Grenfell Tower Victim Support

We sincerely apologize to anyone who saw our £3500 donation campaign as offensive. Our priority was to help the victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, and gather more support and donations as quickly as possible. We understand that some felt we were trying to take advantage of the tragedy. However, we want to stress that the motivation behind the campaign was to encourage more people to donate to this urgent cause via our popular website. We appreciate all your comments and suggestions and will take them on board for the future. We hope that those who are in need will have some added relief due to our efforts.

Cashfloat Pledges Community Support and Donates £3.5k to Help Grenfell Tower Fire Victims Rebuild

In the early hours of the 14th June 2017,  a fire broke out in a block of London flats that quickly escalated into a full blown inferno. As the fire raged through the building, many Londoners had a sleepless night full of fear and worry for those still inside. Morning rose, and the death toll with it, as reality slowly began to sink in.

As fellow Londoners, it hurts to see the vast amount of men, women and children lose everything, including their homes, overnight.

As local communities realised that they were not waking up from this nightmare, people began to spring into action. Residents nearby offered food and shelter to those who needed it. Local mosques and churches opened their doors to start collecting basic necessities for the families who had lost it all.

The amazing response to the victims of the fire has been truly inspirational to communities nationwide. Cashfloat has joined the movement and as such, we have donated £3,500 to this worthy cause.

Jeremy Lloyd, Cashfloat’s CEO, commented:

“People lost their lives in this fire. The lucky ones ‘only’ lost everything they owned. It’s an unbelievable tragedy, and we all have a social responsibility to do what we can to help out. At Cashfloat, we’re constantly trying to help people improve their financial situations. Donating money towards these people is the least we could do,”

How You Can Help Victims of the Grenfell Tower fire?

 If you are looking to help this cause as well, you can make a donation through the Evening Standard website:


We know that some reporters/journalists have taken a negative view on our donation. We want you to know that we donate with love and we donate because we care. We hope that we inspire others to donate to this very worthy cause. Just imagine if 100 companies would donate £3,500, even if they get some personal gain out of it. That would be £350,000 for people who really need it!

But you don’t need money to be able to help. Donations are also being accepted for clothes, toiletries and even accommodation, if possible. Here are some more details:

  • Firstly, an emergency number has been set up for anyone concerned for loved ones in the fire. That number is 0800 0961 233.
  • You can drop off clothes, toiletries and other items at London restaurants Tredwells, The Gilbert Scott and Marcus Belgravia.
  • Additionally, an emergency rest centre is open for evacuees at the Harrow Centre, Freston Road
  • As well, the Crowdfunding site, Just Giving, has set up a dedicated page:

    Please be aware that donating to crowdfunding sites does not guarantee where your money will go as the causes are set up by private individuals and not authorised organisations.

Of course, just attending the site and giving moral support to victims and their families is a great help!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

Sincerely, The Cashfloat Team.

Written by: Sarah Connelly
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