What to do if you Lose your Job

Losing your job is not a fun experience. It can often be confusing and unnerving to suddenly be stranded with no source of income on short notice. This infographic can help smooth the job loss transition and give you some useful tips for finding a new job. As a responsible lender, we like to make sure you are on top of your finances, even during tough times like when you lose your job.

Remember: Don’t ever take loans for unemployed if you lose your job and have no definite source of income.

What to do if You Lose Your Job

These are just some of the amazing tips that we collated about losing your job. Many times, job loss is accompanied with feelings of rejection, worthlessness and punctured self esteem. Read our full guide to help you find out more about your rights, managing your money after a job loss and the emotional effects of a job loss on your well-being. The full job loss guide will help you quickly organise yourself following an untimely job loss.

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Written by: Sarah Connelly
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