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Have you ever wondered how much payday loans cost around the world? We did.

So, we began to do some research into payday loans in Europe, the USA and Canada. We came up with a wealth of information about payday loans in these places, and we had to share it with you. In this payday loans worldwide guide, you’ll find the rules and regulations for the researched countries, some wonderful facts and statistics about borrowers. Furthermore, for many chapters, there’s also a fascinating comparison of how borrowers worldwide differ to the UK.

There’s something here for everyone.

Cashfloat’s guide to Payday Loans Worldwide – Table of Contents

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1: Payday Loans in the UK Analysed 5: Payday Loans in Quebec
2: Payday Loans in Finland 6: Payday Loans in Saskatchewan
3: Payday Loans in Lithuania 7:Payday Loans in California
4: Payday Loans in Poland 8: Payday Loans in South Carolina

Why We Researched Payday Loans Worldwide

Many of our consumers are well versed in the rules and laws for payday loans in the UK. The loan caps that were put into place by the FCA in 2014 are now old news. We even researched who our consumers are, and which groups of people take out payday loans with us most frequently. If you look at our guide, then you can find the results of our investigation into over 20 different occupations in the UK. Still, we wanted to know more. We were curious to know what payday loans look like around the world. Are they so different from payday loans in the UK?

Above, then we present our research results. In some cases, the structure of the payday loan market was very similar to that in the UK, but in other places, it was extremely different. We found it fascinating how some authorities forbade payday lending altogether, while others haven’t regulated it at all. Additionally, the differences between the typical borrower were intriguing, often making you think what this says about the demographics of that location in general.

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It’s always interesting to find out how people from other places do things different to us. From food and fashion to fun and finance, everything is different in various countries around the world. Finance ranges from the various bank industries, personal finance habits, and the prices of groceries around the world. This series focuses on payday loans; the rules and regulations, the state of the market, and statistics about consumers. We hope you enjoy this fascinating guide about payday in the UK and everywhere else!

Written by: Isla Williams
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