15 Payday Loan Facts that Will Break Your Heart

When you read through these facts, stop a second and think about the implications of each one. Beneath these facts lies the hopes, worries and dreams of so many British people. They are people struggling to make ends meet. They are struggling to pay for the things they love and dream for. They are struggling to send their kids off to school with a smile and a sandwich. These are not just a set of facts, but a set of peepholes into the lives of the ordinary British people.

15 payday loans facts

No one takes out a payday loan because they want to, only because they have to. But, those who are taking out payday loans have no other way of surviving. This is often because they are divorced, or separated, or widowed. It can also be because they are a nurse and have had their pay frozen for 6 years and have children to support. Or, because they are disabled and their expenses are on a never ending upwards spiral. If those who do take out payday loans don’t know the first or the second thing about payday loans, how are they going to protect themselves? Payday loans, those loans that we all hate. But those loans that tell us so much about the lives of those who are just about managing.

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Written by: Becky Hall
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