Find Out Your Financial Personality with this Quiz!

Do you know your financial personality? Take this incredibly accurate 3-minute quiz now, and find out if you are a saver or a spender!

Financial Personality Test

We all know that money isn’t everything in life – but it certainly plays a big part. Careful saving and investing can lead to a comfortable early retirement whereas carefree spending and borrowing may land you bankrupt. Knowing your financial personality can help you play to your strengths and be aware of potential pitfalls that may arise to someone of your nature.

What Is My Financial Personality Type?

Are you a spontaneous spender, who just can’t resist a buy? Or maybe you’re a careful shopper, who looks into all the possible options before every purchase to ensure they choose the best possible option. You could be a strict saver, often depriving yourself for the sake of saving even more money, or you could be a YOLO type of person, focusing on having a good time and ignoring the financial side of things.

We all know that people don’t always fit neatly into one category; you may have discovered that you have yet another financial personality. We designed the quiz to be as accurate as possible – let us know what you thought!

Broadly speaking, most people are either a spender or a saver. Of course, there is a lot more to it than that, as the quiz identified, but here is some general advice to savers and spenders.


If you are more of a saver, then great! You just love watching your savings grow, and have great self-control when you go shopping. Big holiday coming up? New baby? Renovations? Whatever it is, you have a savings account just for that and are steadily adding pound by pound.

But what happens when you need a new home appliance or car? You may be tempted to turn automatically to the cheapest option, but is it always better? If the quiz identified you as a careful shopper, then great – you’ll check out all the options and analyse quality over price before making a purchase. But if not, then you’re likely to settle on the cheaper option, which may not work out cheaper in the long run. You hate spending more than you have to, but it’s important to realise that on occasion, a little bit more money goes a long way.

Being a strict saver can also have a negative impact when it comes to spending money on yourself. Whether you’re going out for the evening or on holiday abroad, sometimes a little splurge is just what you need to make sure you have a fun time. Sticking to the cheapest eateries is great on your pocket, but when it comes to those special occasions, don’t be afraid to splash out a little.

Remember, there’s no point in saving money if you’re never going to spend it.


If your financial personality is more of a spender, you know how to have fun. You work hard for your money and love spending it. However, if your finances are running low, you run the risk of going into unnecessary debt. In situations like this, a quick payday loan often seems like the best solution – a ‘cash injection’ to allow you to keep spending in advance of receiving your next paycheck.

A payday loan may seem like an appealing option, but it is important to remember that living above your means almost always has an unhappy ending. Taking out a payday loan means that you’ll have to pay it back in a month, plus interest. If you struggle to repay it, you may take out another, larger payday loan, and begin an endless spiral of borrowing. Before you know it, you can get sucked into debt; a depressing and difficult situation that you could easily have avoided by being more responsible in the first place.

If the quiz has identified you as being more of a spender, then you need to be on your guard about getting into unnecessary debt. For example, if you are going out with friends and you only have £20, don’t spend more than that! You may have the option of borrowing from a friend or maxing out a credit card, but the safest way to go is not to spend money you don’t have.

Thinking about your retirement

It’s never too early to start thinking about your retirement. Statistics have shown that the majority of people are not contributing enough to their pensions to enable them to live comfortably after they retire. It may seem impractical to be saving money for many years later when you are struggling to make it to the end of the month without needing an online loan, but even a consistent tiny investment every month can have huge dividends.

Even if you are contributing nicely to your pension, do you know how your pension fund works? They are so many options, and the right one for you depends heavily on your personality, your age, and personal preferences. When you do retire, are you planning on taking your pension as a lump sum or buying an annuity? Or a mixture of the two? And if you plan to continue working past the retirement age, what are the financial implications?

Yes, the world of pensions is a confusing one – which is why we at Cashfloat have produced this detailed and easy-to-read UK Pensions Guide. You can download it now to read later – but make sure you do! Your future self will thank you for it.

Cashfloat’s Mission

We pride ourselves on providing personal service to our customers. You may be a saver who likes to pay debt off as soon as you can, pound by pound if necessary. Our early repayment facilities were designed with you in mind! Using your login area, you can use our loan calculator to see how much you can save if you repay any amount of your loan today. As a saver, this ultimate level of flexibility is perfect for you.

But what about if you’re a spender, and you’ve gone over your budget again and can’t afford to repay your loan? Don’t worry! If you call us before your repayment is due, we’re happy to reschedule at no extra charge. We can split the payments to help you afford to pay – we want to help! We’ve also created several different guides and infographics to help you get your finances under control – check out our Education page, or our blog for many fantastic tips and advice.

Our mission is to provide affordable payday and short term loans that would be accessible to everyone. Have bad credit? No worries – if we see that you’re trying to leave the past behind and make a fresh start, we won’t judge you based on the past. No matter what your financial personality or history is, we’re happy to accept your application and we’ll do our best to help you.

Written by: Elizabeth Redfern
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