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Is it getting towards the end of the month, and you’re running low on cash? Don’t you wish you could get your paycheck just a few days earlier? Well, with a Cashfloat wage day advance alternative, you can borrow an extra bit of cash to tide you over until you get your paycheck. Cashfloat provides short term loans at an affordable price that you can use as a wage advance before your next payday.

We want to help you out. Try a Cashfloat short term loan today! Apply now and receive an instant decision. You can get up to £1,500 in your bank account within one hour*, if you’re approved. We’re a direct lender, and people with bad credit scores are welcome!

With our dynamic wage day advances, you can repay all or part of your loan early to save on interest payments. Cashfloat – helping you get to next month with ease!

Warning! Cashfloat’s short term loans are expensive and should only be used in a financial emergency. Late repayment can cause serious money problems.

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How our wage day advance alternative loans work

  1. Apply online for a Cashfloat loan
  2. Get an instant approval decision
  3. If you’re approved, we’ll get the money to your bank account within an hour*
  4. Make monthly repayments to Cashfloat

Can I get a wage advance loan with a bad credit score?

Most lenders, especially the more traditional ones, like banks, won’t lend to you if you’ve got a bad credit score. There are, however, a few online lenders who will consider a request for a loan from people who have a poor credit score. And the good news is that Cashfloat’s one of them!

You can get a wage advance from Cashfloat if you’ve got a bad credit score. In fact, at Cashfloat, bad credit loans are our specialty! We do carry out credit checks on all our loan applicants, and so we’ll still look at your credit score. However, we place greater importance on your level of affordability than on your credit score. We’ll check whether you can afford to pay for a wage advance, and if you can, there’s a good chance you’ll be approved.

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A fantastic service! Refreshing, especially when comparing others on the market- there is no comparison. I cannot thank you enough 🙂 – Sean.

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Really happy I found this company. Easy going and affordable. I’ve had no problems and it’s quick, straightforward and repayments are hardly noticeable on my bank balance? I would highly recommend this company.

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Cashfloat make the whole job simple, easy forms, good communication and more importantly they will listen to you the client, also rates are very competitive in this market and if you can pay early then the interest will come down. Overall I would only use Cashfloat in this market sector currently.

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I found them to be a very friendly company, easy to contact and very understanding. Couple of my friends have used them as well.

What is a Cashfloat wage day advance loan?

Cashfloat provides payday loans, and you can use one when you need an advance on your salary. If you’re short of money and it’s too long to wait till payday, taking out a loan will get you the money you need right now so you don’t have to wait to get paid. Then, when you get your wages, you can pay back your payday loan with the wages you receive.

Cashfloat’s wage advances are designed for when an unexpected expense comes up at a time you can’t afford to pay for it. Be aware that payday loans are intended for emergency situations only. You shouldn’t take out a payday loan unless you really have to. If you can postpone paying your expenses a few more days until payday, you’ll be much better off. You have to pay interest on a payday loan, and they’re a relatively expensive type of loan.

Examples of emergencies people take a wage advance from Cashfloat for are unexpected urgent bills, car repairs or emergency travel expenses.

Try to find an alternative to taking out a wage advance from Cashfloat if you can. You might be able to borrow money from a relative, or ask a friend to pay for something with their credit card, for example. Payday loans should only be used as a last resort, when you have no other way of making it to payday with your finances still intact.

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Pro tip for using a wage advance loan

Here’s one tip that can save you a lot of money – Look for a direct lender that allows you to repay your loan early without any penalties.

Direct lenders save you money on fees, they keep your personal information safe, and you’ll get your loan faster as well. If you can repay your loan early without any penalties and save money by doing so, that’s a great help as well. With Cashfloat, you can repay your loan early to save money. We don’t charge any fees if you repay your loan early, and you get to save on interest payments as well.

If you repay a Cashfloat loan early, you’re a winner.


Where can I get a wage day advance loan in the UK?

Loans that you can use as a wage advance can be found online from loan providers like Cashfloat.co.uk.

As with any online product or service, before you take out an online loan, make sure to check the website and the company behind it are safe. Any company you take a loan from should be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a minimum. Their website should be safe as well. Here’s some advice on how to tell if a website is safe.

Once you’ve found a lender that can give you a wage advance, the application process is usually simple. Traditionally, loans that were used as a wage advance were repaid in one lump sum on the next payday. With Cashfloat, however, the normal arrangement is to repay your loan in smaller monthly instalments. For small amounts, loans can be repaid in as few as three months. For larger amounts, it’s possible to take a loan for as long as nine months.

How long does it take to get a wage day advance?

If you want to get an advance on your wages from your employer, you’ll need to speak to them and ask them to give you one. The amount of time it takes will depend on what they say! Different companies deal with wage advances in different ways.

With Cashfloat, you can get an instant decision on your loan application. If you’re approved, we can also get the funds to you within an hour*.

Getting a salary advance from your employer will save you money in interest you would pay to a lending company. If you can get a wage advance from your employer rather than using a loan as one, this will almost always be a better option. There are various reasons, however, why some people may not want to or be able to take a loan from their employer. Some places of work won’t actually allow salary advances, for example.

What will a wage day advance loan cost me?

Different loan companies all have different prices for their loans. At Cashfloat, we charge no more than 0.74% interest per day for a payday loan. The higher interest rates are applied when loans are borrowed for short periods of time. The full cost will be explained to you before you take a loan and depends on how much you borrow and for how long.

You can use our loan calculator to compare interest rates for different loan amounts and durations.

The most important thing is to stop and think, is the amount I want to borrow an amount I can afford? Can I make the interest payments, and can I stick to the monthly repayment plan? Will you be able to pay all your other expenses while you’re paying off your loan, or will you end up short of money? Taking out a payday loan you can’t afford can cause you serious money problems. If you can afford one, however, it could provide a solution to a short term financial problem.

What is the process of getting a wage day advance?

To apply for a Cashfloat wage day advance loan, all you have to do is fill out the online application form. You’ll get an instant decision. If you’re approved, we can also get the funds to your bank account on the same day* without any extra charge.

Who are the Wage Day Advance company?

Wagedayadvance.co.uk is a UK based short term loans website. Previously, the website was operated by Curo Transatlantic Limited. This company went into administration in 2019. Nowadays, Wagedayadvance.co.uk is a registered trading name of Wage Day Advance Limited, which is an Introducer Appointed Representative of T Dot UK Limited. The company offer short term loans.

How are payday loans regulated?

In the UK, payday loans are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Around 10 years ago, the FCA introduced stricter regulations for payday loans companies. Before this time, many lenders used to offer unfair terms and conditions to people who were looking for payday loans. That includes to people who wanted to use them as a wage day advance. These companies took advantage of people and charged ridiculously high interest rates. Some people suffered a great deal because of these companies.

The FCA regulations, that were introduced in 2014, mean that lenders can no longer take advantage of vulnerable clients. Interest and fee costs are capped at a maximum daily amount of 0.8%, and you never have to pay back more than twice the original amount you borrow.

What is a wage day advance?

A normal wage day advance is when your place of work pays you all or part of your salary early at your request. Wage day advances are also called salary advances. If you’ve had an expensive month or an unexpected bill comes up in the middle of it, you can ask your employer for a wage advance to give you a cash injection to keep you going until your next payday.

What is a wage day advance loan?

A wage day advance loan is where, instead of getting a wage advance from your employer, you get one from a short term loans company. You might find this option useful if your employer won’t give you a salary advance. At Cashfloat, you can receive the money on the same day as you apply for a loan and then start repaying it after you receive your paycheck.

You can see a representative example below. Alternatively, use the Cashfloat loan calculator to see interest rates and repayment terms for different loan amounts and borrowing periods.

You can apply now for your wage day advance alternative, even if you have a poor credit score!

Representative example
Amount requested: £700
Duration of loan: 6 months
Total amount payable: £1,179.05
Instalment 1
Instalments 2 – 6
Instalment 7
Interest is at a rate of 185.39% PA (fixed) – 0.798% Daily interest cap | Representative 611.74%