Jobs and Salaries in the UK

Cashfloat presents the ultimate guide to jobs and salaries in the UK. In this guide you will find answers to questions on a large variety of jobs in the UK, including the salaries and qualifications needed for different jobs.

The Jobs of Our Customers

At Cashfloat, we have researched the most frequented jobs of our customers. We have investigated the salaries they get, how training for each job works and other important factors that contribute to the job. We were trying to understand where is it that our customers get into financial difficulty and apply for payday loans with us. As a responsible direct lender, we make it our business to understand the needs of our customers and encourage feedback on our services.

Table Of Contents

Choose an article, and enjoy!

1: Nurses; NHS Bursaries and Their Salaries. 8: What is the bus driver salary in the UK?
2: Professional Care Workers, The NMW and Zero Hour Contracts 9: Working as a Paralegal and a Paralegal Salary
3: What is a Paramedic Salary in the UK? 10: Teachers and Performance-Related Pay
4: What is the pharmacist salary in the UK? 11: The police salary and Working Conditions
5: How Much is a Construction Worker Salary in the UK? 12: Why Are Firefighters Doing Second Jobs?
6: How Much is a Plumber Salary in the UK? 13: Architects and Their Years of Study
7: What is a Train Driver Salary in the UK?

Which Profession Should I Choose?

Moving professions is a big decision, but the deal breaker is often the money. This guide will also examine other factors that keep people in their jobs, such as their satisfaction levels.

The people in this report represent a cross-section of different professions from the UK. Some are from the public sector while others are from the private sector. While some of the jobs need years of academic study and training, others are unskilled. Some of these jobs are traditionally associated with low pay, such as bus drivers (Chapter 8), but others have always had a reputation for being well-paid, like architects (Chapter 13). What they all have in common is that these professions need short term loans increasingly from payday loan companies, and we want to try and find out why.

Through an examination of each profession (it’s history, training, salaries/perks, working hours/conditions and the employees’ grievances), the question of why these people need to apply for a payday loan will be answered. The focus will be on what changes in their profession, if any, have caused them to struggle financially.

At Cashfloat, we encourage you to save money for those unexpected situations and emergencies so that you will not require the help of payday lenders. In the event of an emergency and you have no savings to turn to, we are here offering professional short term loans up to £1500.

Do you need a payday loan despite your profession? Consider a Cashfloat loan.
Do you need a payday loan despite your profession? Consider a Cashfloat loan.

Written by: Becky Hall
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