Fraud Prevention Centre

Fraudsters and scammers love to use legit finance companies to extort money from unsuspecting victims. We’ve set up this Fraud Prevention Centre to make you aware of possible threats to your safety when applying for loans. If you have information about an active loan scam that you think people should know about, please let us know so we can check it out and help publicise it. Don't be a victim of fraud! Only apply for credit with a trusted, FCA authorised lender like Cashfloat. Click here to join over 100,000 people in the UK who we've helped to access short term funds safely and securely.

Phone Scams

Loan scammers may cold-call you or may send you unsolicited emails. In most instances, they will impersonate a legitimate company in order for the scam to seem more realistic.

Warning signs of loan scams on the phone:

  • The caller has a thick foreign accent
  • The caller becomes aggressive, rude or threatening
  • The scammer asks for an advance payment or fee to process or transfer the loan.
  • The scammer will ask you to loan money onto a prepaid card, purchase money orders, or require you to send funds via Western Union or MoneyGram.

If you are suspicious, do not go ahead with the call! Say you will call back, and look up the real number for that lender online. If you have caller ID, enter the number they called you from on this phone number checker to see if anyone has reported it as a scam.

Text scams: If you have received a suspicious text message, most phone providers will allow you to report it for free by forwarding it to 7726. Your phone provider will then investigate where the text came from and arrange to block or ban the sender. Click here for more information on reporting a scam text message.

Website Scams

When you go onto a lender's website, how can you know if it is a scam?

Warning signs of loan scams online:

  • the website is badly designed and full of mistakes
  • there isn't much contact information
  • there is no FCA registration number.
  • you have to pay a fee before receiving any money

However, sometimes a website will look the same as a real one. Scammers sometimes set up clone websites that are an exact copy of an actual lender's site, often with only minute differences in the URL and contact details. It can be nearly impossible to discover that it's a fake.

That's why we recommend checking this fraud centre every time you want to take out a loan, as we will list every case of a cloned loan company that we hear of. You can also sign up to receive email alerts about every new loan scam we hear about. Bookmark this page now for easy reference and empower yourself to avoid becoming a victim of these cloning scams.

Suspect a scam?

Fraud Prevention Department

Not sure if you're dealing with scammers? Don't take the risk!

Our experts are happy to look into the matter for you to prevent you from becoming another victim of loan fraud. We aim to help everyone in the UK, which is why we are offering this service for free to everyone who needs it, not just our customers. Call us free on 0800-470-1076 or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you right away.

Spotted a scam? Spread the word!

If you have identified a loan scam, don’t just leave it and move on. Spread the word! Just fill out the form below and leave the rest to us. We’ll publicise it and tell as many people as possible. Let’s put those scammers out of business!