Is it Really Love? Infatuation vs Love – The Quiz

Infatuation is a short term feeling of love. Those who are experiencing passion in a relationship are unable to view character flaws of their partner. Infatuation is more than seeing the world through rose-tinted lenses. You will see the world as magical, as in a fairytale.

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The Department of Neurobiology, Harvard University aims to look at the effect on the brain caused by experiencing infatuation, the intense emotion of love. Countless scientists choose to study the emotion of love, yet we still do not fully understand it. How can we determine if we are experiencing infatuation vs love? Find out in this article.

Our brain releases dopamine, and this makes us feel good when we are in love, or infatuated. Studies were conducted using MRI scans, and these clearly show what is going on in the brain.

What is love?

Some describe love as a desire to enter or maintain a relationship. A relationship needs both passionate and romantic love. Passionate love is more cognitively thought out and gives pleasure while being in the company of your partner. Romantic love is what refreshes the relationship to keep it constantly new.

What happens when love goes wrong?

Occasionally a person suffering from the termination of a relationship or unfulfilled love might choose suicide as an easy way out. On a lower and less extreme level, love ‘gone wrong’ can lead to severe cases of anxiety or depression. Furthermore, if you have told all of your friends about your lover, and this relationship ends, you may be very embarrassed. It is worthwhile never to stop relationships with other friends even while courting.

Love later in life:

There are no age limits on experiencing love. Later in live, companionship is valued more than romanticism, although you should aim for a healthy mix of the two. You can experience love at any stage of life, at an appropriate age level.

How does it feel not to experience love?

Someone in this situation might feel alone. Without a partner or friend to join them sitting over a hot dinner, even without the romantic candlelight.

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Perhaps they would like to go to the mountaintops, view a waterfall, walk along the wet riverside path, they do not have another human being with whom to share the experience.
After a long day at work or a journey home that consisted of much traffic, honking and red traffic lights, there are no words of compassion, or gestures of kindness to help lift the mood.
While feeling unwell, there is no one to offer to bring you a hot drink of tea with lemon or whisper comforting words into your ear.

How do you show to someone that you love that you appreciate them?

You must do for the other person things that make them feel appreciated.
Find out what action you can do that will make your partner feel treasured.
Don’t assume that your partner will appreciate the same things that you do. Your partner might like expensive gifts, or might prefer just to spend time with you.

Infatuation vs Love

Infatuation is common at the beginning of a relationship. Some refer to it as the chemical stage of love. It usually fades after one and a half to three years of relationship, although of course there are exceptions to the general rule.

During this early stage of love, often approaching a long lasting relationship, you may constantly think about whether this love is indeed reciprocated, meaning whether your partner loves you.

Anxiety sufferers also feel persistent worrying thoughts. If you find out that your partner does not like you, and is thinking of terminating the relationship, you may experience a deep despair.

Some cases of infatuation vs love: Blind love is often infatuation. Love at first sight, is infatuation. Some relationships based on this sort of love tend not to last, as the lovers have not made a proper decision as to whether they appreciate the other person, in depth. Rather they have decided they love the other person and not analysed these feelings so deeply.

Love is connection, companionship and a relationship of giving and taking. It is appreciation and respect, and constantly wanting to do things for the other person in your relationship.

Are you in love?

Is there someone in your life right now to whom you feel a deep attachment?
Would you be prepared to undergo minor discomfort for the good of another? A mother, will probably give up on sleep to nurse her child or soothe him when he wakes up from a nightmare.

Would you be prepared to donate your time and energy to do something to make your partner happy?

What does the thought of spending time with your partner cause you to feel? Does the prospect evolve feelings of tension or relaxation and pleasure? Feelings of well-being help you financially to avoid excess spending due to distress.

Written by: Elizabeth Redfern
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