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- by Elizabeth Redfern

Decided it’s time to get back to yourself and back to the workforce? Here is some great advice and tips from Cashfloat when for looking for a job, writing your CV and acing your interview. Read on…

Lost Your Job? What Can You Do? – Chapter Nine

Looking for a job - Cashfloat

Job Hunting

Picking yourself up after redundancy and looking for a job can feel daunting at first. However, it is necessary to secure yourself financial stability in your life if you don’t want to have to resort to the help of online loans to pay your bills. Most potential employers will want to know the reason for your redundancy. Decide on the field you want to work in. Perhaps you want to go for something different to what you were doing before your redundancy.

Here are some steps to take when looking for a new job:

  1. Nowadays, most jobs available are posted online, so by searching online for a job is probably the best way to start. If you are looking to work at a specific company, it is best going onto their website or by contacting them directly. If you are looking for a job in a particular field, then sites like and can be perfect in helping you in your search.
  2. Only apply for jobs that match the skills and the experience you have. Don’t waste your time applying for jobs you won’t get. If you match most of the job specifications, apply for the job.
  3. If you need a job fast, apply for a job at a company that has a few positions to fill. You are more likely to get a job there than at a company that only has one job opening.
  4. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you are looking for a job. Networking is one of the best ways to find a job as people who know you can recommend you to potential employers. You never know who will have a good job lined up for you.
Networking is one of the best ways to find a job - Cashfloat

Writing an Effective CV

Job applications can be hard work and shouldn’t be taken lightly. We all know that a key factor in applying for a job is writing an effective CV (Curriculum Vitae). A CV is how you introduce yourself to employers; it tells them about you and your skills/experience. To apply for most jobs, you must have a CV. What’s more, your CV will have to compete with hundreds of others from rival applicants. As such, the way you create your CV is imperative. It can be the difference between you getting a job or not. Read this useful and practical guide for writing an effective CV.

How to write a CV

Free CV templates to download

There are many websites out there with free cv templates you can download and personalise. You can also find templates which are specific to different jobs. Here are 3 templates you can download for free. Just replace the text with your own.

Acing Your Job Interview

If you have reached the stage of getting a job interview, you have a limited amount of time to sell yourself to a prospective employer as the best person for the vacancy. So, how can this be achieved and what steps should you take to gain the advantage over the other applicants?

Download this Covid-19 job loss eBook, from Cashfloat, now! Download this Covid-19 job loss eBook, from Cashfloat, now!

What to wear to a job interview

It cannot be stressed enough that dressing appropriately for an interview will give you a head start. Although fashions will come and go, going to a job interview is no time to make a stand about your personality through your clothing.

For formal interviews, you should ratchet it up a notch. Both men and women cannot go wrong when they wear a suit. Women can choose either a skirt or trousers, and it is better for men to leave out the tie than to wear something hideous. The obvious things to avoid are jeans, trainers, T-shirts and sportswear.

Interview Tips From Cashfloat - Looking for a job Interview Tips From Cashfloat - Looking for a job

How to succeed in a job interview

Being as prepared as possible for a job interview will help to calm any nerves you may have. Research the company and the vacancy. Then think about the skills and expertise that are on your CV so you can point out the possibilities of the two matching up to your prospective employer. If you are looking for a job that you want to stay long in, it’s best to do your research well.

Body language is another way to present yourself to a prospective employer. Making eye contact, smiling, giving a pleasant greeting and a firm handshake to the person who is conducting the interview will all help to create a good first impression. The first 30 seconds of a meeting are all important. So, don’t shuffle in and avoid eye contact, don’t mumble and don’t dress in a careless fashion. Talk about yourself positively, there is no need to tell your employers about financial difficulties you may be having or if you have had to use the help of short term payday lenders recently.

Being nervous is a natural feeling when you are approaching something as important as a job interview, but try your best to keep calm and focus on being relaxed. If that sounds impossible, try some deep breathing exercises which can help to calm nerves.

Conclusion – Looking for a job must be done right

Looking for a job must be done correctly from the beginning. When looking for a job, make sure you know which area you want to specialise in and where your skills lie. Don’t write your CV in a rush and ask for professional help in writing it if you think it will be helpful. When attending your interview, keep yourself calm and poised to give potential employers a great first impression. Good luck job with your job search!

Want to apply for a jobseeker's allowance? Find you nearest Jobcentre Plus - Cashfloat Want to apply for a jobseeker's allowance? Find you nearest Jobcentre Plus - Cashfloat
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