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Looking online for a PiggyBank loan today? Now that Piggy Bank has gone into administration, you may be looking for an alternative for short term loans. We are a direct payday loan lender providing short term loans of up to £1,000 – no guarantor, no paperwork, no hassle. If approved, the money can be with you on the same day! You don’t even need to have good credit to apply. We are a moral direct lender and we love to help.  Apply online now.

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Miss Joan L
Verified Buyer

Thank you cash flow very quick and easy application very helpful staff no hassle

Verified Buyer

Zero hassle accepted me with bad credit file got me out of a right financial muddle thank you so much

Mr Martin Johnson
Verified Buyer

This was very flexible, quick to enact and quick to receive payment. even better it was simple to pay the loan early.

Verified Buyer

Smooth, seamless service with excellent communications. Found to offer better value than alternative suppliers and I would definitely use this service again.

How our Piggy Bank Loans work

  1. Apply for your Piggy Bank loan alternative online.
  2. Get your Piggy Bank loan instant lending decision.
  3. If approved, you will receive your Piggy Bank loan within an hour.
  4. Make your monthly Piggy Bank repayments to Cashfloat.

How much can I borrow from Cashfloat?

Cashfloat is a direct lender that offers payday loans designed to give you the most affordable and pleasant experience. Our amounts range from £500 up to £1,000. We offer lower APR than leading payday lenders, with flexible repayments, meaning that you choose how much interest you pay. And if you run into any difficulties, our customer service gives personal care and allows further breathing space for missed repayments.

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What is the Cashfloat loan process?

Applying for short term loans with us is a simple and straightfoward process! First, fill out the online application form – including information such as your personal details and employment status. Once your application is submitted, you will be presented with an instant lending decision. If approved, your loan can be funded within 1 hour although this can take up to 3 hours, depending on your bank. Any questions before, during or after the application process will be gladly answered by our customer service team.

How fast can I get a smart Cashfloat loan?

Cashfloat have developed an intelligent system to grant you a loan in the quickest possible manner. Following your application, you will get an instant lending decision. If approved, you can be funded within the hour. You may well have visited this website because you are looking for an alternative to Piggy Bank Loans or even Smart Pig Loans, but we just might be a smarter alternative! We encourage you to compare our features and make an informed decision before signing an e-contract.

What is a Piggy Bank loan?

PiggyBank used to be one of the major payday operators in the UK, offering payday loans with flexible repayment terms. As of December 2019 PiggyBank has gone into administration and ceased new lending activity. Since then when the term is used to describe a loan, it is a generic term referring to payday loans repayable over several months.

What happened to PiggyBank Loans?

PiggyBank Loans went into administration in December 2019. Shane Biddlecombe and Gordon Johnston at HJS Recovery UK Limited were appointed as joint administrators. The firm and joint administrators are still closely regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to ensure that all existing customers are treated fairly. The company is still listed on the Financial Services Register under reference number 704303.

Can I get a Piggy Bank Loan Alternative with no credit check?

Any payday lender that advertises payday loans with no credit check is not to be trusted. FCA regulations require payday lenders to do affordability checks and a review of applicants’ credit history as part of the application process. Responsible lenders do not want to approve a customer for a loan if they cannot afford the repayments, as this can cause them serious money problems. Cashfloat payday operator therefore do affordability checks before approving a loan, but we do this quickly and you will still get your loan to your bank account the same day if approved.

Can I apply for a Piggy Bank loans alternative with bad credit?

Just like Piggy Bank used to do, Cashfloat payday lender may approve applicants, even if their credit history is not good at all. Take into account that even if you have good credit, it can be threatened by something as trivial as an unpaid bill. In such a case, it could be worthwhile to take out a small loan in order not to lose your credit status. In addition, repaying payday loans on time improves your credit rating and then you may no longer need a Cashfloat Piggy Bank loan alternative!

Piggy Bank savings beat piggy loans

Yes, there are plenty of short term credit loans available. However, far better than a Piggy Bank loan is to save up before you need the money. Think about it this way; you are going to have to pay off the payday loan one day, and you will probably have to save so that you can afford the repayments. So why not save up beforehand and avoid those hefty interest rates. Yes, piggy bank saving is always better than taking a loan.

But in the right circumstances a personal loan can be a life-safer, even if you do have savings, for example:

  • If your savings are locked up in an account for a specific period of time an instant payday loan can help you out of a tight spot.
  • If you have an arranged overdraft, it might work out cheaper to use that than take money out of savings.

Piggy Bank Loans

Cashfloat are now offering PiggyBank loan alternatives. Apply today.

Thousands of people are searching online for “PiggyBanks” or PiggyBank each month in the UK. If you landed on this page it’s likely that you were one of them. If you are looking for piggy-bank.co.uk loans, you should know that they have gone into administration and and we would go above and beyond to earn your trust and offer you a Cashfloat online loan as a smart alternative. Read further down the page to learn more.

Representative example
Amount requested: £700
Duration of loan: 6 months
Total amount payable: £1,179.05
Installment 1
Installments 2 – 6
Installment 7
Interest is at rate of 185.39% PA (fixed) – 0.798% Daily interest cap | Representative 611.74%