Need an express payday loan to help you with some emergency expenses? Apply now with Cashfloat – your trusted lender – and you can get up to £1,100 same day! All you need to do is fill out a short application form and you will get an instant decision. Bad credit is welcome!

Your Payday Express Loan Information Card

• You can get a payday-express loan from £200 to £1100
• Feel free to apply, even with a bad credit score
• You can repay your payday express loan in up to 4 instalments

How Much can I Borrow?

3 minutes to complete the online application form
90 seconds instant lending decision
1 hour from approval, the money should be in your bank account

* Average numbers

How Fast Can I have the Money?

• We welcome people with bad-credit
• Unsecured loans, no guarantor needed

Why Cashfloat?
FAQs about Payday Express Loans

What is an Express Payday Loan?

You have planned out your monthly expenses, down to the last penny. Then the shower hose pops. You need some extra money now. One of the defining characteristics of Payday Express Loans – otherwise known as payday loan, is their purpose of funding small and unexpected expenses. Without the option to take a quick cash loan, you would be stuck. If you don’t pay your bills on time, it could affect your credit rating. Payday express loans UK are there to help you cover emergency expenses without affecting your credit score.

Payday express loans, quick cash loans and your credit score

We live in a modern world of technology and innovation. Late repayments become registered immediately, and could well make life harder later on. This is called damaging your ‘credit rating’. Suddenly you can be refused new bank accounts, loans which have already been approved become expensive and you can have problems getting a credit card. It may be worth paying that little bit extra on your payday express loan to help you avoid all these problems in the future.

How fast can I have my payday express UK loan?

You can get express payday loans from Cashfloat within an hour of being approved.

But, because of the speed, you need to take extra care. Here are some points to consider before you take a payday express loan:

Points to consider before borrowing an express loan

• Ask yourself how much money you really need to borrow NOW. If it only costs £150 to fix the shower, you don’t need to take a loan for £300.

• You want your payday express loan company to provide you with a fast answer, but remember that even a negative answer which comes quickly is a hundred times better than a positive answer which comes late. This is because a fast, negative answer gives you time to manoeuvre, allows us try to get funds from elsewhere, without losing precious time.

• The larger the loan, the less critical the approval time. Small loans are needed for fast and immediate emergencies. Bigger loans are intended for bigger expenses, and naturally these processes are slower. For example, if we’re talking about a loan for a car, we have more time to compare and decide. Buying a car is not a decision which needs to be made from one day to the next, so if the loan approval takes a week, no damage is done. If it’s a mortgage we’re talking about, the timescale is even longer. Today, technology is on our side, and it allows us to give a fast answer, which would once have been considered beyond the realms of possibility just a decade ago. Cashfloat uses the most technologically advanced systems that allows correct and morally grounded answers in the blink of an eye.

• Make sure that you are borrowing from a responsible lender. You can always check which companies have received permission to provide consumer credit by the Financial Conduct Authority by searching their register. The best companies to deal with are those that hold a full FCA authorisation. Cashfloat received it’s full permission on the 13th May 2016, which can be validated on the FCA website.

When Should I use Payday Express & Quick Cash Loans?

Payday express loans and quick loans are not a miracle solution. Remember that quick loans come at a price. There is a better alternative which everyone should consider; correct and intelligent financial behaviour. Imagine if we had thought about this in advance, and put aside a small amount in a piggy bank for unexpected emergencies. Suddenly a major problem requiring a loan has become a trivial issue which can be easily solved with no external help.

Many lenders came up with these confusing terms “same day loan”, “quick cash loans”, “cash advance” and “fast loans”. We at Cashfloat want to make a very clear statement that, as a responsible lender, we will always apply our comprehensive credit checks, affordability tests and bespoke scorecards before manually approving each and every loan request. Once your loan is approved our team will try to fund it as quick as possible, the majority of our customers receive their funds at the same day.

You have a choice, you can be picky. So you can go for the best deal. To make it easy for you to compare lenders we have created a “Dare to Compare” chart. Dare to read it?

Money – A Time-Sensitive Matter

We understand that money is often a time-sensitive matter. When money is tight and expenses are mounting, a responsible payday express loan can be an alternative solution to your financial situation. This could assist you to get through a difficult, one-off period. Cashfloat recognises that life can be a financial roller coaster; in fact, if possible, we will try to fund your approved loan at the same day at no extra fee.

All too often people in financial difficulty apply for many loans at the same time, without even understanding the product they are requesting. This may result in getting the wrong product that could possibly worsen their financial situation and also damage their credit score. We want to help you decide if our responsible loan is the right product for you. Please review our “is Cashfloat right for you” guide and ensure you are aware to options available for you to pay off your debt. Be prepared!

What is the Process Behind Payday UK Express Loans?

Now it’s time to reveal a little about what happens behind the scenes of the decision-making process, and to expose some of the ingredients of our secret recipe. At the heart of the technological system, there is an automatic decision-making engine. When we receive an application, we first of all check that everything is in order. If there are any details which are not correct or not plausible, the application will most likely be rejected at this initial stage. After this, we approach various information providers, who are certified by the government to provide financial information, and from them we receive a wide range of details about the financial history of the person requesting the loan.

For instance, we find out about their previous financial behaviour, if they have had problems, such as not paying debts on time, and what their income and expenses are. In addition, we compare this information to the declaration on the application form (which shows that it is important to declare the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on your application). All of this information goes into mathematical algorithms, which allow us to predict very precisely whether the customer will be able to pay back the loan while continuing to live normally (buying food, paying bills, rent, etc.).

Where can I find express finance payday loans in the UK?

If you need cash fast, the quickest solution could be to apply online with a loan express lender. To find the best express payday loan for your needs, you need to search lenders’ websites until you find a lender that ticks all your boxes. Try not to use a broker as this tends to slow down the process as your application has to go through an intermediary before reaching the actual lender who will lend to you.

How can I know if a wage day express lender is legit?

To know if your express loans lender is who they say they are, look for identifying details, such as address and contact details. For example, does the payday express loan site have a contact number? If so, does the payday express contact phone number work? Another great way to know if a company is real is by checking the payday express lenders’ reviews. If most people say that the payday express company is legit, it probably is. Just make sure that the reviews are marked as ‘verified reviews’.

Why should I use Cashfloat for my Express loan?

With Cashfloat, even though the application sorting process is automated, at the end of the process, there is a human eye which looks at the overall picture. Our underwriters look at the application, and try to see and understand the person behind it. However advanced computers and systems may be, nothing can replace a human underwriter looking at the general picture, above and beyond the statistics.

We believe that because of this, we are able to provide loans for the specific needs of each individual applicant. Read some of our satisfied customers’ reviews here:

As a side note, it is important to observe that if several of your loan applications are rejected by different short term loan companies, there’s a chance that taking a payday express loan is not a good idea for you. It might be that lenders have weighed up your financial situation, and have come to the decision that taking such a loan is likely to push you into worse financial trouble than you are in today. We recommend that you only take high acceptance UK short term loans for the amount that you need. If you need £150, we don’t advise you to take out £300. You will still pay the same interest rate. However you will have to pay back more money as you are borrowing more.

If you find yourself unsure, you may be better of seeking help from a financial advisor organisation such as the Money Advice Service.

Conclusion: Payday Express Loans

Cashfloat offers instant decision payday loans between £200 and £1,100. Our fast payout service is ideal for anyone who is in need of fast cash. As an FCA authorised lender, we make our lending decisions based on the FCA criteria. This does not mean that you will not get accepted if you have bad credit! Apply now for you payday express loan and experience a whole new way of borrowing.