Loans for Bad Credit

I need a loan – but I have bad credit! Who will want to lend to me?

Sounds familiar? The good news is that loans for bad credit exist, and you may even be able to get one today from, a responsible online lender.

But wait! Before you press apply, make sure you know about any cheaper options that may be available to you.

Having bad credit does not mean you have to settle for less. So, what do you need to be aware of to make sure you get the best loans for bad credit that are out there? Cashfloat have put together all the information in this one handy page – so read on!

Bad Credit Loans

Here’s what you need to know about Cashfloat loans for bad credit in the UK:
  • Cashfloat instant loans are available to people with poor credit
  • Cashfloat bad credit loans do not require a fee in order to apply – application is 100% free.
  • Cashfloat is a direct lender so you get your money directly from us

But there’s a bit more to it than that! On this page, we’ll discuss:

  • What is a poor credit loan?
  • No credit check loans
  • Bad credit loans with no guarantor
  • Instore or online bad credit loans
  • Loans for bad credit – direct lender or broker?
  • Credit cards for bad credit

Loans for Poor Credit

If your credit score isn’t doing too well at the moment, you might have a hard time finding a loan. At Cashfloat, we realise that you are more than your credit score, and we’ll do everything we can to try and help you.

So just what is a bad credit loan? There isn’t actually a product called ‘bad credit loans.’ However, many lenders will not offer loans for people with poor credit, so these people often search for “loans bad credit” to find lenders who might accept them.

It’s important to realise just what is meant by the term “bad credit.” Your credit file contains all sorts of information, and maybe not all of it is perfect. If you have a history of missing repayments, lenders may be wary of lending to you. Depending on the type of loan you are looking for, a poor credit history could prevent you from being approved.

How do you get a bad credit history?

If you’ve missed a repayment of a loan (or paid it late), had a vehicle or house repossessed, had debt passed on to a debt collection agency, or become insolvent within the last six years, it will be marked clearly on your credit record. These will all contribute towards a lower credit score. But don’t worry – you can always work to improve your credit score.

How do you improve your credit score?

First of all, you should check it. Look for any mistakes, make sure that any accounts you’ve closed are not listed as still being open, double check any arrears listed. Then, look at what you can do to improve your credit score. You might discover an old account that has been £5 in the red for the last few years – paying the money and closing it will positively impact your report.

You should also make sure you are on the electoral roll, as you are much more likely to be turned down if you’re not. Make sure to pay every bill on time, and try to consolidate your debts.

Can I get a loan with bad credit now?

Improving your credit will improve your chances of being approved by lenders. However, at Cashfloat we are happy to accept applications from people with bad credit – if we see that you’re making an effort to improve, we won’t hold your past against you.

No Credit Check Loans

Have bad credit but need a loan? A loan with no credit check sounds appealing, but is this really the best option for you?

You need a loan fast, and you can get one fast – just make sure it’s the right choice. So, are no credit check loans the best choice for people with bad credit in the UK? To answer this question, we first need to discuss what exactly a credit check is, and why most lenders perform one.

What is a credit check?

Every person has a credit report, available from a credit bureau, which reports all instances of credit that individual has had in the past six years. When you apply for a loan, the lender will want to check whether you generally pay back your loans on time, or if you’re often late to repay.

But I have a bad credit history!

When a person has bad credit, they will often search for “loans for bad credit no credit checks”, thinking they will increase their chances of getting a loan. This is WRONG! Would you want to accept a job where they don’t bother to look at your CV? When you apply for a loan, a responsible lender will look at your credit history to ensure that their product is right for you at the moment, and will not make your situation worse.

At Cashfloat, we are happy to accept applications from people with bad credit. We understand that you are not your credit score; you may have had difficulties in the past, but if you are working to improve, we will not hold that against you. Apply now for a bad credit loan with a company you can trust.

Loans for Bad Credit No Guarantor

You need a loan – but no one will agree to be your guarantor! Or maybe there’s no one you feel comfortable asking… either way, it looks like a no guarantor loan is the one for you. Well, good news! ALL of Cashfloat’s loans for bad credit are no guarantor loans!

What is a guarantor loan?

Some loans require a guarantor before the lender will agree to lend to you. A guarantor is a person who guarantees that you will repay the loan – if you can’t or don’t, for whatever reason, the guarantor will have to repay it.

As you can imagine, it can be very hard to find someone who will agree to be a guarantor for you. Therefore, most people will try to find a loan that does not require a guarantor.

Guaranteed Loans for Bad Credit

It is not possible to find legal loans in the UK that are guaranteed. Although it might sound very reassuring to know that you will definitely be approved for a bad credit payday loan, all short term loan lenders in the UK are required to perform adequate affordability and credit checks before they approve a loan. That means that no responsible lender will be able to guarantee to give you a short term loan. Apply for a bad credit loan from Cashfloat for your fair chance of getting a short term loan.

Loans for people with bad credit

If you have a bad credit score, the situation can become somewhat more complicated – lenders are less likely to lend to you without a guarantor, and people are less likely to agree to be your guarantor. But there’s still hope!

Cashfloat offer bad credit loans no guarantor

At Cashfloat, we trust you. We offer loans for bad credit with no guarantor because when you agree to do your best to repay the loan on time, we trust you. And if the repayment date is approaching and you realise that you won’t be able to repay, give us a call and we’ll rearrange your payments for you into a solution that will help everyone involved. No guarantor necessary.

On Line Loans for Bad Credit

Why do you want an online loan? It’s convenient? Fast? Anonymous? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Cashfloat bad credit loans online are all three.

Our online application form is designed for speed, allowing you to quickly fill it out on your mobile or computer – whichever is more convenient.

Our quick loans for bad credit have same day funding, so you’ll get the money straight into your account. There’s no extra charge for fast service – if you’re applying for a loan, it’s because you need the money fast, and we’re determined to get that money to you as fast as possible.

Loans for bad credit near me

You may prefer to take out a loan from a shop, rather than a lender online. This is understandable – after all, it can be quite difficult to tell the difference between a loan shark and a genuine, reliable lender online. For more information on this topic, please read our guide (complete with a video and infographic) on how to spot a loan shark.

To find a local lender, you can google “Loans for bad credit near me” and look at the results. Remember to look for reviews, so you can have an idea of the business!

Loans for Bad Credit Direct Lender

Looking for a direct lender? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Cashfloat is a direct lender, and all our bad credit loans are funded directly from our bank account to yours.

It’s important to know whether your lender is a direct lender or broker. What exactly is the difference between them? More importantly, which one should you choose when looking for a loan?

A Broker versus a Direct Lender

When you’re looking for loans for bad credit, direct lenders are the ones who will give you the money, if they accept your application. If you apply with a broker, they will send round your application to try and find a lender who will accept it. Many people prefer to look for loans for bad credit from direct lenders only, as they are uncomfortable with the idea of brokers passing round their personal details. Or, they could prefer to stick with one or two lenders that they’ve used before, and are comfortable with.

However, using a broker to find a loan for bad credit may save you time, as you only have to fill out the application form once and it is submitted to several lenders.

Credit Cards for Bad Credit UK

Trying to find bad credit credit cards in the UK? It can be tough trying to find the right one. Have you considered Cashfloat bad credit loans? If you need the money urgently, it may be worth your while to borrow with Cashfloat until you can get that credit card sorted.

How can you get a bad credit credit card in the UK? Read on to discover some useful information

No Credit Check Credit Cards

It sounds appealing get a credit card without them discovering your bad credit history, but unfortunately, every credit card company will want to perform a credit check. So if you have bad credit, does this mean that you can’t get a credit card in the UK?

Bad Credit Credit Cards

There are some credit cards that are specifically designed for people with bad credit in the UK. They are there to help them rebuild their credit score, by allowing you to borrow a small amount of credit every month and repaying it on time. This will show up on your credit report, signalling that you are improving your repayment habits, making it more likely for lenders to lend to you.

There are some bad credit credit cards in the UK with instant approval – but think, do you want to go with a credit card that may not be the right one for you? Or do you prefer to give the company some time to check your credit history and determine whether their product will really help you? It’s up to you!

Is a Credit Card the Right Choice?

Sometimes, a credit card is not the right option. If you only need the money now, it makes more sense to opt for a bad credit loan – this will reduce the temptation to continue borrowing in the future, when you no longer need to. Cashfloat loans for bad credit have safety features in place to help you get back on your feet, and back out of debt.

Cashfloat Loans for Bad Credit

If you need a loan, and you’re worried about the state of your credit record, then Cashfloat loans are perfect for you. Safe loans from a direct lender, no guarantor required, same day funding at no extra charge – everything you could possible want in a loan! At Cashfloat, we care about you, not your credit score. Apply today to get the service you deserve.

Written by: Elizabeth Redfern
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