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Borrow 500 pounds and get the money in your bank account today! We welcome all types of credit scores.
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Representative example: borrow £700 for 6 months. 1st monthly repayment of £168.45, 4 monthly repayments of £224.60, last monthly repayment of £112.20. Total repayment £1,179.05. Interest rate p.a. (fixed) 185.39%. Representative APR 611.74%. All our loans are available for 3 to 9 months - rates between 295.58% APR and a maximum APR of 1294%.

Need to borrow a £500 loan to pay for an emergency car repair or unexpected medical bill? We are a trusted direct lender and authorised credit broker. Apply today, if approved and the consumer credit agreement is signed the Cashfloat Team will fund your bank account within 1 hour*. You can apply for payday loans with with a good or bad credit score.

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Whether you need to borrow money for an emergency expense or car maintenance, Cashfloat can get you the cash you need fast. All you need to do is apply here, and you’ll get an instant decision.

Fast credit- instant decision on online application, payout within a few hours
Affordable credit- easy start system with a reduced first instalment
Transparent terms- no hidden fees that you weren’t expecting
Apply now for £500

Over how many months can I borrow £500?

With Cashfloat, you can borrow £500 over 3 or 4 months. A big perk of borrowing with Cashfloat is that you can always repay early at no extra cost, and save on all that interest.

Can I get a £500 loan with bad credit?

At Cashfloat we offer loans for bad credit, so long as you pass our affordability test and its safe for us to to provide a loan. Be aware that loans for bad credit are always charged at higher interest rates, so look into repairing your credit in order to save on borrowing costs in the future.

How quick can I get £500 loans?

Your application could be processed instantly, and you could receive your loan within one hour* of approval. Being a regulated lender, Cashfloat don’t offer instant loans since we have to check that customers can afford loan repayments before approving the loan. We do provide instant decisions though, so you won’t waste time waiting to see if you’re approved.

Can I get a £500 loan with no credit check?

Borrowing credit that you can’t really afford, will leave your financial situation in a mess. As an authorised lender, Cashfloat is required to check that potential customers have the means to repay what they borrow before lending to them. Be wary of lenders who offer loans with no credit check – they do not have your financial safety at heart. Always check that the lender you apply with is listed on the financial services register.

59% of people who borrow £500 loans are Male
62% of people who borrow £500 loans are Single
Average age for people who borrow a £500 loan is 35 years old
Most common job fields for people who borrow £500 loans are Sales, Customer Service and Warehouse
Top 3 cities where people borrow £500 loans: London, Manchester and Birmingham
People who borrow £500 loans earn an average of £2,214 a month

Can I get a £500 loan at low interest rates with Cashfloat?

Short term loans in the UK are expensive as they are a fast cash solution repaid over a short time. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, have a look at our small personal loans, available in amounts of £1000, £1500, £2000, and £2500 for 6-9 months at lower interest rates.

Will I have to repay the loan on my next payday?

Previously, payday loans were borrowed and repaid in full after one month. However this is no longer the case, with many lenders offering £500 cash loans in the UK over several months. You can borrow a Cashfloat loan over 3- 6 months . We give you the time and peace of mind to get your finances back on track with our flexible repayment terms.

What if I can’t pay a monthly instalment on time?

We understand that unexpected expenses come up here and there, and it’s not uncommon for a planned budget to be thrown off due to a car repair. As soon as you realise that this month’s payment is a problem, contact our customer service team and explain the situation. They will work with you to try and renegotiate a repayment plan that you can afford. As a reminder, before applying for a loan check that you can afford the repayments.

Why should I only take a £500 loan from a direct lender?

With a direct lender, the application process goes quicker, and you’ll likely receive your loan faster. Additionally, brokers often charge extra fees for finding you a lender, while with a direct lender such as Cashfloat there are no hidden fees.

Who is eligible to borrow 500 pounds?

In order to apply for a £500 loan with Cashfloat, you must be over 18, be a UK citizen, hold a UK bank account, and have a steady source of income.

Will applying for a loan affect my credit score?

No, when you apply for a loan with us we always carry out a soft credit search in the initial stages to see whether we can approve the application. This will not leave any marks on your credit file. If you do take out a poor credit loan and you make the monthly repayments on time this can positively affect your credit score as it shows that you are a responsible borrower. (This is one of the credit building tools credit repair agencies use.)

Can I borrow more than 500 pounds?

Yes, At Cashfloat we offer instant direct lender payday loans with bad credit up to £1,500. However we only recommend that you borrow the amount you need and not more that necessary because you will need to repay whatever you borrow with interest. Additionally, taking out a loan is a serious commitment that should be considered properly beforehand

What can I use the £500 loan for?

You can spend the £500 on whatever you want or need, but we recommend that you only borrow a loan for an emergency expense, and not to alleviate long term money problems. If you are in debt, there are many free debt advice companies that you can get in touch with; Money Helper, Step Change and Citizens Advice.

Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyhelper.org.uk.