) may cause foods to spoil quickly.

What is the ideal temperature for a freezer?

Your freezer temperature should be -18° Celsius (0° Fahrenheit). It’s important to check temperatures regularly and be alert for any spoiled food.

Can you plug in a new fridge or freezer right away?

A fridge or freezer in transit gets shaken around a bit, so it’s best to let everything settle before you plug it in. If the fridge or freezer was transported upright, you should give it an hour before you plug it in. If it was transported in its side, you should stand it up and leave it for at least 4 hours before you plug it in.

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