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Looking online for a “payday uk” loan today? Try Cashfloat’s dynamic loans. A smart alternative for payday lending in the UK. Available now online. We are a moral direct lender and we love to help.

Payday UK loans

Many people in the UK are still searching online for brand names when looking to obtain a loan. Searches like “payday uk“, “paydayuk“, “” and even “pduk” are very common. In many instances, searching for a brand instead of a product does not get you all the best credit options that may be available for you. After all, the best loan available is what you really need, isn’t it?

Payday UK origins

Payday UK is an online payday loan company offering loans ranging from £100 to £2,000 on their website. Loans can be repaid in up to 12 instalments. Payday UK is a trading name of Instant Cash Loans, which also trades as The Money Shop and Payday Express in the UK. Instant Cash Loans is a subsidiary company of Dollar UK, which is part of the international Dollar Financial Group.

In November 2016, Dollar UK came to an agreement with the FCA to pay out £15.4 million in redress to 147,000 customers for unfair practices carried out under their various trading names, including Payday UK.

Cashfloat is a new generation payday lender born into the FCA era. Our business model was founded on the FCA’s principles and we have never had to apologise for misconduct. We are a lender that our customers can fully trust, and we like it that way!

How do Paydayuk Compare to the Cashfloat Loans Alternative? and Cashfloat are both pay day UK lenders authorised by the FCA. Since most loan companies must be fully FCA authorised anyway, FCA authorisation should no longer be a deciding factor when you are choosing a loan provider. Before you take a payday loan in the uk, always check how it compares to other options. It can save you a lot of money!

In the table below, you will find some features that we feel are worth comparing. Once you have compared the other lenders to Cashfloat and only if you find out that we are the best option for you, please come back and apply here!

UK Loans – What Cashfloat has to Offer

PaydayLoans from CashFloat

Cashfloat’s payday loans are a great option for consumers who need to cover an unexpected expense quickly.

Our application is free and our decisions are fast. If you are approved, you will be paid out on the same day. The best part is that you don’t have to do any of it alone! Our customer support agents are on hand via email, phone or our Live chat system during office hours and will try their best to help you. Our loans should never be used as a long term solution to a debt problem.

Same Day Payday Loans

When you run out of cash before payday, getting some more cash can be top priority. In cases like this, same day payday loans will guarantee to get the money into your account the same day, once you have been approved for a loan. You can also get same day payday loans with instant decision. This means that you get a lending decision straight away when you apply. NO more waiting and waiting only to be declined. Be aware though, sometimes the lender will need some more detail, and will put your loan application into review. Either way, if youa pply with Cashfloat, you won’t be waiting long. You will receive a final decision within 30 minutes of application and funding within one hour of approval. When you are waiting for payday, you don’t want to have to wait for anything else!

Payday UK Login

As a new lender, being a smaller company has not limited us at all! We use the most advanced technology that is available to offer the ultimate loan experience. We provide one of the best pay day loan login interfaces in the UK! You can edit details, make repayments, view your loan contract and apply for a new loan. Paying early saves you money, so we make it super easy! Our app is also available on the Android store so that you can access your account from wherever you are whenever you want.

Pay day in the UK

You can either love payday or you hate it. You can love it because it means that your bank account is refreshed with a whole new stash of money to spend! Or, you could hate it because your salary seems to disappear so quickly as soon as your bills and credit commitments get debited.

There are many different ways you can get paid, and when your payday UK is can make a big difference to your lifestyle and financial wellbeing. Do you have a fixed payday every month? What about overtime, or bonuses? Here, we’ve put together some pros and cons for various different pay days in the UK.

Having pay day on a fixed date each month

Knowing exactly when and how much money is coming in helps you budget and set up direct debits for your bills.
If you’re the type to spend a lot, you may run out of cash before the next pay day arrives, leaving you scrambling for an instant payday loan to see you through the month.

Having payday weekly or bi-weekly

It’s easier for you not to run out of cash and need a short term loan as you get smaller cash infusions regularly.
You may find it harder to arrange your bills this way, as each payday probably won’t be enough to cover large bills.

Payday UK – plus extra for overtime

Enjoy the flexibility of putting in more effort to earn more money on payday in months that you need it.
You can’t always rely on the extra cash, and your actual wage tends to be lower.

Pay day UK plus bonuses

An unexpected cash boost is always welcome, especially if it comes December time, or when you really need it.
Are you the type to take the cash and run to the sales? A lump sum may encourage you to spend instead of save. And remember, you can’t always count on your bonus in case you get a smaller one than you expected.

Zero hours contract

You have plenty of flexibility – you only need to work when you can.
You have no control over how much work is being offered to you; and no work, no pay. You may miss out on many benefits, too.

Performance-related pay (sales-based)

You’ll feel accomplished when you do well, and be motivated to continue putting in effort.
You can’t arrange a steady budget because your salary will differ. If you’re going through an unsuccessful period, it’s easy to lose motivation.

Regardless of how you receive your paycheck, you may find yourself short of cash due to unexpected expenses or financial emergencies. Consider all your options carefully, don’t just rush into a payday loan. However, if you do feel that a loan is the right choice, think about how the repayments will work.

When you take a wage day advance loan, repayments can sometimes come off in lump sums that leave you feeling like you are starting your month off on a downhill slope.

With Cashfloat’s dynamic payday loans, you can repay your loan in instalments whenever you like, giving you full control of your loan! If you are searching for more information about salaries and pay day in the UK you can read our complete guide.

Payday loans lenders in the UK

Company Direct lender Loan types Comment
Cashfloat New direct lender Payday loans, short term loans, Cash advances Customers choice as a new alternative to payday lending in the UK
Uncle Buck Traditional direct lender 3 month payday loans Uncle Buck was founded in 2010.
Mr Lender Traditional direct lender Short term loans Mr Lender operates under the registered name ‘PDL Finance Ltd’
Quickquid Traditional direct lender Short term loans Quickquid was launched in 2007, the first branch in the UK of the American company, CashNetUSA.
Wonga Traditional direct lender Short term loans up to £400 for new customers Wonga infamously faced nationwide criticism before the FCA era.
Payday Express Traditional direct lender Short term loans Payday express is a founding member of the Consumer Finance Association
Piggy bank Traditional direct lender Short Term Loans and Instalment Loans DJS UK Limited is the company behind Piggybank
Wageday Advance Traditional direct lender Short term flexible loans Wageday advance is a Yorkshire based company
Payday UK Traditional direct lender Payday loans Payday UK is a trading name of Instant Cash Loans, which also trades as The Money Shop and Payday Express in the UK

* We try to promote fair competition and allow customers to compare Cashfloat loans with other leading lenders in the UK. We intentionally left the Dare to Compare comparison table empty so you can do your own comparison. We try to be the best for you but we want you to compare and make your own decision.

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