No Guarantor Loans

Looking for no guarantor loans? Apply now for some extra cash with Cashfloat, a trusted, FCA- authorised lender, no guarantor needed.

No guarantor loans are quite popular – but why? What exactly is a loan with no guarantor?

Loans with No Guarantor

What is a guarantor loan? Often, a lender will ask you to bring a person to act as a guarantor. Should you not repay the loan, the guarantor will have to do so – they are a ‘guarantee’ on the loan. Obviously, when there is a guarantor, the lender will be happier to lend you more money and for a longer period of time, as they are more sure of getting their money back.

However, it can be quite difficult to find someone to agree to act as your guarantor. This leads to many people searching for loans with no guarantor. These will tend to be for smaller amounts, and for shorter periods of time.

If you’re only after a small loan, you can avoid the hassle of finding a guarantor and look for a no guarantor loan instead. At Cashfloat, all of our loans are no guarantor – we trust that you’ll repay your loan on time, or give us a call to arrange something if you can’t.

No Guarantor Payday Loans

No guarantor payday loans are a good alternative for people who are looking for quick cash. Arranging a guarantor, with all the paperwork that goes along with it, often adds a lot of time onto the loan process. While a guarantor loan often means that you are more likely to be approved for short term loans UK, if you need to get the money quickly, they may not be the product you are looking for.

Instead, you can consider taking no guarantor payday loans from a direct lender. Direct lenders specialise in getting the money to you as fast as possible. This means that with a payday loan you have the option of getting quick cash, online, minimal paperwork and maximum convenience.

No Guarantor Loans Bad Credit

Have bad credit? A no guarantor loan may be simpler for you.

Sometimes, when your credit score is low, a guarantor can improve your chances of getting a loan. Lenders are more inclined to lend to someone when there is less of a risk involved.

But you might not need a whole big loan, complete with a visit to the bank with a guarantor at your side. In this you are better off searching for loans with no guarantor and bad credit – just a small, short term loan, no guarantor, bad credit accepted – nice and simple.

No Guarantor Loans – No credit Check

You have bad credit, and you are desperate for some extra cash. While it might look tempting to go for the option which seems most likely to lend to you, credit checks are designed for your safety. Many no guarantor lenders would love to accept every loan application. But responsible lenders need to make sure that the loan will not make your financial situation worse. That is why loans with no guarantor and no credit checks are going just that little bit too far into the unsafe realm.

Lenders who offer no guarantor loans have no claim over your assets if you don’t pay back your loan. But what happens if you ran into financial difficulty and your credit report shows that you failed to pay back previous loans? Will lenders still be willing to lend to you?

Bad Credit Loans with No Guarantor: Direct Lender

If you have had difficulty repaying loans in the past, you need to be able to speak to your lender if you run up against difficulty again. When you take a no guarantor loan from a broker, you don’t really know who is lending to you, making it harder to resolve issues satisfactorily. That’s why if you are looking for no guarantor bad credit loans, no brokers are the way to go.

Cashfloat is one direct lender offering no guarantor loans for bad credit in the UK. Since we provide smaller loans of between £200-£1100, we don’t need you to bring a guarantor. All we need to know is that you are able and reliable in paying back your loan. So, although we do check your credit report, we place a stronger emphasis on affordability checks.

Loans with No Guarantor and Same Day Payout

One of the main advantages of a no guarantor loan is the speed of the loan process. Arranging a guarantor can take time, and you may have to wait for an appointment with the lender. But if you opt for same day loans with no guarantor needed, you can get your money today, once you have been approved for the loan.

When you apply for a loan on Cashfloat’s secure website, it goes directly through our instant decision technology. Our underwriters then make the final decision, and you will receive an email, usually less than an hour after you submitted your application form. Plus, with our same day funding, you receive the money the same day as your loan application is approved. Now, how’s that for a quick loan?

The Difference Between Guarantor and Guaranteed Loans

Keep in mind the difference between guaranteed and guarantor loans. When a lender offer guaranteed loans, it means that if you apply, the lender promises to lend money to you. Guarantor loans mean that you need to bring a guarantor with you to secure your loan. While we gladly offer no guarantor loans, we can not guarantee to give you a loan. We can only promise to give you a loan once you have passed our affordability and credit checks and have been approved for a loan.

Bad Credit Loans: No Guarantor Online

Looking for a fast loan with minimum hassle? Cashfloat’s no guarantor loans online are just that – hassle-free. If you have bad credit, we’re still happy to accept your application – we care about you now, not your history.

We offer quick loans, no guarantor needed. You can fill out the application online using your mobile or PC – whatever is easiest – and receive our decision instantly. If you are approved, you’ll have the money in your account within a maximum of three hours. No wait, no fuss, just a straightforward Cashfloat loan.

Guarantor Loans Non-Homeowner

A homeowner loan involves securing your loan with your home. This means that in the case of a default, the lender can take your home instead of the loan payments. Homeowner loans are usually for larger loans of £25,000 and upwards. Securing your loan can allow you to borrow more money and improves your chances of being approved.

But if you are looking to borrow smaller amounts of money, Cashfloat offers loans with no guarantor needed at all. So, you don’t need to own a home to apply for a loan at Cashfloat. However, if you are looking for loans with no guarantor and you are on benefits, we will generally not be able to offer you a loan.

Getting No Guarantor loans with a CCJ

If you want a no guarantor loan and you have a CCJ on your credit file, you might have to do more research to find a lender that is willing to lend to you. Once you do find a lender, it is likely that you will have to prove your income or your credit worthiness. It may also help to ask the company that issued the CCJ for a letter confirming that you have resolved all issues with them.

Another option you might consider is securing your loan using a co-signer or guarantor. Lenders are usually more willing to lend to people with a CCJ if they have a back-up in case of default.


No guarantor loans are easy to find online, if you are just looking for a small loan. Cashfloat offers no guarantor loans from a trusted, direct lender. Apply now on our secure website, no guarantors needed.

Written by: Becky Hall
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