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Wonga loans

In some parts of the UK, Wonga is a slang term for money. And even today, thousands of people in England are still searching for online loans using terms like: “wonga”, “wonga loans” and even “Borrow wonga”. If you arrived at this page with the intention to get an instant loan from a good direct lender, you are at the right place.

How do Wonga loans compare to Cashfloat’s alternative?

Wonga.com and Cashfloat.co.uk are both FCA-authorised firms acting in the UK. But that doesn’t mean that they are always the same. Before you take a loan online, always check all your available options. It can save you a lot of money. We always encourage our customers to compare all the credit options available for them and come back home to Cashfloat once they realize our offer is the best for them. To make this easy for you, we have listed some of our loan features in this “dare to compare” table below.

While Wonga.com is probably the most well-known payday lender in the UK, a new generation of lenders like Cashfloat.co.uk may offer you a smart alternative to Wonga loans. We always try our best to get you the right loan for the current situation. You should use any payday loan, from Cashfloat or Wonga, carefully. This credit product is highly sophisticated, and is designed to help you get through a short term need for extra cash – not as a long term solution.

Wonga Origins

WDFC UK Limited, trading as Wonga, opened its doors in October 2009. It was founded by Errol Damelin, who was joined by Jonty Hurwitz, a software engineer, three months later. Wonga was the first of its type; previously, no loan could be granted without physical documents being faxed or emailed to the lender. It didn’t take long for the start-up to take off, and Wonga took its place at the head of the payday loans industry in the UK. The term ‘Wonga’ is a British slang word meaning ‘money,’ of Romani origin. ‘Wonga’ and ‘payday loans’ are practically synonymous, due to extensive advertising by Wonga.

Smart alternative – FCA-authorised lender

In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates financial institutions. Its major role is to protect the public interest. Therefore, it’s heavily involved in protecting both individuals and businesses from fraud.

Firms that have something to hide will never provide a clickable link. In fact, they may decide to omit an authorisation number altogether. They may also try to mask the authorisation number as a picture, preventing you from linking through to the FCA.

Companies that aren’t upfront and honest about their ties with the FCA most probably have something to hide. Given the extent of fraud in the lending space, proceeding to take out a loan just isn’t worth the risk.

Cashfloat is a New Generation Lender

Born after the new FCA regulations, Cashfloat has built their entire business model on ethical lending. All our operations and processes are based on providing a moral and ethical lending process in the UK. Just by default, we have an advantage over more established lenders who had to adapt their method of operation to fit within the FCA regulations. You are guaranteed to be safe when taking a payday loan through Cashfloat because we define our success by the number of people we help, not by the profits we make.

Cashfloat Online Payday Loans

If you decide to go with a Cashfloat payday loan, you will experience a new payday loan experience. Unlike Wonga, Cashfloat is a new lender, offering fast, more flexible payday loans. If you have any problems, you can speak to our friendly customer service team who will do everything they can to help make you payday loan work for you. We believe that payday loans should be simple and clear, no hidden fees and all information should be upfront. Try our Wonga alternative today for a fresh short term loan experience.

Payday loans lenders in the UK

Company Direct lender Loan types Comment
Cashfloat New direct lender Payday loans, short term loans, Cash advances Customers choice as a new alternative to payday lending in the UK
Uncle Buck Traditional direct lender 3 month payday loans Uncle Buck was founded in 2010.
Mr Lender Traditional direct lender Short term loans Mr Lender operates under the registered name ‘PDL Finance Ltd’
Quickquid Traditional direct lender Short term loans Quickquid was launched in 2007, the first branch in the UK of the American company, CashNetUSA.
Wonga Traditional direct lender Short term loans up to £400 for new customers Wonga infamously faced nationwide criticism before the FCA era.
Payday Express Traditional direct lender Short term loans Payday express is a founding member of the Consumer Finance Association
Piggy bank Traditional direct lender Short Term Loans and Instalment Loans DJS UK Limited is the company behind Piggybank
Wageday Advance Traditional direct lender Short term flexible loans Wageday advance is a Yorkshire based company
Payday UK Traditional direct lender Payday loans Payday UK is a trading name of Instant Cash Loans, which also trades as The Money Shop and Payday Express in the UK

* We try to promote fair competition and allow customers to compare Cashfloat loans with other leading lenders in the UK. We intentionally left the Dare to Compare comparison table empty so you can do your own comparison. We try to be the best for you but we want you to compare and make your own decision.

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