Finding Cheap and Reliable Appliance Repair Near Me

- by Becky Hall
How To Save Money On Fixing Home Appliances – Chapter Two

Your appliance has broken. What you need now is a working appliance ASAP! Should you go for repairs or should you just buy a new one? How much will repairs cost? How much will a replacement cost? And how do you find a repairman anyway? Read on for all the answers about repairing your appliances, and how to save on your repairs.

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Finding Cheap and Reliable Appliance Repair Near Me - Cashfloat Finding Cheap and Reliable Appliance Repair Near Me - Cashfloat

Finding Appliance Repair Near Me

First see if you can fix the fault yourself. For detailed instructions for each appliance, see the table of contents for this guide. If you can’t fix an appliance yourself, there are a number of ways to find the right man, or woman, for the job.

Most people begin their quest for finding appliance repair by looking locally. This has some advantages. You may know someone who recently called a repairman, or a relative might recommend a specific repairman.

Using a local engineer who has a good reputation is probably the best option when you need something fixing. A local expert will value their reputation within the community. It is also easier to call back a local repairman if the work unsatisfactory.

How to pay for the appliance repair

Ideally, you have a rainy day fund that you can dip into when emeregncies like this arise. if you don’t have savings on the side, consider waiting until payday when your salary arrives. if the repair is urgent, maybe a family member can spot you a few so you don’t need to borrow to cover the expense. If that’s not an option, try low-cost borrowing options like your overdraft or credit card.

If you’ve maxed out your credit limits and know that you’ll have the money soon, sometimes instant payday loans are the answer. After submitting your application, you could have the money in your account in a matter of hours. You can then pay for the repairs instantly, rather than having to wait until payday before calling your repairman and having your appliance fixed. Just keep in mind that these loans are expensive, so choose a lender like Cashfloat that allows you to repay your loan early with no penalty and save money on interest.

Top tips to help with appliance repair

What happens when you don’t have a regular engineer or a repairman? Here are some important guidelines and tips to help you with your appliance repair.

Search through local newspapers

Albeit old fashioned, one of the best ways to go about finding appliance repair is to search through the advertisements in local newspapers. There could be a local handyman or a whole official business. Either way, make sure you check they’re good. A reputable company will be able to supply certificates. They should also be able to show you letters of recommendation from satisfied customers.

If the business is new to the area or is unable or unwilling to supply credentials, then steer clear and choose another company.

Appliance parts and spares

Some engineers will be able to provide spare appliance parts. Take this into consideration when ordering a repairman. A national company will have quick access to a far wider range of parts and spares. On the other hand, a small one man business may need to order in the part required to make the repair.

What machine have you got?

There are some generic parts for appliances which fit all brands. You can get these appliance parts easily. But, if you have an unusual brand or model, you may have to wait a little longer for the part and to have your appliance repaired.

Did you buy a service contract?

When you buy a new appliance, you may be asked to set up a service contract to cover repairs and maintenance. Most retailers will have a list of preferred appliance repair specialists. So if you have been unable to find one from the advertisements you could ask at the store where you made the purchase.

Even if you did not take out the offered contract, the retailer might be able to recommend reliable appliance repairs.

Nationwide appliance repair

Some appliance repair specialists operate on a national basis. These large companies might have a branch close to your home where you can make inquiries. Alternatively, you can contact them by phone, email or online. Or you could search for a national appliance repair service on sites like Whitegoods.

Is it worth the extra cost?

You can find out about these services by searching online. Many of the larger companies promise same day or next day service. If you can’t manage without a washing machine, you may want to consider this kind of repair company even though the overall costs could be a bit higher. However, if you really can’t afford it without a wagedayadvance, it’s usually better to go for the cheapest option.

Getting quotes

Unless the appliance repairs are absolutely vital, it is best to ask for at least two quotations for the repair when finding appliance repair. Check whether a quote is free and that there are no obligations attached to receiving a quote. Also, ask whether or not there is an additional call out charge for the repair.

Ensure that the work and the engineer are both fully insured. Request a written quotation and check how long the warranty is valid for. You may have to take time off work to meet the engineer. If so, it is important to ensure that they are professional and turn up at the designated appointment time.

Following these guidelines will help you avoid nasty hidden charges or wasted time while spares are ordered and delivered or when you’re having it fixed.

Choosing the right repair company

Consult the ‘Which’ experts – One way of finding a good company for your appliance repairs is to ask the experts at Which. Which is a consumer rights organisation that now has an extensive website where you can find advice, information and help on any number of consumer topics.

The site will give you information about your rights as a consumer, and it has a list of Trusted Traders. You can use Trusted Traders to locate the nearest reputable engineer to your home.

Trusted traders – Trusted Traders shows all the engineers in the area, rated by stars from one to five. Also, there are genuine reviews from customers who have rated the value of service; the quality of service; and the way they were treated (customer service). There is also a map to show you exactly where the traders are located.

Only genuine traders receive the ‘Which’ endorsement so you can be sure of getting a qualified engineer and not a ‘cowboy’ who will botch the job, take your money and run, leaving you in need of a no guarantor small loan to cover the costs of repairing the damage.

Need some help to repair or replace - apply now with Cashfloat Need some help to repair or replace - apply now with Cashfloat

Should I repair or replace my appliances?

It has recently been in the news that today’s modern home appliance have ‘built-in obsolescence’. This means that the appliances have been designed to last only for a few years. In the not too distant past, home appliances were designed to last as long as possible and were very expensive. Nowadays while the price of appliances like washing machines and fridge freezers may have come down, they do have a shorter lifespan.

On the other hand, large strides have been made in technology. The new technology in the latest appliances means that they are designed to be cleaner, better for the environment, more energy efficient and to have lower running costs. So, is there a trend towards throwing appliances out when they can be repaired and still be perfectly usable?

By repairing household appliances, UK families collectively could save over £1 billion each year. - Cashfloat By repairing household appliances, UK families collectively could save over £1 billion each year. - Cashfloat

Should appliances be recycled?

A recent government initiative has stressed that you should keep your electrical appliances for as long as possible. Once they are no longer usable, the parts can be recycled. A major initiative to encourage people not to participate in the current ‘throw-away’ culture has started. The initiative is designed to help families save substantial amounts of money spent on buying new appliances. Plus, on top of that by encouraging people to choose appliance repairs, the government hopes to reduce the wasted energy used on building new products that are not needed.

The final decision: Are appliance repairs worthwhile?

Choosing to repair an old appliance is not always going to be cost effective either for the person who owns it or for the planet. Paying good money to repair inefficient and outdated models will use more energy than could be saved by investing in a new and more modern equivalent. Of course, the bottom line in the argument about repair or replacement may come down purely to costs. If a new appliance is cheaper than repairing an old one and it is going to cost less to run, then families are going to vote with their pockets and choose the new model every time. If you do choose to replace your old appliance but you don’t have the money to do so, you can click here to apply for a small loan from Cashfloat today!

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