Small Loans in the UK

Our small loans are designed with your needs in mind, offering convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind. Apply for a £300, £400 or £500 loan from Cashfloat today and get the money in your bank within 1 hour*! Bad credit accepted anytime.
Representative example: borrow £700 for 6 months. 1st monthly repayment of £168.45, 4 monthly repayments of £224.60, last monthly repayment of £112.20. Total repayment £1,179.05. Interest rate p.a. (fixed) 185.39%. Representative APR 611.74%. Our loans are available for 3 to 9 months depending on the loan amount - rates between 295.58% APR and a maximum APR of 1294%.
Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

Looking for a small loan?

Easy & flexible repayments

Small loans are easier to manage since the repayment terms are typically shorter.

Funds to your bank in just 1 hour*

Faster application and approval process compared to medium-sized online loan applications.

What are small loans?

What can I use little loans for?

Small loans could be useful in a variety of situations:

Because small loans are usually just a couple of £100s and paid back over a period of a few months, they are a perfect solution for cash emergencies.


Am I eligible to apply?

To get a small loan from Cashfloat, you must:

  • Be a UK citizen
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold a UK bank account
  • Have a steady source of income

If you meet all of the criteria above and you pass our affordability assessment, you’ll have a very high chance of being approved.

Can I apply for a small loan with a bad credit score?

Looking for a little loan with bad credit? Apply here and get the service that you deserve.


How Cashfloat’s small loans work:

How do the repayments work?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of small loans?

Here are the advantages and disadvantages that small loans offer:

Small loans – advantages
  • Quick and easy: Small loans are easy to apply for and fast to process. They’re great for small financial emergencies.
  • Boosts your credit score: If you make timely repayments, having a small loan can help improve your credit score. Be aware that if you fail to make timely repayments, a small loan could harm your credit score.
  • No need for collateral: Usually, you don’t have to risk your house, your car or any other assets to get a small loan.
  • Affordable repayments: Since the amount you borrow is small, you can pay it back on your next payday or in manageable monthly instalments. Often people take small loans for six months, for example.
Small loans – disadvantages
  • High interest rates: Small loans often have higher interest rates due to the short repayment periods.
  • Risk of debt spiral: Relying on small loans for regular expenses can lead to a cycle of debt that’s hard to break free from.
  • Limited loan amounts: Small loans usually have a relatively low cap on how much you can borrow. You may not be able to cover a large expense. These loans are more suitable for small emergencies.

How do I get a small loan?

At Cashfloat, getting one of our small payday loans starts with you completing a straightforward online application. This will only take a few minutes of your time. Once you’ve applied, our team of expert underwriters will immediately run credit and affordability checks to determine whether you can afford the loan repayments, and then you’ll receive an instant decision. If you’re approved, the money will be funded into your bank account within an hour*.

You can use our loan calculator to see your options, and you can also use our affordability calculator to check if you can afford a loan.

Why get a small online loan from Cashfloat?

There are many reasons to borrow a small online loan from Cashfloat. Here are a few:


Can I get a small loan with a low APR?

Loans with a low-interest rate are usually only provided to people with a good credit score and to those who borrow a significant amount. Payday loans always come with a high rate of interest because of the way lending works. One factor we have to consider, for example, is that we only lend for short periods of time. This means that we have less time than other lenders to make a profit.

As we mentioned, we have a new ‘Easy Start’ option which reduces the amount you pay on your first monthly payment. This is designed to help you get your finances back on track before you make your first big payment. We’ve also added an extra interest-free month to give you more time to repay your loan.

While payday loans might be expensive, we do offer good rates compared to our competitors. Click here to apply for an affordable small loan with relatively low interest, from Cashfloat.

How fast can I get my small loan?

We provide small payday loans in the UK with an instant lending decision and funding within the hour* if you’re approved. We have designed our loans to help people during times of emergency. Our small same day loans have already helped hundreds of thousands of people pay for unexpected financial problems.

Need money now to help you overcome a financial hurdle? Apply with Cashfloat, and if approved, get the best quick small loans today!

Can I get a small loan with no credit check?

It is not recommended for you to take a loan from any UK lender that offers a small loan with no credit check. Lenders that offer these are irresponsible, and they don’t care about your financial safety. Any responsible lender should at least carry out a credit check before they give you a loan.

But don’t worry! Our high acceptance loans are a safer alternative for people with a poor credit score, and the instalment based repayment plan makes them more affordable.

Can taking a small loan improve my credit rating?

Taking out a loan can have either a positive or negative impact on your credit profile. It depends on how you manage your repayments. If you make your repayments on time, taking out a loan can help to improve your credit rating because you’re showing that you are responsible with your money. On the other hand, if you’re late with the payments or you miss them altogether, this can negatively affect your credit rating.

If you would like more useful information on improving your credit rating, go to Cashfloat’s improve my credit score page.

How do I know if I am applying with a safe lender?

Here are some website checks you can make to build a picture of whether a lender is trustworthy or not:

  • Check that the lender is registered with the FCA. They should provide a registration number that you can check against the Financial Services Register.
  • Make sure the company is easy to contact, and they have an address you can verify.
  • Make sure that there is a padlock in the URL bar of their website and that the website looks legitimate.
  • Check that the company have a history of good reviews that can be verified.

Taking basic safety precautions when applying for a loan will go a long way towards keeping your personal details safe as well as protecting you from fraud.

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